Endless drivel and perhaps cathartic release
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  1. Ugh

    A lot has been going on.
    The stuff from work is finally cleared up (I ended up training a total of five different people in the lab, and then the one who went out on medical came back), and I have finally been able to do my job. Unfortunately, there is a huge audit coming up in a couple of weeks (the first day being my birthday :'( ).

    I started doing reiki, and up to my level 2. It's going alright I think, but I find a hard time balancing reiki and my spiritual life with every day life. I think it has something do with...

    Depression. I started therapy this week. My first session went ok. It was my idea, so I tried to be as open as possible. Of course, the money issue is kind of weighing on my decision to actually continue doing therapy, and my hours (everyone's hours) got cut this week too.

    But mostly I'm annoyed at my heart. I had to wear a heart monitor for a few days, and while I've always had palpitations, due to my medical history, now I'm noticing them more whereas before I didn't because it was normal and has been happening for my entire life. So my heart feels weird, and it's annoying me.
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  2. Yesterday I found out how much I'm getting for a bonus, so today my car took a shit (again), and my stepson broke his school iPad. I bought movie tickets yesterday for this weekend, and now I won't even be able to get to the fucking theatre.
  3. Yesterday was day 1 of training for OLG, and it went better than expected. She was take and picked things up quickly.
    "Maybe everything is working out", I say to myself.

    Today I got to work and she told me that her packaging coworkers complained all day yesterday, and they told their boss' boss what was going on. Apparently she didn't know about it. But to make matters worse, the top-boss who didnt know hares the top-boss who orchestrated the whole thing, so now I back to training my boss' mom next week. Oh, and the union filed a grievance, so I have to let my trainee do all of the work to "minimize the time spent working on union products". While I, you know, stand there and tell her what to do.

    I say we make the people complaining come work in the lab, and they can be trained by the engineers (really convoluted and impatient) instead of me (super cool and a good teacher).
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  4. So here I am, just shy of a week from the day that my senile coworker got mad at our boss and quit. I've been having such a wonderful time of it all- from the dirty looks, to the people spying on me through the lab windows.
    I am Wondergirl, the only person left in the plant that knows how to fully run this lab, and yet instead of accepting the obvious fact that our company won't stop production while they find a replacement, my lovely coworkers instead choose to focus on the fact that I am a salaried employee, while the lab is a union job.
    Meanwhile, I'm training my boss' mom (a union worker with a different boss) as a lab back-up, and that's being received about as well as you think it would be.
    Sigh. This all happened because the original lab tech (that I trained to replace me) went out on medical leave due to a botched surgery.
    The cherry on top of this shit-show is that I was informed today that I will also start training the most annoying person in the world next week. A foul-mouthed, obnoxiously loud girl from the packaging department.
    I am also disastrously behind on the work from my actual job.
    Obviously, I have angered ye, gods.
  5. He's one of those guys that's probably a bit above average in intelligence, but not enough to justify his attitude. He sits there talking to himself all day long, and if anything happens that he doesn't like, he mumbles endlessly about how it's all "bullshit and fucking stupid."

    1) He's a bicyclist. Every day him and his cycling buddies stand around his cube discussing various routes they could take on their lunch hour.

    2) Every day at 9am he eats a yogurt, and scrapes every last bit of it out of the cup. Then he burps for the next 20 minutes.

    3) He is a chronic cougher than refuses to use cough drops or mints or anything to help alleviate the coughing. It eventually turns into something other than coughing. "uuuuNNNNGGGGG!!! NNNNNGGGGG!!!!"

    4) You know how sometimes your nose is plugged in a way that you can't blow it out on a tissue, but you can maybe suck down into your throat and spit it out? I heard him attempt this for about ten minutes today. It made me gag, and I used to sling shit in a nursing home every day.

    5) He yells EVERYTHING HE SAYS when he gets a phone call.

    Thank god they let me wear headphones, or else I might consider murdering him.

    (Who am I kidding? I consider it every day.)
  6. It's my first day as a salaried employee, and I've already had to deal with one control freak XD
    I'm camped out at my boss' desk for now because I have to stay in this building in case the replacement for my old job needs help, so instead of walking to the other side of the building to get coffee, I decide to go upstairs, virtually right above where I'm sitting.

    "I'll go upstairs", I think.
    "It'll save time", I think.

    Sure it will, buddy.

    To get upstairs I have to walk down a hallway, and go up a flight of stairs, all within direct line of vision of the not-receptionist (she had some other job, but has to fill in until they get a new receptionist. Get it right!)
    Not-receptionist has a fucking eagle eye on me while I walk, notice my shoe is untied, tie it, continue to walk, and then go upstairs.

    I get the coffee, and return from whence I came. Halfway down the stairs, she's practically foaming at the mouth.

    "I don't think you're supposed to be going up there to get coffee." Her voice is taut with what I assume is the rage her eyes are failing to hide.

    "Oh? Why?" I ask, while simultaneously knowing this will piss her off more.

    "That area is for corporate only. You'll need to ask your boss if you're allowed to get coffee in the OTHER area." (Where I got my coffee previously.)

    I roll out with a nonchalant "'kay", get back to my desk and call my boss, who has no clue what the fuck this woman is talking about, because that area is full of salaried employees just like me.

    This is day one. God help me. I'm not even in my own cube yet...
  7. After a long span of not being active on this site in any way (previously, I was only engaged in the chatroom, but even that has been done with for a few years), I've decided to give this place another go. Mainly, because my interests in life have dwindled. I started a new job that I love, so for eight hours a day, five days a week, I'm hauling ass and loving it. But on my off-hours, life is bland and uninteresting. I was a big foodie, but now nothing sounds good. New movies and music don't appeal to me for the most part, and video games, one of my favorite hobbies, have absolutely gone to shit. Of course, this little breakdown I'm having comes right before winter, so it'll be too cold to to begin any outside hobbies (winter here is a frozen wasteland).

    What the fuck am I left with? Crossfit? Ugh. I don't want to do anything. Most of the time I find myself mindlessly scrolling through facebook, or playing stupid little mobile games while I have the tv on in the background. Just enough sensory overload to keep me from feeling the void.

    I would love, love, looooooove it if weed was legal here.