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Old 11-16-2010, 11:14 PM
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the pyramid code

just wanted a very general discussion about this dvd, especially if you have watched all five of the episodes... i have the dvd but found the series on youtube and thought i'd post this small snippet... although they present some theories as facts, they also bring up some important points relevant to today, i think...

my initial thoughts/questions/notes to self were briefly, as follows:

1) why ARE the egyptian authorities so secretive about what they have? for example, tour guides are instructed to not draw peoples attentions to some things... in particular, some hieroglyphs at Abydos Temple (earlier in the series)... this would seem trivial, until you see them...


and if, as some scholars say, this is a result of palimpsest, then WHY are the guides instructed to pass them by? why not just explain?

2) why is it so hard for people to get permission to study at these sites? do you think they are hiding secrets or just creating "mystery" to draw more tourists in?

3) at one point Graham Hancock states that we are incapable of these states of consciousness today... i don't think that is true and i don't know why he said it... personally, i think that shamanism is a natural religion that springs up in the consciousness of the peoples/cultures that need it... ofcourse, some knowledge is handed down through generations aurally, but the initial source seems quite independent of any outside influence...

thoughts anyone? (about the series in general and/or my/your own thoughts?...

God didn't create the universe... God BECAME the universe...


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Old 01-08-2011, 09:49 PM
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I think egyptian authorities are so secretive about what they have because it would raise too many questions and doubts. For the same reason that they are so reluctant to change dates. One guy in the movie said something about how controversial it is to find something and recognize it in a way that it destroys current theories. It seems that most scientists are more afraid of destroying dogmas, theories, and general accepted notions of things than to recognize truth. Anything looses its grounding and credibility when it constantly keeps changing its mind.

I think they are definitely hiding secrets. Thats why its so hard to study there. In my opinion The pyramids seem much more attractive now than when i thought they were just big tombs

I think Hancock meant people who live in our current society wouldn't be able to embody that state of consciousness today. It seems that people now-a-days have too many distractions what with being bombarded with entertainment, advertisement, very unhealthy foods. We have our televisions, our fast cars, our constant everyday worry of these ridiculous things like money, clothes, school grades, etc. Hell I have to drive an hour into the desert to see some stars where i live. Sometimes i don't even know if its hot or cold outside because i only step out to jump in my car and hurry somewhere. Our lives are run by the clock.

I definitely agree with you in that I believe it is very possible for us as individuals to reach those states of consciousness but I strongly believe we would have to leave this type of society to reach it. Unless of course you have 5 grams of mushrooms and a couple of days off

I don't know how much of this documentary was true or exaggerated but a lot of it made sense to me.

I am really intrigued with the fact that they studied the celestial bodies to learn of themselves. It just makes so much sense now.

The fact that they had no word for death but "westing" is a very interesting concept. People don't die... they set like the sun. Why did our society create this word death?

Their written language is interesting too. I've often felt our alphabet based language primitive.

Thanks for the great videos


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