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The Honesty Of Sex

Posted by PattieD , February 20, 2017 · 914 views

“The Honesty of Sex”

What does she mean by that?
What is being implied here?

Our communication has been tainted with a tolerance for dishonesty.
From fake news of the mass media
To, the false posts on social media
To, alternative facts from our leaders
To, day-to-day falsehoods of those we know
All fixed with the broad stroke of “I am sorry”
“I apologize”

All is not lost
There is hope
All of your verbal plotting and strategic manipulations
They all fall away with our clothes

You gained my trust
So, I will give to you my body
Without clothes
Without my bra
No panties
No stox
I will give to you my privacy
My longing
My urges
My unconscious sexuality

This . . .
THIS is “The Honesty of Sex”
What is said from now on
As we rise from our collective debris of garments
As we lay down to communicate with our bodies
What is said from now on is spoken by actions
Our actions. Our kisses. Our touches. Our grasps. Our thrusts
Our body can only speak the truth
Our bodies cannot lie

Sexual pleasure
Enables us to speak honestly
In guttural sounds, our body instructs our voice to speak the truth
Our body does not lie
Our mind has a tendency to shade the truth. to filter it

When we our having sex
There is no “filter” for the truth
Our body wants satisfaction
Our body is programmed to procreate. to multiply

Our body gives our partner acknowledgements
“Oh yeah. yeah. right there”

Our body gives our partner status reports
“OMG!! Oh Fuck!!!”

Our body gives our partner demands
“Yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck me harder!!!”

Our body warns our partners
“I’m cumming”

This . . .
THIS is “The Honesty of Sex”

When our body commands the mind
When our mind cannot lie. cannot even fathom a lie. a falsehood.
A manipulation

When our body needs. wants. and, is about to have an orgasm
Our mind gives in. gives her. gives him. gives back without hesitation
That is when we are being honest with each other.
Incapable of lying. Only able to tell the truth.
We need this to not only for sexual satisfaction
But, more importantly to deepen our human bond
To strengthen our understanding
To communicate like no other

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Absolutely incredible! Unbridled truth.
    • F6C, PattieD and Scratched like this

Very good!


    • PattieD likes this

. . . just another stream of consciousness

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Very good Pattie.


I've missed your honest thoughts and this is another great thought provoking blog


F6C ♥

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Excellent writing and story!!

There is an unbridled truth when two who are in love, make love!

And so true that it's about the only truth left in our world. How beautiful!!!

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. . . even when two are just "in lust"

The unspoken language is the closest



Can get to unflitered

Unchecked communication

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5x5 Extreme
Jul 06 2017 04:51 AM
Our sexuality needs to feel connected to desire to be authentically expressed — and when we talk about desire, it’s the deepest wants of your womb, heart, and mind all connected together. Try speaking to this aspect of yourself daily.
Fortunately, relationship to desire becomes more graceful over time with practice. The more you trust your desire, the more trustable your desire becomes.

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