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  1. at night time Ozora transforms into a rave wonderland..
    this you tube is taken in 2017,but i saw similar stuff in 2016 in the Dome as they call that stage..
    i recommend Ozora to everyone who wants a 7 day in a row rave party with thousands of fans..

  2. some friends of me=Seppe and Nienke invited me to go to their birthday bash as we say in Goa psy trance..good line up with Anoebis,Agneton goes from 10 p.m until 08.00am next day...i'll be there to stretch my legs and hop around a bit on psy trance beats...see you all there..
    Monday 30 april

    Locatie: Jeugdhuis Beverlo
    Schansvijverstraat 64
    3581 Beringen

    Ohm Mind

    Sakura reminds me of Kyoto(Japan)i did love Japan==great April the trees are in blossom...they call it Sakura...Anoebis made even music about sakura.......

    and Agneton...another must D.J to listen to in Belgium.... we should be proud that such a small country like ours got superb Goa trance old skool D.J's...Emiel........

  3. posting nr.1= flying to Colombo with Qatar Airways..(2014))

    I always wanted to visit Sri Lanka as a made me think of tea,rice paddy fields,sunny weather,Buddhism,tropical vegetation on a nice March day in 2014 i set off towards Brussels airport and stayed the night before my departure in the excellent youth hostel around Leuven central flight was booked with Qatar airways via Doha(Qatar)for entering Sri Lanka I needed an entry form which my travel agent arranged for me...i was not expecting too much trouble in Colombo anyway..i usually am well ahead in time for my flights,so this time it was no different,Brussels airport was very busy,checked my luggage in and went through the customs and security check up without any problems at all..the dreamliner plane from Qatar airways is really the best plane i ever set foot in..very spacious,comfortable,movies,music,headphones..very relaxed seat and very friendly staff..
    i noticed that in Qatar airlines not one airhostess will be Qatarese,they are from all over the world really...i got a seat not to far from the toilets,it was a window seat which is allright but sometimes a disadvantage for going to the give you all an idea of this Dreamliner Airbus==watch this video... Your text to link here... nice flight to Hamad international airport in Doha,i must say the staff is extremely friendly and helpfull,this makes flying towards your destination a pleasure,unless you got fear of flying(ahah)in Doha i had a transfer from a couple of hours and usually it's no problem at all finding the right gate etc..i did have a Stella Artois which i payed in dollars but they gave me back the change in Qatari reals(ah)to give you all any idea of landing in Doha and being in transit==look at this you tube.. Your text to link here... it's no problem at all to find the gate one needs for a connecting flight,i did like this airport a lot which only just had opened in 2014 by the way,everything is well indicated in English and the place is spic and span regarding cleanliness...marble floors etc..i had no problem boarding the plane towards Colombo,not too much hassle going through security since i was in transit mode...the plane towards Colombo was not as comfortable as the dreamliner but the 8h flight went O.K..finally i landed in Colombo international airport which is in Negombo==known as Bandanaraike airport..

    posting nr.2==landing in Negombo+transport to Mount Lavina..

    as in every airport one goes through the same things,walking to the bagage claim,going through the customs,just following the flow towards finally reaching the exit and say...wooh..i made it to Sri Lankan soil..the custom check was a piece of cake..i gave the officer my entry form,he smiled...and he said==welcome to Sri Lanka, intinerary for the first few days was just exploring Colombo...i booked a hotel online in Mount Lavinia because it's out of the hustle and bustle of downtown Colombo which can be hectic,believe me..first i needed transport from the i took a cab..nice young Sri Lanka dude who liked music =R and B,rap etc..they all have a dream coming to Europe or the USA=why is that?money game perhaps,i bet?the airport was 22 miles from Colombo town and Mt.Lavinia was even bit further..the weather was hot and sticky,nice drive... i reached my hotel=Ivory Inn on De Saram Road,the cab could not even find the adress at first(ahah)great place,run by youngsters to my surprise...very friendly,nice room with a mosquito net over the bed..i do not remember exactly what i paid,but it was reasonable..breakfast available...i did like this hotel in a quiet street,no fuzz,no traffic noise..I love places like that...i must say i was gladly surprised...i booked few nights,first day you get to know the staff etc,..the other guests etc..there were some folks from the Maldives staying there=they turned out to be smartphone freaks typing messages or seeing you tubes the whole day...nice hotel i must say...I liked it...i refreshed myself a bit=one is always bit tired from the long flight,the time difference....i went to see the famous sandy beach in Mt.Lavinia...there's a very famous luxury hotel which i certainly never can afford regarding price category==the Mount Lavinia hotel built in colonial style...i was told lots of posh wedding parties go on there...just a link if you won the lotto? Your text to link here... you know?all that glitter is not a must for me..i could enjoy a glass of simple red or white wine(or a cocktail)with the one i love on that beach...i would feel happy inside as afternoon stroll towards sandy beach=nice..but empty..but it's a nice sandy beach as i would like a beach anyway..on the way back to the hotel on the same lane i discovered a little eaterie which served simple but good food based on a rice curry etc..very cheap prices..2 litlte tables in the garden,just privacy again which i think was nice..the owner told me about Sri Lankan people=he said he ran a small bed and breakfast on even cheaper price then the hotel where i stayed...he said only for foreigners,because if Sri Lankan young couples come to his place they only see it as a rendez vous for an exciting night,if you know what i mean..and he told me the government would come down on that issue...and fine him..(ahah)the food at that little place was excellent=enough,tasty and not too spicy...i walked back to the hotel,had a drink,talked to the Maldivians and went to bed in a mosquito net bed...that does not every night in life,is it?lucky me...

    posting nr.3==first impression of Colombo

    I did have a nice and comfortable sleep,not too much noise from the street etc...i took a shower==the water supply was so so,but it was O.K..breakfast==toast/fried eggs..had to pay for it since breakfast was not included...i changed euro's to Sri Lanka roepies in the airport==the rate=let's say 200 roepies=1 euro..i ordered a rickshaw towards Colombo city center==a long ride on Galle Road=Mount Lavina is south from the city center..nice old fellow rickshaw driver...i asked him to drop me at the Fort railways station because i wanted to book ahead my railway ticket towards Kandy...i managed to book a seat for 2 days be honest i did not like the hustle/busle of Colombo too much,street hawkers bothering tourists,the area of the Pettah looks like a wirwar of small streets full with little shops=fascinating..each street specialises in certain goods==Front street is full of bags,suitcases,shoes etc..while a bit further on electrical stuff,colourful clothes etc..very busy streets with crazy traffic running through it..Pettah is mainly a Tamil or Muslim area..i wanted to buy postcards and stamps...i had to ask for a post office and finally i found one close to the railways station,one fellow approached me on the street and asked can i help you,Sir==my advice==beware for these kind of people giving themselves away as tourist guides etc...let me tell you what happened==he told me...i know a shop where we can buy nice postcards from Sri Lanka...he said=let's take a my opinion but i cannot prove anything he played a scam with a rickshaw driver who was waiting up from the railwaystation..they drove me miles out of town to a govt emporium shop where indeed i could get postcards,we stopped at a Buddhist temple for a visit..the fellow was telling take some pics,you can trust me..i am an honest man etc...turned out he was not..they just drove around huge detours to get a high bill for the cab ride..i told at 1 point==stop...i will walk back to the railway station==the cab driver got bit mad and asked a very high price while the dude who lured me into all this also wanted money...i said fuck you and left but i knew i got rolled by paying an exaggerated rate..i had some food in a little restaurant near the station,found out a place where i could go online on internet..i believe it was at the YMCA,.internet connection was not too good,but i managed to do something...i decided to go back by local train towards Mount Lavina...ticket is damn cheap and i could avoid the crazy traffic in the afternoon...nice walk from the railway station at Mt.Lavinia towards Galle Road and my hotel which was located at a side street from Galle Road...inbetween i bought bananas from a street hawker,visited a Buddhist temple on the way etc....reached the hotel..had a beer,talked to the guests,went for a rice curry nearby...Colombo weather was extremely hot...luckily air conditioned room,a fan,a mosquito net etc...

    posting nr.4==strolling through Colombo town..

    Since it was my last day in Colombo i decided to just go strolling through Colombo town,the bazar which Pettah seems to be and really is,the area around the main bus and railway station etc..i took a rickshaw from the hotel again==the same old rickshaw driver,his English was limited but on the way rickshaw drivers try to point out important things like landmarks==the clocktower,a museum etc...i took a tea and a light snack in one of the numerous snackbar type little eateries aroud the Fort railway station,i went into the railway station to find out about my train to Kandy next reservation was booked,i got a nothing to worry local asked me what my itinerary was in Sri Lanka==it seems to me they all got a friend in Galle,Ella or where ever who runs a hostel or a place for tourists to stay..they are called touts and Colombo is full of these guys=beware of these people==they only are friendly and helpfull because they are very much interested in the roepies or dollars in your pockets=so don't give in too tourist info advice,a free tea,a tour around the city,charity collectors,commission scams from hotels,guesthouses etc..these folks are extremely clever and cheeky...try to turn a blind eye and ignore them,not always easy..but i went to the post office to drop few postcards,then took a look at the city main bus terminal,went too Pettah to look at the vibrant streetlife,shopkeepers,market displays on the road,i stopped at a Buddhist temple and had a nice talk with an older wise gentleman about Sri Lanka,i went into an Indian temple as well,usually very colourful,bit mystical ..the Pettah area is mainly Indian Tamil/Muslim oriented,i felt thirsty and wanted a cool beer,one of these touts took me around towards the harbour into a sinister place where locals were boozing on cheap beer,i ordered few beers,my companion was just out after money because he asked for a huge tip because he took me to that place,to be honest i did not feel very safe at that drinking pub with locals who seemed to be stupidly drunk...i managed to shake off my companion and went my own way back to town,not such a far walk was late afternoon and hopped into a rickshaw and asked to drive me to Mount Lavinia via Galle road,we ended up in a giant traffic jam with crazy traffic..i had bit enough of the hustle/bustle of Colombo...i knew Kandy was going much much better,the rickshaw driver was the kind of driver who asked tourists=want to smoke weed,do you want a girl etc...not a very decent fellow but he did not ask me a very high price for the ride,but still i knew i payed too much==tourist always do in Sri Lanka..i went for food in the little Mt.Lavinia restaurant on De Saram Road==good food for a cheap rate,in the hotel i arranged a cab for next morning,had a nice chat with the guests and the staff which were all youngsters,one of them had a tattoo and admired my full sleeve==nice colours,he said...all by all i did like the nice stay in Mount Lavinia but did not like Colombo as such=too busy,noisy,hectic,too many tout scams..and very hot climate conditions..

    a you tube on Colombo Your text to link here...

    posting nr.5==a train trip Colombo Fort to Kandy... morning a tuktuk from the hotel towards the train station..a beautiful sunnny day,a good mood,a new adventure waiting...lots of travellers told me about these beautiful train rides which go through wild nature,exotic places,rice and tea fields..from a train window the world becomes a panorama..i was well in time before departure...i booked a reserved no problem...waited at the platform and bought some softdrinks for the trip..i was rather curious because this was my first long distance train trip....i got a nice seat in an observation car they say,it's comfortable and train fares in Sri Lanka are fairly cheap..i do not remember what i paid up to Kandy but it was O.K..this line goes through to Hatton,Nanu Oya,Ella....they call it the hill country line..the train ride itself was a good experience..nice tropical scenery..little villages,lovely vegetation and took 3 hours to Kandy for a 110kilometers distance..often the tracks went high upwards...i reached somewhere in the early afternoon in Kandy station...this was different then noisy Colombo..nice railway station,i took a cab to my hotel called Freedom Lodge on Saranankara Road,i did not know about the distance,in fact it was nor far from the railway station,but since i had no idea about directions and walking in a tropical heat did frighten me off...i got rolled by the cab driver of course who asked me a too high fare==let's say tourist prices(ahah)i was gonna stay 3 nights in the hotel..the owners are Muslim,very nice people..i got a good room on the second floor with a balcony street view,the lady told me==keep your room window closed when you go out==there have been cases that monkeys stole things out of the rooms..i refreshed myself a bit,talked to the owners,they serve breakfast as well,Sri Lanka or Western style...i went out and made a stroll throught the town center..lots of little shops lined up on the road which leads down towards the railway in many towns there is a clocktower===i've seen these in Malaysia as well...good concentration was hot in Kandy...tomorrow i was gonna visit the railway station to buy a ticket to Nuwara Elia and also spend a day around the lake and the temple of the Tooth....i did like Kandy town.. a you tube on the hill country line..... Your text to link here...

    posting nr.6==Kandy

    let me tell you all about my visit to the main tourist attractions in Kandy==the temple of the Tooth and Peradeniya botanical gardens...the setting of the Dalada Magiwa(=temple of the tooth)is very impressive around a lake..entrance fee is not cheap and they charge extra as well for taking photographs..the legend of this tooth dates back to the year 543 before Christ,and Buddha was cremated and one of his teeth was saved and later was brought from India into Sri Lanka,this tooth was kept in many places throughout India and Sri Lanka and finally arrived back in Kandy in 1592..nice temple with lots of crowds,school kids etc...the complex itself looks very interesting and it takes easily few hours to see everything..
    Kandy is the place where the Perahera is held end of July,beginning August==a nightly procession with elephants,dancers,Kandy drummers lasts for couple of's almost impossible to get a hotel unless you booked well in advance..i enjoyed my visit to this temple and took couple of hours in there...afterwards i enjoyed sitting by the lake and watch the surroundings,the people etc...i walked back to the railway station ad booked a train journey ticket towards Nanu Oya=the station which i neeed to travel upto Nuwara Eliya...I booked a hostel stay there for 2 nights...i did find a Muslim restaurant which served good curry/rice dishes..bit chillied according to my palate...but it was O.K...after my dinner i walked up to the main street which is called Dalada Vidaya and i found the Pub=a restaurant with a balcony view,ordered a few cocktail drinks and to my surprise met a French/British couple who stayed in the same hotel then me...nice streetlife view in the went dark and i lost my way and had to ask a policeman the way to the hotel==i bet it was the cocktails(ahah)next day i wanted to visit the botanical gardens...
    a link on the temple of the Tooth Your text to link here...

    posting nr.7==botanical garden Peradeniya

    Nice breakfast in the hotel..they served Sri Lanka breakfast but i didn't like the sight of it so switched last minute for fried eggs/tea/toast==delicious...i asked about a bus towards the botanical garden and it happened that the bus stop was few hundred meters away from where i was staying..the bus came..nice bus full with locals and i always enjoy bus rides anyway...Peradeniy is few miles out of Kandy be precise 6kms...the bus stops near the garden a ticket and started a long walk through these extensive gardens===to give you all any idea how it all looks this link=== Your text to link here... another you tube on these gardens== Your text to link here... although there are lots of trees can become a very hot tropical climate day,i saw locals with umbrellas against the sun,hats etc..i do not like hats==sunglasses and a good sunscreen cream factor 50 do it for me...i saw trees which in never saw in my life,plants and flowers as well,every botanical garden with a name has a rose garden and an orchid house,palm trees enough here==there is an avenue called double cocunut palm which is a row of high coco de mer palm trees==really impressive...i met a Sinhalese girl who wanted a picture with me...i will put it in my photograph list=she was a student in the Fiji islands,she said...nice local Kandy girl...i took my time in that garden,often stopping for a soft drink or a small snack...i took quite some photographs,the battery life in my Lumix camera has an short life,but i always take a spare battery along..
    i took the bus back,went into my room,took food in the Muslim restaurant again and finished on the top terrace of the pub and had a gin cocktail...nice place to relax at that bar..tomorrow i was gonna visit an temple on the hill...with a giant Buddha statue overlooking Kandy town..

    posting nr.8==a giant Buddha statue upon a hill in Kandy town

    Breakfast at the hotel was as usually very tasty...i love fried eggs/toast(ahah)i heard a lot about a Budhha on's a very steep climb+++i did take a rickshaw for it, because of the heat,but on the way back down i decided to walk it,point is to drink lots of fluid in hot i stocked myself with some soft drinks..the name is called Bahiravakananda Vihare...steep road if one has to walk it in the hot has to pay an entrance fee,keeping for your shoes etc...I spent 2 hours on that hill and enjoyed the views,the giant Buddha,and anything on dissplay like books,leaflets,small shrines etc..i thoroughly enjoyed it,it's a quiet place with no touts harassing you to buy this or to do that..a you tube about this giant Buddha statue... Your text to link here... i did enjoy that giant Buddha place=the views over Kandy were stunningly amazing...i decided to walk down that hill==much easier then going up(ahah)i really did like the (hot)food in the Muslim resto..i went back there and had a nan/curry/lamb meal...loveley..but bit strong for a Western morning it was gonna be goodbye Kandy..i was taking a train direction Nanu Oya and then a cab to the town of Nuwara Eliya..the hotel which i booked would send me that cab to pick me up..they told me the 4h train ride was gonna be spectacular.

    posting nr.9==train trip to Nanu Oya

    Travelling by train in Sri Lanka stays an adventurous experience...i started a 4h amazing trip from Kandy Central towards the Southern Hill country towards Nuwara eliya which was my end destination this day..this town looks very colonial British=some people call it little England because of its bungalow style houses,tea estates train ride took me to spectacular climbs in hilly countriside and nice views of tea plantation sites..tea became an export item for Sri Lanka..i visited tea plantations in Assam(India)and i can tell you it's a big trade worldwide..mostly the picking of the tea is done by Indian about the train ride Kandy-Nanu Oya=== Your text to link here... i booked 2 nights in the Trevene on Park road==it's a guesthouse bungalow type place which really got my value regarding good accomodation...i was the only guest...the owners were very friendly,so was the house room was a private single big bed place..lovely...
    as i said i got a free pick up cab ride from Nanu Oya railway station about 5 kms away..i did enjoy my stay here...and had nice talks with the owners...

    posting nr.10==private cab towards Ella..

    i decided not to go into Nuwara Eliya town but instead i relaxed in the hostel/bungalow...nice sun as well...never forget sunscreen 50+..sun spectacles,a hat maybe...but i am not a big fan of hats==never wear them...the dude who picked me up from Nanu Oya station got a cab service and lots of Sri Lankans see a little business in the fact they drive tourists around on private means...i agreed a price with that dude to take me to Ella..the advantage of that formula is the fact that mostly they are locals who can tell you something more details of the places one drives through..they stop if you want a photograh on a scenic spot,they stop for refreshments be it tea or soft drinks..driving through Sri Lanka is a delightful experience this cabbie was a nice outgoing fellow with a good sense of humor,i was not his first client==he told me sometimes he drives tourists around for 1 week in a enjoyed the ride,the road and certainly nature and the Sri Lanka scenery..Ella seemed to me more like a village surrounded by deep cliffs,a waterfall called Rawana Ella falls where my cabbie made a stopover for taking few pics...nice hotel was few miles up the road...very nice place..the lady of the house was married to a German dude from Augsburg..very nice quiet location,bit on the expensive side what price was concerned,but cerrtainly worthwhile the money..i took an excellent curry dish as my dinner..nice room with air conditioning,a mosquito net,bathroom..the owner came home later on in the evening and we had a conversation in German..he told me there was a couple from Belgium staying at that moment,they came in late at night because they were touring around on a Honda 650 motorbike...nice couple...and i could speak my mother tongue even(ah)I had booked 2 nights in this place...the place is called Feelin Your text to link here...good resort run by Michael and Dhanmi==it's on the road between Ella towards =see link....

    posting nr.11==private cab from Ella to Tissamaharama

    i took a scooter rickshaw from the hotel towards Ella village...usually hotels have a rickshaw or a cab driver who does transport for them on regular basis..reached Ella and got some information on bus services out of town,but not satisfactory at ordered a private cab and made a deal about the price towards Tissa via Haputale-Wellawaya...nice cab driver and a good drive as well..i booked 3 nights via internet at the Elephant Camp on Court Road in Tissa town...Tissa is short for Tissamaharama..a real nice provincial town with some nice Buddhist dagaboa's and a lake called Tissa wewa...the cab driver could not find the Elephant camp hostel first but he asked directions and he found it..this place gave me directly a feeling like being received as a guest of the family..the owner(Jaya)knows the area very well and from his place jeep safaris are organised to Yala national park..the lady of the house(Anoma)makes excellent currie dishes and i tasted her culinary dishes with delight,my room was excellent,fan,airco,private bathroom,there was a veranda where guest could sit on a table,order some drink etc...same day an Australian couple arrived with their young child...very adventurous couple since they bought a scooter rickshaw abd were travelling around the country in it,we had some nice talks,a beer,good food...this hostel had a private garden with bamboo trees,birds..nice vegetation bit jungle the evening the owner took me in his jeep for a short sightseeing tour and a visit to a local market=groceries,spices etc...i bet not too many foreigners know or visit that place because it was few miles north of Tissa..

    posting nr.12==Yala national parc safari

    I have never done a safari in my entire life,but coming to Tissa is always connected towards doing a safari in Yala..
    Jaya the owner of Elephant camp is organising trips into this parc==he got his jeeps,his driver..and he convinced me to go for an early morning jeep safari from 6 am.up till noon..i think thats the best option because in the afternoons it becomes hot and lots of animals do their siestas(ah)a safari is not cheap,but afterwards i think it certainly was worthwhile the roepies i spend on it..i was woken up between 5 to 6 morning...i was ready..the driver came along==a young fellow with enough English language knownledge..we drove to different hotels to pick up other folks for going into Yala...Yala is at 20 kms from Tissa..the jeep got good seats and an open area so that we could enjoy fully the open air etc...we picked up 2 American girls,1 Canadian girl and a French/Japanese couple with their kid..the driver drove us fast enough to the entrance of the parc where the jeeps had to line up to enter the parc...lots of tourists do this safari..parc opens at 6 morning...the driver was a local who had damn good driving skills because it was rough bumpy terrain==he was wearing shorts and to my surprise in houseslippers..he took us through the parc and they do this job daily maybe twice so for them it's just peanuts..I was surprised of the variety of wildlife in Yala=elephants,mongoose,langurmonkeys,buffaloes,peacocks,
    lots of birds,crocodiles even...the headlight of our day was that the driver stopped the car...and shut the engine...he spotted a leopard at very close range lying in the are tourists,you know...he told us be's rare he said that tourists could come so close to a leopard in the wild..suddenly another leopard crossed the path and maybe was nuts about the leopard in the bushes..they dissapeared together...we never will know what happened(ahah)we really had a nice group and we all enjoyed the ride...after the tour the driver stopped for softdrinks and icecream and drove us back to our hotels...this was my first safari and i will remember it...i got a good picture of the leopards and he showed it to Jaya in the hostel..he felt proud he had sent me on that adventure and indeed all the credit goes to him really...I relaxed in my room,ordere a 7 items curry dish from Anoma==her cooking is just excellent...stay in Elephant camp...i can recommend it..i will look for a good you tube on Yala parc and add it here into my blog... Your text to link here... the second link i put here shows the variety of birds and wildlife with their my surprise i often noticed that elephants come very close to the jeeps sometimes....i wonder if there have been any incidents in the past??i would'nt feel safe if one of these big buddies go nuts on a jeep?? Your text to link here...

    posting nr.13=bus trip Tissa-Unawattuna
  4. One fine day...i must go back to Ozora near the Balaton lake in Hungary..
    a 7 day non stop rave party..with lots of stages,great environment,great folks and superb vibes...

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  5. As i said before in my earlier postings throughout this forum i love the music from the 60+70's
    we got 3 DJ's in Belgium who still turn that kind of music...all of them are close friends...
    coming saturday mr.Kite(Jimmy)turns in a pub called café Belge at Leuven...
    Leuven is a famous university town..gig this time=no entry fee and it goes until 6 a.m in the morning...
    time for the first train home then..good beer in that café floor bit small...
    but it's the music which counts...

  6. In Belgium we are really spoiled what Goa raves are concerned...starting from february or in fact the whole year round we have the possibility to assist raves,some of them free even,some of them in halls and some of them in open air like the one here in this you tube...i know lots of people in this video since i frequent raves very often since 2012...the DJ who plays here is Anoebis=the best oldskool goa style DJ..
    I know him personally

  7. well...just to all let you know that the gig Goa trance psy scene is a very intensive activity..
    i could easily go to a gig every weekend starting from the month of March..the big events are mostly Boom(Portugal)or Ozora(Hungary)Boom happens only every 2 years,Ozora is a yearly event,but all over Europe there are many gigs going on...the flowerpower parties are still organised by my friends quite regularly,there are only few DJ's who turn that kind of 60'S-70's music,next one is at 10Th March...I'll see if i can download a flyer...wishing all of you a good year 2018,be it musical,mental and bodily health...i am glad we all carry on in Hipforums..;and thanks to Skip i got my travel blogsback online,soon even my old blog wll come back with trips from 1970 until few years back,thanks Skip for your work appreciation...and my apologies for me getting bit nervous about my blogs..a forum upgrade is not easy and always brings along changes....greetings...old tiger

    few links....

    Psytrance Festivals in Europe & UK 2018 [List] | Psymedia

    worldwide gigs....
    Best Psytrance Festivals in the World 2018

    i love action on the dancefloor

  8. Hey,
    As i am going very frequently to indoor or open air raves i put this link which certainly will be useful to freaks getting into that style of music..i mostly do Belgium/Netherlands but also have been to a bigger mega festival like Ozora 2016(Hungary)i love the vibes,the people,the deco,just the feeling of freedom

    this is what i call a rave and dance feast..Ozora==i was there...wooohhhh

    this was Space Safari NL in 2016..i went again this year(ah)
    i am in that video somewhere...

    and this was Atmos in Ozora 2016==i was in that crowd==I can tell you all it's GREAT feeling

    Upcoming Events · goabase
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  9. some useful facts while travelling through Rajasthan..

    Rajasthan - Wikitravel
  10. I went twice overland to India in the 70' 1971 i met my future wife who was a professor in Maharanis Univ at Jaipur(Rajasthan)we got married in 1977,a marriage of 31 years..I lost my wife in 2008 due to heart failure=shocking fact is i found her dead in the couch and i did not even hear's a shock i can tell you...i got good memories of my days in Jaipur..this picture was taken in Jaipur in the teachers hostel==tbh==not a bad picture..
    @Skip==what happens to my old travel journal?:hearteyes:

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  11. my travel blog..
    old tiger

    O.K..I am gonna go to a gig called Old is Gold..
    i will keep you all's an indoor psy Goa trance Old skool event
    going in Antwerp from 22.00h until 08.00h next morning on saturday 18th November
    ==on 18th November a yearly Goa psy trance rave event=Old is Gold in Antwerp..great dj's,lots of action on the dancefloor and i got lots of friends who know me in that music style..Jeska and Jeroen are so nice to give me a ride up and return,gig starts at 22.00h and ends 08.00 a.m next morning=Jeska arranged my ticket=20 bucks,thank you my friends..i will try to give comments on that rave some more details==first the flyer..



    Old is Gold is back! :) Just like last 20 times we present you a new smashing edition, where new and old, melodic and more acidic goa-trance will guide you through the night! :) This time we also have a chill out! :) And... unique names! :) Presale will start within 1 week :)

    - Ra (Suntrip Records - Norway)
    For the first time in years, Lars will come to let you experience the ultimate melodic goa-trance bliss!

    - Cydonia - Semsis - Universal Sound (Blue Room Records - UK)
    For the first time in Belgium, Iain Rive will revive these classic super psychedelic old school goa projects!

    - Triquetra (Suntrip Records - Belgium)
    These twins are one of the biggest talents of Suntrip and will rock the dancefloor for sure with their acidic full power goa-trance!

    - Anoebis (Suntrip Records - Belgium)
    Morning bliss... like usual!

    - Yani & Ben (DAT Records & independent - Belgium)
    This duo has played many of the first Old is Gold parties, finally they make a comeback!

    - Start: 22.00 - End: 8.00
    - Tickets: Limited capacity, so... no ticket, no entrance if it is sold out (last 3 times it was...), the presale button is on top.
    - Deco will include the best art from Wombati and wild projections from Grimm!
    - There will be the usual cd & vinyl shop from Suntrip Records!
    - Seperate chill-out room provided
    - Please, no smoking inside and respect the neighbourhood!
    - No dogs or other animals in

  12. i will put some of my adventures on here about my 40 day trip towards Romania and Bulgaria..
    well..just came back yesterday...i will find the time to post some decent stuff..about these 2 East European countries..
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