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Dear blog;

Life has been a mixture of ups and downs, but I'm finding joy, even in the downs. I used to run away from the downs, but now, I stop, and reflect on them. Did I somehow cause the downs? Or is it just life springing them upon me? I like knowing that I'm in control of how I see the downs, and they don't have to ruin a good day, or my entire life. They are learning moments, and the ups are taken from the downs. Without both, life wouldn't be what it is. And they usually don't last very long, sometimes, they're just feelings, nothing more than feelings.

On another note, I think I'm done watching The Walking Dead. It went from a cult classic, to really boring writing, and I may just binge it all when it's over. I wonder what happens with shows like this, why they try to fix something that's not broken.
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