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Posted by Americunt , October 09, 2017 · 43 views

It's my first day as a salaried employee, and I've already had to deal with one control freak XD
I'm camped out at my boss' desk for now because I have to stay in this building in case the replacement for my old job needs help, so instead of walking to the other side of the building to get coffee, I decide to go upstairs, virtually right above where I'm sitting.

"I'll go upstairs", I think.
"It'll save time", I think.

Sure it will, buddy.

To get upstairs I have to walk down a hallway, and go up a flight of stairs, all within direct line of vision of the not-receptionist (she had some other job, but has to fill in until they get a new receptionist. Get it right!)
Not-receptionist has a fucking eagle eye on me while I walk, notice my shoe is untied, tie it, continue to walk, and then go upstairs.

I get the coffee, and return from whence I came. Halfway down the stairs, she's practically foaming at the mouth.

"I don't think you're supposed to be going up there to get coffee." Her voice is taut with what I assume is the rage her eyes are failing to hide.

"Oh? Why?" I ask, while simultaneously knowing this will piss her off more.

"That area is for corporate only. You'll need to ask your boss if you're allowed to get coffee in the OTHER area." (Where I got my coffee previously.)

I roll out with a nonchalant "'kay", get back to my desk and call my boss, who has no clue what the fuck this woman is talking about, because that area is full of salaried employees just like me.

This is day one. God help me. I'm not even in my own cube yet...

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