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Wikileaks Exposes Cia Spying On Citizens Via Smart Phones, Tvs, Cars!
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Posted: Mar 07 2017 07:02 PM by: skip in Hot Topics
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If you own any "smart" device, including cellphones, TVs, tablets, computers, the CIA can spy on you even with some devices turned off!

It's called a "fake off" because they can still record audio, if not video yet.

When the device is powered on again and the internet or cell connection is established, it relays the recordings to the CIA.

In addition, the CIA with the help of the British spies and the NSA has compiled a toolkit that can break into nearly every device.

They are using "zero day" flaws in the software of major companies including Apple and Android which allows them backdoors to turn on any feature of a mobile device.

So that means they can record audio, video, stills, precise location and probably finger prints too.

Worse yet, supposedly "secure" services like popular online chatrooms have also been rendered insecure by these backdoors.

And now Wikileaks has released 8,700 CIA documents detailing each of the methods used to intrude into people's privacy, often illegally.

Analysts are saying hackers will now be able to take advantage of these flaws to do all sorts of damage before they all get fixed by the companies involved.

So watch out if you are worried about your privacy.

Wikileaks is promising more releases of CIA documents.

Enjoy what's left of privacy and freedom.


At the moment by Iphone 5 PLUS has a faulty microphone and cannot record any audible noise its all his and pops. Voice recordings, videos, Siri and Facetime all end up with the hiss and pops so I hope that does the same to the CIA too. :D

Programs like Signal and others that ppl use to communicate securely have been broken.


Also any device you can talk to like TVs, Amazon's Home products, etc., can record your voice without your permission or knowledge.


So if you trust the NSA, CIA and British Spies, you have nothing to worry about, except hackers, thieves, extortion rackets, etc. etc.


Thank you US gov't for keeping all these security flaws to yourselves and not telling companies or the public (just so you could continue using them as spy tools).


Many companies are working in collusion with those agencies purposely including backdoors, at the same time reassuring their customers that their devices are secure and unhackable.


Good luck with that!


Bottom line is that the CIA has lost it's best collection of tools for precise or massive spying.

We were warned about Big Brother.

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i a always scared people are looking at me through my xbox webcam...

Mar 07 2017 07:17 PM

Are there devices in these devices that can watch you like looking through a camera lens on your phone or tv? I have felt there is that, too, other than listening in....so I put tape over the lens of my smart phone ..I am not sure I should worry about my televisions that are 6 and 8 years old...but maybe I should think about that also.

Anyone watching me would die of boredom and anyone wishing to hack an account would be sorely disappointed.

I actually already thought this was common knowledge.

I refuse to get a smart tv but i have a smart phone so the refusal to get a smart tv is kind of pointless. Maybe i'll get a cool ass flip phone instead

i a always scared people are looking at me through my xbox webcam...

Me too, i keep mine disconnected

i keep a folded business card over my laptop webcam. :D

Mar 07 2017 07:22 PM

I would not want to spy on anyone....not on anyone. I only am interested in seeing  in what they put for all to see or to me personally.


Iw ould be bored spying on anyone like that to tears.....:D


not really funny, though.

Mar 07 2017 07:29 PM

oh no theyre possibly watching me jack off. Big deal 

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it's picking my nose I'm always afraid of. :D

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oh no theyre possibly watching me jack off. Big deal


it's picking my nose I'm always afraid of. :D

Makes you wonder what the true purpose is though. Most people ARE boring.

If dystopian novels have taught me anything, they're trying to figure out who is capable of independent thought and marking them as potential problems. I know whats up, i've read 1984
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I don't know if it is still running, but there was a TV show recently in Australia my sisters told me about where they set up a camera in a tv and then watched the family watching tv and thats what you watched, watching a family watch TV. not the tv just the family. lol. i just cant.... like... i hate people. :D

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6-eyed shaman
Mar 07 2017 07:50 PM

This is news? I thought everyone knew your digital home electronics had spy features on them. Even when they are turned off.

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I didn't know while turned off. One thing I find skeptical is think about how many crimes could be solved if this was actually happening? and making that evidence unavailable really does seem a little retarded.

6-eyed shaman
Mar 07 2017 07:56 PM

One thing you can do is put a piece of tape over the built in camera on your device. As well as stick a headphone connector into the headphone jack on your computer (make sure you cut the cord off of it first so it's just a silencer of your microphone).

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I'm not too afraid of being heard, I talk way too much shit to be taken literally I think. :D

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It is a good reminder to read this as we all tend to forget how many devices we have and how easily they can be compromised.


We have become accustomed to having them and the convenience of them so giving them up, even knowing this is probably not what most people will do.

Mar 07 2017 08:15 PM

This thread is full of paranoid patricias. 

a aa aand a aa st sttu stuutttter stuterring stanley

whaddya call an irishman rolling around in a pile of leaves?






actually do/are any of us peons really worth the time, expense and everything else for the CIA or anyone else to hack?

The real concern is that wikileaks in releasing this info into the wild, while seemingly "good" also as mentioned, gives actual criminal hackers new tools to utilize.

That should be the real concern to the average man on the street, not the CIA.

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I just found a new hobby

Making remarks to the CIA or shadow government or whatever through my smart phone

FiNALLY, guys, the government is actually listening to my concerns

I don't think any of us are too threatening lol. We'd get done for very minor misdemeanors. 

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