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  1. As i said before in my earlier postings throughout this forum i love the music from the 60+70's
    we got 3 DJ's in Belgium who still turn that kind of music...all of them are close friends...
    coming saturday mr.Kite(Jimmy)turns in a pub called café Belge at Leuven...
    Leuven is a famous university town..gig this time=no entry fee and it goes until 6 a.m in the morning...
    time for the first train home then..good beer in that café floor bit small...
    but it's the music which counts...

  2. In Belgium we are really spoiled what Goa raves are concerned...starting from february or in fact the whole year round we have the possibility to assist raves,some of them free even,some of them in halls and some of them in open air like the one here in this you tube...i know lots of people in this video since i frequent raves very often since 2012...the DJ who plays here is Anoebis=the best oldskool goa style DJ..
    I know him personally

  3. well...just to all let you know that the gig Goa trance psy scene is a very intensive activity..
    i could easily go to a gig every weekend starting from the month of March..the big events are mostly Boom(Portugal)or Ozora(Hungary)Boom happens only every 2 years,Ozora is a yearly event,but all over Europe there are many gigs going on...the flowerpower parties are still organised by my friends quite regularly,there are only few DJ's who turn that kind of 60'S-70's music,next one is at 10Th March...I'll see if i can download a flyer...wishing all of you a good year 2018,be it musical,mental and bodily health...i am glad we all carry on in Hipforums..;and thanks to Skip i got my travel blogsback online,soon even my old blog wll come back with trips from 1970 until few years back,thanks Skip for your work appreciation...and my apologies for me getting bit nervous about my blogs..a forum upgrade is not easy and always brings along changes....greetings...old tiger

    few links....

    Psytrance Festivals in Europe & UK 2018 [List] | Psymedia

    worldwide gigs....
    Best Psytrance Festivals in the World 2018

    i love action on the dancefloor

  4. Hey,
    As i am going very frequently to indoor or open air raves i put this link which certainly will be useful to freaks getting into that style of music..i mostly do Belgium/Netherlands but also have been to a bigger mega festival like Ozora 2016(Hungary)i love the vibes,the people,the deco,just the feeling of freedom

    this is what i call a rave and dance feast..Ozora==i was there...wooohhhh

    this was Space Safari NL in 2016..i went again this year(ah)
    i am in that video somewhere...

    and this was Atmos in Ozora 2016==i was in that crowd==I can tell you all it's GREAT feeling

    Upcoming Events · goabase
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  5. some useful facts while travelling through Rajasthan..

    Rajasthan - Wikitravel
  6. I went twice overland to India in the 70' 1971 i met my future wife who was a professor in Maharanis Univ at Jaipur(Rajasthan)we got married in 1977,a marriage of 31 years..I lost my wife in 2008 due to heart failure=shocking fact is i found her dead in the couch and i did not even hear's a shock i can tell you...i got good memories of my days in Jaipur..this picture was taken in Jaipur in the teachers hostel==tbh==not a bad picture..
    @Skip==what happens to my old travel journal?:hearteyes:

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  7. my travel blog..
    old tiger

    O.K..I am gonna go to a gig called Old is Gold..
    i will keep you all's an indoor psy Goa trance Old skool event
    going in Antwerp from 22.00h until 08.00h next morning on saturday 18th November
    ==on 18th November a yearly Goa psy trance rave event=Old is Gold in Antwerp..great dj's,lots of action on the dancefloor and i got lots of friends who know me in that music style..Jeska and Jeroen are so nice to give me a ride up and return,gig starts at 22.00h and ends 08.00 a.m next morning=Jeska arranged my ticket=20 bucks,thank you my friends..i will try to give comments on that rave some more details==first the flyer..



    Old is Gold is back! :) Just like last 20 times we present you a new smashing edition, where new and old, melodic and more acidic goa-trance will guide you through the night! :) This time we also have a chill out! :) And... unique names! :) Presale will start within 1 week :)

    - Ra (Suntrip Records - Norway)
    For the first time in years, Lars will come to let you experience the ultimate melodic goa-trance bliss!

    - Cydonia - Semsis - Universal Sound (Blue Room Records - UK)
    For the first time in Belgium, Iain Rive will revive these classic super psychedelic old school goa projects!

    - Triquetra (Suntrip Records - Belgium)
    These twins are one of the biggest talents of Suntrip and will rock the dancefloor for sure with their acidic full power goa-trance!

    - Anoebis (Suntrip Records - Belgium)
    Morning bliss... like usual!

    - Yani & Ben (DAT Records & independent - Belgium)
    This duo has played many of the first Old is Gold parties, finally they make a comeback!

    - Start: 22.00 - End: 8.00
    - Tickets: Limited capacity, so... no ticket, no entrance if it is sold out (last 3 times it was...), the presale button is on top.
    - Deco will include the best art from Wombati and wild projections from Grimm!
    - There will be the usual cd & vinyl shop from Suntrip Records!
    - Seperate chill-out room provided
    - Please, no smoking inside and respect the neighbourhood!
    - No dogs or other animals in

  8. i will put some of my adventures on here about my 40 day trip towards Romania and Bulgaria..
    well..just came back yesterday...i will find the time to post some decent stuff..about these 2 East European countries..
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