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Das Draz

Posted by Yggdrazil , November 27, 2016 · 227 views

It's been a busy week. Ate too much this Thanksgiving. I've officially sworn off pork anything! All in all, it has been one of the best weeks of my life. Don't remember being this happy in a long time, even though it's been somewhat of an emotional roller-coaster, I've pulled through fairly well. It's the hard times, not the easy, that reveal one's true strength. I hadn't noticed how much of a stronger person I've become. I'm both surprised and impressed.

I've been pushing myself to explore new avenues, as well as dusting, literally, retaking and completing old projects. Here is one of my old computer memory designs I never quite finished. It's something I really would like to add to my shelf.

Posted Image

When it's completed, it'll be a nice sized 4-bit computer memory model. Of course, a lot of the things needed are missing here(switches, wires, light-bulbs), but I'll post those as I progress.

On another note, today I went exploring inside a cool home store which had lots of nice artsy stuff. Snapped pictures of some of the things that grabbed my attention in case I ever need inspiration.

My favorite one. I really like deer models.
Posted Image

Candle in lantern.
Posted Image

Deer skull metalwork
Posted Image

Little people
Posted Image

chopper clock
Posted Image

bizarre/scary santa. this one was just off.
Posted Image

Other shots of my day:
Posted Image

Earlier this week I received a very special, unexpected, gift. The image of a symbolic animal, one with ancestral value/meaning(the Raven).
Posted Image

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