Confession about me and my mom

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when i first had sex with my mom i came home acted like i was super drunk told my mom i was getting in the shower and went upstairs and hid my gopro on record facing the door so i was in view aswell i made a loud bang and pretended to be asleep then my mom came upstairs to see if i was ok and she walked in on me lying there naked she tried waking me but i stayed asleep then my dick started to get hard and she was still trying to wake me she left the bathroom for a minute then came back and stood at the door staring she started to touch her breasts and slowly went down to her vagina then she stopped and looked embarresed and went down stairs, 10 minutes later she came to try and wake me again but she had taken her dressing gown off so she was only wearing a tshirt with no bra and a thong she sat next to me and tried to wake me one more time and i didnt move again then she put her hand on my chest very gently and slowly went lower and lower untill she was on my thye then she gently took my penis in her hand and started to play while she was touching herself then she took her tshirt off and carried on i then made my move and woke up, she stopped and said sorry so i said i really liked it and have always wanted to ask her but i didnt think she would feel the same way i do about it. She left the bathroom and went to her bedroom so i left her for a minute then followed her and found her crying on her bed so i sat next to her and told her she is beautifull and i grabbed her breast and started to suck on her nipples she then continued to masterbate my dick and asked me to lick her pussy because it had been a long time since someone did that so i went down and started to tease her by licking around her pussy first then i started licking her clit and she was in heaven after i had made her have a huge orgasm i put my dick inside her pussy and pounded her in every position i knew it was the most amazing experiance of my life and we still have sex from time to time i would like to know what people think no jokers real comments thats my fantacy i have never done it but would love to
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