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Review: Incorporated
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Posted: Jan 01 2017 09:48 AM by: skip in What's New on Hip Forums
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If you've been wondering what Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been up to lately, check out their new TV show.

Incorporated is a futuristic sci-fi that takes a hard look at American society in the not-too-distant future.
You can see echos of today's events carried to their logical (and pessimistic) conclusions.

In the future corporations own everything of value, and rigidly control the people within their own walled hi-tech cities.
Outside the walls stands what remains of America after the new Dust Bowl has turned our farms into deserts.
Climate change has caused the oceans to rise, coastal cities have become permanently inundated, causing millions of refugees to flee inland.

Meanwhile, technology has advanced into a brave new corporate world.
Everyone in the city is genetically screened and children are almost exclusively produced by surrogates.
Parents can now choose which genetic traits they wish to give the child from their own DNA.

The plot, which takes awhile to develop, concerns a man determined to fight the corporations.
The story-line almost seems secondary to the technical, social, economic and environmental themes that are woven throughout the show.

Given the political leaning of the producers, it's not surprising to see this focus.

Indeed, it's these crucial issues we face as a nation and a planet that are projected into a dystopian future.

The producers have spared no expense to make this show visually impressive, with marvelous technical effects that seem very real.

BTW, so far executive producers Affleck and Damon have not appeared in the show themselves.
Somehow I have a feeling they'll show up at some point. :)

Here's a trailer for the movie.

Incorporated is playing on the SyFy channel.
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Watched it and can confirm that it is very very good. Even the music that plays is extremely well done to complement the ambience and overall feel of the show. Interesting story and nice cast too. Be sure to watch it!

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