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And Again I Blog Into The Void

Posted by zengizmo , November 28, 2016 · 413 views

SOME folks would read my words and achieve nirvana. :)

So: WTF is wrong with YOU???

No, no, no, everything is fine, just relax and remember that I am a jerk-ass dweeb. :)

I am just fucking with your head. :)

Or...YOU are fucking with your OWN head, and blaming it on ME...

Holy shit...I think shit just got real...

Ok, ok, relax now...I am not going to hurt you.

We are all friends here, right? :)

All is full of love, right?

And everything you ever wanted is waiting within you to be manifested. And when you see it manifested, you might realize that it is your own creation...

Or, you might not...

Why would you not recognize your own creation?

Cuz...maybe you are not internally comfortable with what you have made of your life...?

Maybe you would prefer to think of the events of your life as random bullshit that the universe has forced you to deal with?

Maybe you would prefer to blame someone else for your shit life...and make that person fucking PAY???


It doesn't matter what you think. In the long run. It only matters how you choose to act.

If you choose to act like a saint...well, that would not be too bad, would it? :)

If you choose to act like a paranoiac sociopath hater of humanity...well, that is your choice. :) Innit?

Your choice.

What do you choose? :)

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