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Three's the charm by: stinkfoot on March 18, 2006, 5:36 pm

I've made two other journals and deleted them both. Basically nothing interesting happens in my life. This isn't a complaint, I actually prefer it that way but the purpose for keeping a journal is to chronicle interesting and noteworthy things that happen day to day. Very little falls into that category with me... and I'm very careful to keep it that way. I work, I work out, I eat, I sleep... my leisure time is spent on the computer or impersonating a photo nut. I can't wait 'til spring actually gets here and we get some decent thunderstorms... I love watching them and want to capture some more lightning pictures. I'll probably post some in my gallery where they will gather virtual dust. Then I will work, work out, eat, and sleep some more. I don't know why I continue to post at this site as it doesn't really seem that I've made any real friendly connections. It is as though I've stumbled into some sort of closed society where many conversations I try to join abruptly stop. Five months and I'm still an outsider- maybe if I had something interesting to say... hahaha.

A second entry... by: stinkfoot on March 26, 2006, 5:45 pm

...now ain't that special. Visited sister & her family yesterday. Ate out for lunch... mexican food. Ate in for dinner- lasagna.... Marc's recipe. Odd flavor... he sprinkled red hot sauce over it before baking... and used another sausage other than Italian. I got a rather nasty headache later in the day- I wonder if the food had something to do with it. I usually only get the headaches after having a beer or two... and they get more intense the more I drink. This is the reason I no longer drink. A week ago my buddy sent an email out to a bunch of friends.. he had to put his dog down. Kirby was getting on in years so this was not entirely unexpected... though at last check he was doing ok though he was getting around pretty slowly and had trouble seeing. This one of the happiest dogs I'd ever seen. In his heyday he could chase frisbees tirelessly all afternoon and evening. I wonder when they will get a new dog. I can't imagine them without one. OK- so there is no real point to this... probably won't be a point to anything I enter here. I guess I just like to hear myself...... type.

Now now by: hiro on March 29, 2006, 4:49 am

You are like me, I have had a journal since I was sixteen and all of which says nothing exciting! I have met my best friend here so maybe you will find the same if not then it isn't meant to be.

No news. by: stinkfoot on April 1, 2006, 4:20 pm

I suppose that would be good news -eh? Just killing time before my workout. I so don't want to do it but I've made the commitment to myself and Saturday is leg day. Work makes it that way as I'm NOT going to be on my feet (concrete floors) a day after doing heavy squats and recovery from a heavy leg workout almost always includes a long nap. The lifting seems such a chore sometimes but I can't deny that doing it has helped preserve a decent physique.... that and the fact that very little garbage passes into my system. I work; I work out. There's very little else that I do. A social life seems to involve alcohol... at least in my circle of friends. I'm not against a few beers but in the past 2 or 3 years my body lodges an instant protest when I decided to have a beer or two.by blessing me with nasty headaches. For this reason I no longer drink. Since I've curtailed consumption it seems that I get almost zero invitations out. That's fine by me... if they can't accept superficial changes then perhaps they aren't a very close friend. Well- we're supposed to get scattered thunderstorms today. Maybe I'll capture a lightning shot or two for my gallery if I don't sleep through the weather!

Call within the next 7 minutes... by: stinkfoot on April 8, 2006, 5:06 pm

TV ads are funny, especially the ones that have the customer calling an 800 number to buy something. It's interesting how the advertiser tries to work viewers into a frenzy by conjuring up a sense of value... "you would pay $150 to get the cleaning power..." Uh-huh, and what do I get to pay for your miracle of sanitation? not $89? not $69?? not even $49??!? OH MY GOD... ONLY $19.99???????!????????? I'm soooooooo excited that my trembling fingers can barely handle the phone receiver, let alone dial those 11 digits; but wait... call within the next 7 minutes and you'll DOUBLE MY ORDER?????????!!!!!!!???????? oh my god Gotta dial... gotta remember that n-number... gotta pick the receiver off the floor... gotta stop shaking.... somewhere there's and operator with a stopwatch ticking off those magical 7 minutes, making sure that only the people who call within 7 minutes get their order doubled.... BAH rubbish... One thing advertisers like is a gullible market. Undoubtedly, if one responds to such promotion one's data is being compiled onto a list specifically of folks who fall prey to such stupidity... a group whose numbers are swelled by the P.T. Barnum- attributed assertion that there's one born every minute... a list of bona fide suckers. TV is a vast wasteland; it seems that alot of folks turn off their powers of reasoning when they turn on the boob tube; becoming more suggestible. All sight and sound can be seen as food for the mind & what is broadcast is like junk food- affecting the brain in a manner analagous to the physical effects of a diet of twinkies and inactivity. It turns potential leaders into followers, sheeple; not people... without the inclination or ability to reason; bereft of the energy to give a flying fuck about things that matter. We're at war. Our president and his cronies got us into this war on false pretenses. One by one the reasons for getting us into the situation have been disproven and in the process exposing George Bush for the lying war criminal he is. 2557 coalition personnel have given up their lives for George's pet oil project. He lied to the United Nations. He lied to both Houses of Congress. He lied to the American sheeple. Where are the cries for HIS impeachment?? Surely if getting a blow job and covering it up is grounds for being run out of Washington, then this should count for something. Where's the outrage??? I would wager a testicle that the real reason for this involves something cruder than weapons of mass destruction or thr training of terror cells.. something far cruder... a substance that our economy runs on. Literally. A resource largely responsible for the fortunes of many who purport to represent us in Washington. A substance whose sheer demand has allowed its purveyors to loot the savings of every working person in a price gouging scheme that would make Kenneth Lay blush and has propelled global polluter Exxon Mobil past cheap labor exploiter Walmart as the world's most lucrative corporation with PROFITS of $36 billion. That's right... 36 BILLION...after expenses. So- where's the outrage?? Secret lover idiot box chronicles the price gouging as though it were a spectator sport instead of the crime in progress it IS, and we the sheeple just suck it up like the machismo-surrogate SUVs we drive suck up the nearly $3 per gallon gasoline that we're forced to buy if we are to get to and from our places of employment. How much is too much? The politicking game has begun too... where local congressional candidates and incumbents trade shots as the off-year election approaches; "congressman ___________ voted to protect oil profits" "congresswoman voted to penalize oil companies..." Blah blah blah. Where's the sponsorship for alternative fuel sources??? Sure, talk of punishing Big Oil will resonate well with a UFC-viewing, cheetos hungry, revenge loving, teevee viewing sheeple but what would such legislation actually do assuming that it would somehow get voted through and signed by the prez (it wouldn't)? Surely a force as powerful as Big Oil is well-equipped to defend itself legally and in a position to shake up the world economy that it has such a white-knuckle stranglehold of. The answer is competition. Our economic forces do hold the key if those in charge choose to use it. Instead of funneling billions and billions of bucks into a war with no end, let's finance something that would compete with Big Oil... let's develop technology that ALREADY EXISTS!!! But for congress to move, we the sheeple need to get off our collective fat ass and BE OUTRAGED enough to be heard. If a Philadelphia area high school class can build a car that gets 50 mpg on bio-diesel then it CAN be made a viable alternative to force the oil companies into a more reasonable price line and make it less critical for us to stabilize the Persian Gulf. If the current Administration won'[t do something about it I say it's time to clean House (and Senate) & vote in people who will. I'm looking for a miracle spray that will cleanse the corruption better than Easy-Off BAM cleans my oven... I want to order before midnight tonight- preferably within the next seven minutes...

Rest in peace... by: stinkfoot on April 18, 2006, 11:09 pm

Back from my grandfather's funeral. His 94 year plus journey ended last thursday. A message awaited on my machine when I got home from work from my younger sister. I generally never hear from her so it wasn't entirely shocking that she would be bearing bad news. Second funeral I've been to- this time I was a pallbearer. With Gramps was buried a ton of family history. I do wish I had a chance to spend more time with him.

Speaking out by: stinkfoot on April 29, 2006, 2:43 am

I doubt it will have any effect whatsoever but I just sent the following to a Senator from my state: "There is much talk about penalizing Big Oil for the price gouging that has been taking place in varying degrees since Hurricane Katrina but all this amounts to is campaign year rhetoric and fails to address the real problem. Big Oil enjoys government subsidies and does not do business competitively. Fining the mpetroleum giants will do nothing to companies whose quarterly profits are measured in billions of dollars- what will work without fail is threatening their cash flow by funding research and development of alternative energy and technology. Spending my tax dollars on profiteering oil giants who syphon more than their share from the economy hardly represents what I consider to be resposible government spending. It is in the best interest of not only the public and business, but also the environment to subsidize nenewable energy sources that burn cleanly. The technology does exist but lacks much needed backing to become a viable force that it deserves to be. Please do what you can to sponsor government funding of other fuels. Surely taxes can be enacted to ensure that highway funding doesn't suffer a lapse resulting from a reduced gasoline consumption that clearly must happen for the current fiscal and political imbalance to be corrected. Addressing the problem must go beyond political spots geared toward a reactionary vindictive voter base that understands little beyond revenge. Our President has said that we are addicted to oil. It is high time that he put his money where his mouth is and have the government stop being the enabler of this national addiction."

Re: Rest in peace... by: anonymousgurl21 on May 20, 2006, 4:34 pm

wow. 94 y/o is a long life. i'm glad he had that many years on this earth. but i understand how you still might miss him and have some regrets. i was not able to go to my grandfather's funeral. it was just too painful for me? so i just sent flowers and a card. and a special poem i asked to be read at the service. it seemed sorta lame to me. so i felt really guilty. so you are a brave soul. to have done all that you have done. death is such a hard thing to accept. especially when we are close to the one that passed away. i like reading your journal. it helps me to understand you better. you seem like a really kind person. i wish more people kept journals here. because it's really hard to know a person, just from a comment or two in the forums? make any sense? thanks for sharing your life with a stranger. i hope it helps you to feel better that you are not alone... jenny

Re: Rest in peace... by: stinkfoot on May 21, 2006, 3:30 pm

Thanks Jenny and 94 is a long life. The man worked incredibly hard through his life and the way he dealth with a couple issues that constituted major scandal for the times really illuminated the great character he possessed. I wish I had been able to really sit down and talk with him one on one... I always remember him to be a pretty quiet person, smoking his pipe, seated in an old rocking chair next to the wood cookstove that my grandmother used to conjure up her culinary masterpieces. If the old farmhouse didn't hold the hint of what was to be for dinner in the air it held the aroma of pipe smoke. I still love that smell- if it came in an air freshener I'd buy it. His funeral was the second I had ever attended- the first was my father's. He had been an alcoholic who was physically abusive. I was taken from the home and was living with foster parents when he passed. I was not sad and felt guilty because of that. All I could think of was that now he couldn't make good on his enduring threat to use his pistol on me. It took awhile for me to recover from that- I've forgiven him as well as my mom for not defending her children from someone who clearly was not ready to be a parent. There's alot I don't know about his past. Not sure any small healing is worth renewed pain of digging up old wounds. There are no strangers here- just friends we haven't made yet- and your friends are the family members you get to choose.

~Toys~ by: stinkfoot on May 21, 2006, 6:12 pm

Got me a sparkling new DVD player yesterday. It cost a whopping $60. I hadn't intended on buying it but subsequent to a DVD purchase it was necessary in order to enjoy my newest acquisitions. Now, bear in mind, kiddies... I already HAVE a DVD player. It is fully functional. The problem is when I inserted one of the new discs, it didn't recognize it. WTF??? How am I going to enjoy my 8 discs of Warner Bros cartoons if my player can't differentiate them from a slice of toasted pumpernickel? So-- after confirming that my player was still doing its thing by giving another disc a test drive (and weightlifting to Led Zeppelin live), I armed myself with my trusty plastic money and a-shopping I went. First, I wanted to get some reason as to why my original player didn't like my new DVDs... which were burned from a DVD recorder. Ultimately the answer is format. This response came to me in the form of a question as to what format they were recorded in. I didn't know. I had not brought any of the discs along, but that wouldn't have helped as the format information is not given. Come to find out, any functional DVD player may not be able to play any recorded DVD. It seems that the seller of the Looney Tunes cartoon discs I had purchased had selected a format that Samsung was not licensed to decode. ...but why isn't the technology standardized? I asked the reluctant salesperson. The answer came in sales doubletalk mumbled by the young man who clearly had already given up on my making a purchase. It would appear that someone asking too many technical questions is going to wind up a bit too educated for them to pull a fast one on- or maybe he was put off when, early in my visit I made him look for a box to a display model after I asked about its format information and he responded that he would have to get the carton in a tone that clearly conveyed his reluctance to do so. My opinion was that he was on the job- there weren't very many people to bother him so he should earn his money and try to retrieve the box. The funny thing was I WAS intending to buy but the fact that he willfully broke off negotiations choosing to walk off and ignore any further questions from me convinced me to take my money to the competition. I finally made my purchase... and it cost about half of what the half-assed salesperson said it would. I'm considering paying a return visit and showing him and the store manager the receipt from the competitor because I doubt he realizes that he dropped the ball. Trouble is he probably doesn't care. My advice to him is to find something more suitable for his talents because at this rate he's never going to be in a position to be buying toys.

Never fucking again by: stinkfoot on June 8, 2006, 3:17 pm

I guess wisdom only comes when we get stung. First, I must confess I enjoy flirting... but when a flirtation happens with someone who is also starting a relationship with another individual- who can see what's going on- very bad things can happen all around. Problem is I had no idea what I was doing was veing witnessed by a jealous suitor. What has ensued is a war of words that has made all parties look bad. Never-fucking-again! You want to flirt- you better goddamn well be unattached and live within a reasonable radius because when I flirt I mean business. However I have absolutely ZERO desire to be stepping on any toes.

A brief respite from insomnia... by: stinkfoot on June 10, 2006, 2:03 pm

I think I logged in 10 hours of quality shuteye last night which is VERY rare for me. Good timing as I hope to get in a leg workout today- those take alot out of me. Edit: I consider the matter previously commented on to be closed.

Now what?? by: stinkfoot on June 18, 2006, 5:33 pm

A couple months ago I bought two pairs of dumbells for my home gym set up: One pair of 110 pounders and a pair of 120s. Having conquered my then heaviest pair- 100s I figured I'd be most of the summer working up to repping the heavier set. This morning I raised the two 120s and squeezed 4 reps out of them. Hex dumbells don't come any heavier so now I either have to scrape up plates and bars and have someone weld together some 130s and 140s or I have to revert to straight barbell bench which has proven to be less than healthy for my shoulders. And to think - a couple years ago I thought 75 pound dumbells were heavy...

Thunderstorms are in the forecast... by: stinkfoot on June 19, 2006, 2:24 pm

Hopefully I'll be able to get some good lightning shots. Wish me luck.

Weather again by: stinkfoot on June 20, 2006, 3:54 pm

Yesterdays thunderstorms almost happened... they approached then fell apart. More forecast for today. Personally I expect the same crap but who knows. Wish me luck-- GOOD luck!

Weather photography by: stinkfoot on June 23, 2006, 2:49 pm

Got a couple decent shots on the 20th and might get some today. We'll see. It's plenty humid- if nothing else a little rain might cool things off a bit.

A door slams. by: stinkfoot on June 29, 2006, 3:34 am

I work in manufacturing. My position, while not tenuous or very low paying, might well be considered dead-end by some folks. I set up diecutting tooling to be run. There are some other duties that I perform but set up man pretty much sums up my position; our company calls it "off press make ready". The business is printing. There is a plate room. We also have a laser that cuts various things needed for diecut manufacturing. Near my work station is also a point plotter that cuts items specified by a computer program that reads files created by the design team in the plate room. These items can be stripper boards and counter plates for the diecutters; but one can also do other things if one is familiar enough with the machine and computer program to create. An opening for laser operator became available and I filled out an internal job application so that I might have the chance at training at a more technical skill. I was turned down for this position but was offered training in operating the point plotter, which more closely related to what I already do and would offer some coverage for the company- furnishing them with a skilled operator on second shift who could make tooling if there were a need for something that was either damaged or missing. A tentative date was set for my training to begin under the current operator (starting on a Monday) and the Friday before, I attempted to touch base with the operator so that she might be reminded that I would be in. That is where trouble started. "I don't know what you're talking about." was the response when I tried to be communicative. I was cut short when I tried to explain myself "I don't know what you're talking about and I'm not discussing this with you- no one has told me anything- as far as I'm concerned you don't know what you're talking about" Even apologizing brought a tense, if a more polite and appreciative reaction. "There's no point inj discussing this, you're out of line but thank you". I dropped the subject and after a discussion with my immediate supervisor agreed that I would delay training until things had slowed enough to where she could devote time and energy to instruction; it had become quite busy. Fast forward to yesterday. First, a meeting with the plant manager. Someone has been fooling with the computer near the point plotter and the operator is upset. Understandably... I suggest to Tony (manager) that this get resolved because I don't want this issue casting a shadow when I start training at which point he double-takes- "I'm glad you brought that up"... he then proceeds to tell me that the operator is ~adamant~that she does NOT want to train me... not that she's unwilling to train anyone- just a refusal to train me. FUCKING BITCH

Moving on by: stinkfoot on July 5, 2006, 2:28 am

Sometimes you make mistakes... Learn from them... become wiser. Our gaffs in life are the opportunities for us to become wiser. If you don't make mistakes you aren't living life. Important- forgive those who wrong you- anger is a heavy burden to cloak yourself with every day... and seek forgiveness for those who you have wronged.

Re: Moving on by: fritz on July 5, 2006, 5:52 pm

True that.. Read through this journal today.. Sorry to hear about your grandfather, although 94 is quite a long life. *hug* I have no clue where you reside, but if I ever get single again...You can bet, I'll be back to flirt! ;)

The plot thickens by: stinkfoot on July 7, 2006, 3:40 am

So yesterday I decided it was time to clear the air between myself and the woman running the machine I was supposed to be training on... to get her side of the story. Well, according to her, the plant manager had put words in her mouth, and she had no problem with me. The issue as she explained, was that training was not her responsibility- it was a supervisor's job. She had come to work here after dropping a $70K per year management job because she wanted less stress and that I was not to take seriously what hed been told me. Fast forward to this afternoon... about an hour after punching in I'm paged to human resource office where a write-up awaits me. The lady has accused me of harassing her and intimidation. Among numerous misinterperetations and misquotes are two fabrications: one, that I told her that I did not like her and two, that the entire second shift hated her. Someone is using company procedure to either make me quit or get me fired. So I reiterate... FUCKING BITCH!!!!!!!!

Re: The plot thickens by: Ink_Stained_Ivy on July 7, 2006, 7:52 am

daaaaamn....what a fiasco.

Post script by: stinkfoot on July 8, 2006, 3:25 am

I composed a response in reference to the action taken against me at work. It was attached to the paperwork that was prepared as a result of the harassment complaint lodged against me:


Corrective action taken against me on July 6, 2006

The nature of the accusation against me has profound implications on my employability and promotability both within and outside XXXX XXXXXXXXX. While I can suspend disbelief in order to accept that my manner may sometimes be interpereted as intimidating I reaffirm that there was no such intent in connection to my private conversation with Ms XXXXXXXXX. The fact that she would fabricate in order to substantiate a write-up against me is deeply troubling to me; if the allegations were true; had I actually told her that "I did not like her and that second shift hated her", then there would be some serious questions about my character and ability to work in a team setting. My career mobility is nonexistent within an environment that has credible questions about my character.

Since the nature of the complaint boils down to "her word against mine" there is no way of verifying either side. I understand that XXXX XXXXXXXXX must protect those employed by it against harassment and I understand why the action was taken against me on the 6th. The fact is, that the write-up is a form of harassment in and of itself. Ms XXXXXXXX has used protocol within XXXX XXXXXXXXX to assault my work record. The implications of this are far greater than the emotional distress from having a conversation with someone that she has decided, for whatever reason, that she doesn't like. Since you can no more verify what I assert any more than her allegations I propose the following further corrective actions be taken:

Any further conversations between Ms. XXXXXXXX and myself take place in the presence of a neutral 3rd party. Any violation of this condition by either of us be subject to further corrective action.

My working hours be changed from 2:00PM to 10:00PM to 3:00PM to 11:00PM effective Monday, July 10 2006 for as long as we both are employed here and while Ms. XXXXXXXX is working her current shift

It is my desire to continue working at XXXX XXXXXXXXX. I would also like to have a realistic expectation of advancement within the company but realize that the current matter severely limits that possibility.

July 7, 2006

I'm thinking that my attempt to clear the air was construed as trying to re-open the door to training on her machine. I suppose that she wants to protect her job. She is an intelligent woman and is using company procedure as a weapon. My employability is at stake. Her mistake is inventing "facts" and putting words in my mouth. She picked the wrong person to fuck with. I am going to do some research into potential actionability against her.

With friends like these... by: stinkfoot on July 9, 2006, 11:45 pm

I'm invited (through a third party) This used to be a close friendship You know I can't swim and am acutely uncomfortable wading around in your pool- you weaseled out of an agreement to help me learn some water basics last summer. Word comes down (again, through third party) that I'm expected to bring swim trunks... a continuation of last years insistence that I spend an afternoon in your pool while you and your kid do violent water sports. You can't even call me in person and ask. You have steadfastly ignored calls and emails for the past 2 years unless you have time for me. A couple months ago I was absent for a last minute invitation (your usual style) and I return the call, knowing you were home. I got your answering machine and you never returned my call. I hope your dick reaches your asshole because as far as I'm concerned you can go fuck yourself. Funny thing is, before the order filtered down from the mutual friend I already knew your wish to spend time in your pool and I had dug out the board shorts and was fully prepared to wade tentatively in your pool to make you happy but you lack of respect cost you a visit. Your pattern of inconsideration and arrogance- your control freakishness and your increasing tendency to treat people as pawns to jump at your beck and call without regard for the possibility that other people make plans; your arrogant assumption that we'll just drop everything and run on over at your specified hour to bask in your majestic presence may well have cost you a long, 14 year friendship. Sucks to be you. At your current rate you will eventually realize that.

Success... by: stinkfoot on July 21, 2006, 4:41 pm

Got the jaw-dropping lightning shot that had long eluded me...
Posted Image

There are others in my gallery but since no one looks I'll post the best shot here. There are others for anyone even remotely interested.

Re: Success... by: okeefe on July 22, 2006, 9:50 pm

oooh!! gorgeous!

Nice. by: fritz on July 25, 2006, 8:08 pm

Hey man nice shot! Just left Boston two days ago... This might've been one of the storms that delayed my flight up...? Keep up the beautiful photography! I've always had a thing for thunderstorms too. ;)

Vacation... by: stinkfoot on August 5, 2006, 2:03 am

Reconnected with the family. Visited dad's grave. Spent one day just wandering down memory lane. Spent some quality time with my younger sister. The family grows and grows. The number of toddlers running underfoot is burgeoning. The energy (mood) at the family cookout was... strange. Mother seemed a tad more irritable than usual. She's also getting more forgetful. Spent one afternoon with my older sister and her 2 kids- beginning with a stop at a nursing home where an elderly aunt is staying. The once bright and vibrant woman who was closest to dad (her brother) has very little memory left. The brain still works... she hasn't been driven back into a childlike mentality but the bulk of a lifetime's data is just gone. This all started as dizzy spells 5 or 6 years ago. Physically she is well along on her final leg and looks every bit her 82 years. Fate could be a tad more humane to her and her family by dealing her final card in life. I dropped in on an aunt and uncle & paid a visit without the usual distraction of a couple dozen other family members around. It was something I'm very glad I did. Things were discussed that don't usually get brought up when other people are around. I learned a thing or two about my family history. Visited a couple other relatives as well & got to talk without mom or older sister there to hold court and dominate the conversation. Quality time with younger sis came later in the week when I relocated vacation operations from mom's camper to sister's new apartment. She did have to work but we spent a couple evenings together and got to talk. I'm finding out tidbits about the dynamics within my family and where I might deftly avoid future conflicts. Mom and older sis are a couple prudish hens who have effectively fogotten the value of hanging onto a little childhood. Younger sis still knows how to have a good time. I learned something that I'm probably not supposed to know... one of my favorite uncles-- the one who, along with his wife, I visited earlier in the week.. has recently contracted hepatitis through a blood transfusion from surgery. There is a good chance that he is going to eventually need a liver transplant. No wonder the mood at the cookout was strange. Time passages.

Re-warmed dog shit by: stinkfoot on August 21, 2006, 5:21 pm

Well- at least it's a metaphor for how I've been feeling this weekend... got the season's first head cold. Whoopeeeee! Say gesundheit.

better by: stinkfoot on August 25, 2006, 5:24 pm

The cold or flu has by and large exited my system but it took a side trip into my chest before relocating... elsewhere. My car is in the shop getting new brakes. I get to drive a rental to work. Woohoo. I see lots of views but to this point only a handful of comments. Perhaps this is a site manned by spectators? Funny thing, I had posted a spectacular lightning photo I took in a thread in young hippies and may just as well have shown the picture to a soapy dish towel. That got me to wondering why people participate here- and why I participate. I think I was expecting a socially responsible mindset with a fascination for things natural... which is what I like to think as my attitude- or what I want others to think of me. It seems that an online rapport here is more difficult than I expected it to be. Maybe this is a virtual stage where members try to show that they are "hipper than thou". In any case I haven't posted in the young hippies clique since and often wonder why I post anywhere else.

Long weekend by: stinkfoot on September 2, 2006, 3:41 pm

It's labor day in the States of Corpo-merica. Somehow our elitist culture thinks that a day off in disingenuous honor of the working class will somehow mitigate our getting pissed on because we need to indenture ourselves in order to keep food on our tables and a roof over our heads. Ah- it's a day off so I'm enjoying it anyway. A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work. It's supposed to rain most of the weekend so I guess this qualifies as a bad day of fishing.

Life is a neverending series of... by: stinkfoot on September 8, 2006, 3:06 pm

...crossroads. Most (myself included) of us just don't realize it because we just keep making the same choices day after day. It's called a rut. Problem is we don't see the options as viable alternatives; we've invested so much time and effort in the status quo that any change would lay waste to all our work. So it's not like I'm anticipating any life altering changes but I'm just kinda cluing into the fact that all that is wrong in my existence can be traced right back to me. My recent Dr Phil moment came when it dawned on me that my supervisor's attitude about the fact that I was in for a difficult night- he seemed to relish in my unhappiness- was in large part to the fact that I made it entertaining for him. Really it's one of life's truisms- no one can bother you without your permission but it's easier to see it in others. It becomes difficult to recognize it in yourself. Another thing I need to deal with is the fact thast I'm a lifelong approval seeker. This isn't serving me any better now than it did when I was a kid but thought and action patterns are quite difficult to break. Knowing my problems won't prevent me from falling back into old habit and finding myself in the old familiar and comfortably unhealthy rut again.

*Poof* gone! ~an epitaph by: stinkfoot on September 30, 2006, 4:04 pm

I hang out in Random Thoughts... or at least I used to. I never really attained the status of RT insider as I was unable to belong in any of the social cliques... not that I was universally ignored but my outsider status remained intact to the end. I was able to observe the final death throes as the forum showed itself as self-extinguishing. Collectively us RT frequenters created a bit of a bubble where we could imagine ourselves immune to to the administrative limitations of Hipforums because but our definition Random Thoughts was offtopic posting and thereby immune to deletion and moderation. The imaginary bubble burst when our little rumpus room was converted into a soap box for criticising the site's administration and moderation as well as a repository for completely useless drivel. T'was a waste of Skip's bandwidth as well as administrative time. "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance". Thomas Jefferson's words are timeless. RT frequenters are to be chastised for participating in the demise of our favorite forum. We posted in the very threads critical of the site owner; we nourished the cancer that killed RT. Skip was kind enough to give warning- something he didn't have to do. Regardless, the warning was not heeded... people either didn't take the alert seriously or didn't care that there were to be consequences. It was more important that they get their petty rants and criticisms out- they didn't care that we'd all pay the ultimate price. Classic case of the few spoiling it for the rest of us Part of me wants to beg for the forum to be restored but who would I be fooling? Restoring RT would be a return to the bullshit that hastened its demise. Let the dead remnants of it remain that others can possibly learn from our mistakes. Hip Forums was created for a purpose. Anyone not interested in pursuing Skip's vision is just making noise and cluttering up the site... like a swarm of houseflies buzzing around near an overstuffed trash can. It came time to throw out the garbage. I think a universal sticky might be in order- an announcement in each thread alerting frequenters of what happened to RT- it can serve as a warning to those who think themselves above everyone else; that they can criticise the site owner and create turmoil with impunity. Each poster needs to be eternally vigilant about what he posts lest he finds the freedoms to which he has entitled himself to be taken away.

It's back by: stinkfoot on October 10, 2006, 1:21 pm

Skip has given the children back their rumpus room... RT is back on a provisionary basis. Meanwhile in real life I eagerly(?) await finding out the results of a big meeting at work where the router operator, who lodged a harassment complaint against me based on a complete fabrication on her part, airs out more complaints- presumably more than a few are about me and other folks on my shift, but she has also turned on a number of other folks. My supervisor has just about had it with her increasingly difficult to deal with nature.

thread response (private) by: stinkfoot on October 13, 2006, 2:09 pm

It's Friday the 13th- so it's only fitting my thread would start today. Fortunately I'm not the least little bit superstitious (knock on wood). Where do I start? Well, in the beginning God created the heavens and the ear... oh wait, I'm just quoting some book. Seriously, I was born in the spring of 1963. My first couple years were spent dealing with some physical issues- I'm told I spent a considerable amount of time in a body cast to deal with spine curvature. While I don't remember that I do recall as a preschooler performing a series of exercises under my mom's supervision. I also recall regular hospital visits for x-rays and check-ups to track how straight my spine was. My father was of the "old school" train of thought as far as rearing children was concerned; children were to be seen and not heard. Much of his "nurturing" occured at the business end of a leather belt. Looking back I realize that he was less than eager to be a father at all. His fondness for alcohol began to interfere with what judgement he did have and at 14 I was taken out of the home and placed in foster care when matters becamed my life was seen as being in danger. My dad's less than healthful lifestyle caught up to him a couple years after I was removed from the household- he died when I was 16. I attended college. Well meaning adults spared no effort filling my head with how very smart I was and an educational system hard-wired to push as many people as possible into the University (and studen loan) system I allowed myself to be railroaded to college before I had a chance to sort more important things out. I played along willingly enough because I wasn't eager to have to work. Dormitory life offered a convincing illusion of freedom- which together with less than ideal social skills and alcohol set the stage for a dead end education. I was smart enough to not quickly flunk out but having no well thought out goals or ambition my college life turned out to be a three year party. The party ended in '85 when the series of student loans which enabled me to languish behind a thin veil of higher education dried up. A drunk driving arrest marked my first big wake-up call... and shortly after my 23rd birthday I fit all my belongings in a station wagon and drove south to Connecticut to re-start my life. I have held a number of odd jobs in the intervening 20 years. Currently I'm in manufacturing and do set-up for die cutters. At first, my partying resumed after making a few friends here. As I grew a bit older alcohol's allure faded and I found myself drinking less and less. I also became increasingly interested in health and fitness. Together with my girlfriend at the time, I bought a weight machine. After that broke I began collecting free weights. I now have a dumbell collection that rivals that of many gyms... and 500 lbs of solid iron plates. My middle years have seen a hard partying, drinking and pot smoking punk transform himself into a clean, sober health nut. I an still single at this juncture. Life's grand wisdom has taught me that it's better to be single and happy than in a relationship and miserable- especially with the possibility of kids- lest I follow in some old footsteps.

It's got beautiful plumage by: stinkfoot on October 21, 2006, 7:17 pm

Does my incitefulness fall beneath most peoples' radar?

But John, haven't you misspelled insightfulness

Would it matter if I did? I mean, would anyone notice?

1. The covering of feathers on a bird.
2. Feathers used ornamentally.
3. Elaborate dress; finery


If a tree fell and no one were around, would it make a sound?

Plu?ma (plū?m?)
n. 1. (Zool.) A feather

Pluma is also French for "pen"... or more literally "quill".

I've been taken aback over the year plus I've posted at HF with the response -or lack thereof- to many of my posts. Have I found my way onto that many ignore lists? I've written numerous responses that I judged to be witty only to see them disappear in a flurry of replies to other posts. In the Young Hippie forum, in a thunderstorm thread I posted a photo I took this last summer- a still capturered during a July storm that to me was an "oh my God" moment upon viewing the frame full-size on my monitor... the two-inch view from my camera didn't do the image justice. Not a single acknowledgement in thread.

Why should I be bothered by that? Do I really need the validation of others' responses? Well- why would I post in the first place? It's as though I'm talking to someone and they just turn and walk off mid-sentence... and it happens here again and again. Apparently this is an ex-parrot. It's bleeding demised and I'm merely nailing it to the perch to keep it from pushing up the daisies. It's an ex-parrot.

But it's got beautiful plumage...

From my gallery for your ignoring pleasure...
Posted Image

Re: It's got beautiful plumage by: nucknfuts on October 24, 2006, 2:45 pm

Beauty seen is beauty felt, and thus its own reward, or.... "screw the rest of 'em..I like it"..:)

Enough already... by: stinkfoot on October 31, 2006, 4:05 pm

I am absolutely sick to death of all the political attack ads on TV... they are absolutely useless- save for the litmus test of exactly how stupid our candidates think (know?) we are! Just give me a "none of the above" lever and I shall pull it. I've been given more ammunition to vote people out than to vote anyone in. This is Uncle Joe (Lieberman) territory and the mud slinging has been especially bad this time around with George Bush being hung around the necks of GOP candidates like an albatross and on the other side, Democratic candidates being smeared as child hating criminal loving sycophants who need to be in county lockup and not on a list of candidates. Can we just get it over with- and please get the Republicans out of office! Dumbya deserves to worry about impeachment during his final two lame duck years.

Dear Journal by: stinkfoot on December 21, 2006, 3:43 pm

I've been very neglectful the past couple months in chronicling my life. It's not that nothing has been happening it's just that I'm too damned lazy to take the time to put it in writing. I could have written how happy I was that the Repugnicans lost majorities in both houses of Congress but in doing so I'd be suggesting that I actually believed that change was at hand. It may well be but I'm more than a bit skeptical. I could also have written a victory post about having completed my Christmas shopping and about my nice visit with family in Maine... that would have been like two entries in one! I really intended to make the entries too but things just got in the way. It's almost Christmas and time to get gifts wrapped; I could detail how I'm procrastinating that chore but I'm just not motivated to do so. Hey- I even made a drawing of human faces... for the first time in 20+ years. The artwork came out pretty good too and I could have journaled that bit of significant creativity; of rediscovering a talent I had long assumed to be lost- that the first result of artistic effort were destined to be a gift for my mom but I've neglected to add that here too. Dear journal- you have been patient, awaiting my next entry- ostensibly in vain; sinking lower and lower in the list without so much as a whimper of complaint. New Years is coming soon and with the change of calendar may come a change of behavior on my part. I resolve to become less neglectful of everyday tasks and to me more prolific in my blogging. I shall stop the procrastination and execute my duties as they present themselves instead of putting them off for weeks and months. I'll probably make an entry about this victory around Easter.

Journal entry title by: stinkfoot on January 2, 2007, 6:10 pm

This is the first sentence of this journal entry. This is the second sentence. This is the thirde sentence- intended to close out the first paragragraph and lead into the second which will be forthcoming. This begins the second paragraph of my journal entry. This paragraph will spell out the topic in detail as the entry unfolds. Sometimes the middle paragraph might go on a tangent- straying off topic to cover a little side point. I wonder if this entry were never to unfold pleats would work into it. That's just a little wrinkle in my reasoning. What's the proper way of folding a journal entry? Is it like folding a flag or a dinner napkin? Some questions may never go answered. Anyway, the middle portion might bring the reader to a crossroads- does this typify blog entries or is this an anomaly? Can we have any faith in this type of entry? Finally we arrive at the inevitable third paragraph, where things can be wrapped up neatly... or shall we say FOLDED! The rest of the piece is summarized; wrapping paragraphs one and two into the complete thought they are intended to be. Sometimes in closing, the maker of the blog might invite comment to his piece. If anyone reading this knows what it's about, kindly reply so that we'll both know!

Re: Journal entry title by: Flowers In My Hair on January 5, 2007, 12:33 pm

I laughed, I cried... well ok I didn't cry, but I did enjoy reading it. Thank you! :)

It's the weekend... by: stinkfoot on February 10, 2007, 5:51 pm

I've got plenty of time and as usual nothing to say. It seems that the only time I have journal worthy insights is when time is short and I'm unable to devote the effort to putting it in writing. When I return from whatever responsibility shortened my time (usually work)- the inspiration has evaporated amid a barrage of other details and stresses. Jotting my concept down on paper for later seems a natural remedy for this creative constipation but the pen and ink laxative is a pill I find hard to swallow. My inherent laziness has deprived humanity of perhaps the most deep philosophies any individual can offer... or at least as far as my fantasy can assess. It seems that when there is an excess of leisure time my mind gears itself to rest. My conceptual energies and philosophies are parasitic entities that hitchhike on the vehicles of duty and responsibility. I have to be doing something else for my creative juices to flow. That's okay- I'm not a professional writer so this needn't be an issue- at least not now but it begs a related question... when retirement time comes- exactly how do I envision myself handling a far less limited supply of free time? Is picking up a part time job the answer? It certainly would cure the ill of money shortfall created by the expected Social Security becoming defunct. If I do not involve myself in some level of duty that exacts a measured but significant amount of my time I'm going to become lazy... and bored. I've got twenty-five or so years before I'll be directly confronting my retirement years- and that quarter century promises to be busy- with little time for plotting a future course so it follows that I'll have a decent plan in place when the time comes.

Life is a stage... by: stinkfoot on February 16, 2007, 3:54 pm

As I get older I find myself wondering what the point of "it all" is. Is life just an immense stage production? If so, I can't wait for the cast party to begin. Perhaps that is the crux of Christianity... our earthly existence is no more than a mega-scale drama put on for God's amusement. Some day an ethereal voice will boom, "it's a wrap" and mega-scale closing credits will scroll across the sky and if we watch long enough we'll see our names written in the clouds. I can't remember auditioning for this part and I wonder if it was my first choice? Were all the millionaire roles taken? Are awkward silences on first dates actually forgotten lines? Why can't God provide us with script people to cue us when our memories fail... then again who would be able to carry around a script of that scale? I also wonder- is this such a low budget production that I can't have a stunt double stand in for all my "on the job" scenes? That would certainly free me up to study my role more thoroughly. On the topic of messed up lines- the hack who is playing my boss at work keeps screwing up his part- he keeps forgetting to deliver the line, "John, you're a tremendous asset to us and I'm putting you in for a substantial raise". Funny how I have that bit so well memorized. Well- it's inevitable... one day the writers of this one act mega farce will kill my character off and I'll be free for other pursuits. I just hope I get good reviews after it's all over. I gotta go... I have a scene coming up playing the part of a worker in a printing and diecutting box factory. It's a fairly small role but if I do well enough I might catch the eye of the Producer and my role will be expanded. Time to clean up and get into costume. I just hope the other hacks can remember their parts... I get so very sick of carrying them.

I learned this from TeeVee... by: stinkfoot on February 20, 2007, 4:38 pm

...from watching Geico commercials- celebrities aren't real people. I've suspected as much for a very long time.

Re: I learned this from TeeVee... by: themnax on February 22, 2007, 6:50 pm

gekkos are real people though. even if geico's arn't. =^^= .../\...

I'm one of the nicest people I've never met. by: stinkfoot on February 26, 2007, 2:43 am

Who am I? Does anyone know me? If so I wish they'd fill me in on some details. Do I have a greater purpose beyond converting oxygen to carbon dioxide or am I just another one of nature's manure factories? I feel that everyone has some greater purpose while on the Earth. Mine may not be to invent a new device or to start a new religion- it might be something so mundane a planting an idea in the fertile mind of another. By most chronological yardsticks my journey as a sentient being is about half over and I'd like to accomplish something of significance before I check out... to have made a mark in this very tangible nightmare before I realize that the screaming voice that woke me up is my own.

We're going to have to set our standards much lowe by: stinkfoot on March 2, 2007, 5:24 pm

They laid Ernie off yesterday. The incredibly intelligent coworker who helped me set an impossible standard of work completion no longer works with me. Carmelo took him upstairs yesterday afternoon. About a half hour he came down and told me he was let go. I could tell he was fighting back tears so I just shook his hand and told him to keep in touch. It was a little tough for me to hold it together- the kid was a great worker but this was to pass by mid summer anyway, he was to graduate trade school and be gone within a few months. This just pushed the timetable up. Oh, the hidden costs of corporate greed... Ernie is a minor casualty of Connecticut's deregulation of utilities. The very political move banned electric providers from generating their own power forcing a presumably competitive bidding market and supposedly was going to bring costs down. Wrong. The problem is that there is no competition... and the industry has used the spike in crude prices as an excuse to raise rates by as much as 50%. My work found that they are unable to pay their electric bill. Ernie was one of around ten victims of this. They didn't save very much money by cutting him and they got their money's worth from him. For just being a part time loss, his absence is going to leave one hell of a hole. Yesterday wasn't all bad though, I managed to successfully convince the owner to agree to have some of second shift work four ten hour days per week. Hooray three day weekends!

Evidence that hell has frozen over... by: stinkfoot on March 5, 2007, 4:17 am

I cleaned the apartment this weekend. It was pretty bad... started out just cleaning shaving mess from the bathroom sink and counter last night and began to roll out of control. Before the night was over the cleaning disease had spread to my kitchen. It got bad enough the a mop and pine cleaner became involved. An undetermined amount of dirt and grime were victims of what some are calling the vacuum cleaner massacre.

It's been awhile... by: stinkfoot on April 6, 2007, 2:51 am

My apartment is a mess... things are back to normal. Hell may not have frozen over but it sure is cold enough here... we're getting snow showers. It's fucking April. My four day work weeks continue- though I'm working Tuesday through Friday now. I'm not sure if I'll like Mondays off as much as Fridays but I'll take whatever. Frankly, I've been prepared all along to be working five days a week- so every week this continues I'll be happy... and with Thursday off this week (observing Good Friday- old schedule) and the new schedule granting me next Monday off I'll enjoy this five day weekend. If I go to a regular work routine I'll have had a mini vacation so it's fine with me. Ten hour days can be tiring. I've begun to work cardio into my fitness regimen walking a little less than four miles- about once a week for now but I should be putting in a couple walks per week shortly. This should help to tweak my metabolism a tad. I'll have to see just how disgustingly defined I want to get this summer. Little else of substance to add just now.

The experiment ends... by: stinkfoot on April 11, 2007, 3:57 pm

I'm back to five eight hour days at work. It seems that for the four day schedule to work there needs to be some planning and coordinating done on the part of first shift and they aren't willing to budge one iota to accommodate. I'm disappointed but not the least bit surprised.

My own worst enemy.... by: stinkfoot on April 13, 2007, 3:16 pm

I see him every day... the person who screws up just about every good thing I've ever had- interferes with smooth running situations by injecting his selfish agenda in the works- manipulating, complaining, brow beating, and using everything in his passive-aggressive bag of tricks. This individual is perhaps the biggest pain in my ass on a daily basis; making work days drag on- sabotaging days off and generally turning order into chaos. This festering boil on the anus of humanity also happens to be the ugly mug staring back at me from the bathroom mirror when I shave each morning. It's so easy finding faults in others but I seem to have developed a blind eye to my own foibles. Looking back on the course my life has taken, it has become clearer and clearer that everything that has soured in my terrestrial journey can be traced back to me in one way or another. Learning to recognize when I'm about to throw a proverbial wrench in my own works has become an all-consuming obsession as my trek through life reaches its middle leg. Rationing is key here... specifically, the rationing of words, facial expressions and body language until a situation has been thoroughly weighed. Trivial example for your consideration-- my latest dealings with the work schedule. About a month ago I submitted a suggestion that some folks on second shift be given the option of working four ten hour days... this was mostly in consideration of one die press operator who faces a ninety minute drive each way. Seeing as he's probably the best diecutter we've seen I reasoned that it was worth making some adjustments to keep him. Within one day both he and I were offered the new schedule. We both accepted. Since the suggestion was acted upon, much of the rest of the plant has been offered four-day work weeks... including both shifts in the gluing department. I work in diecutting; initially all of second shift worked four ten-hour days per week, but a couple weeks ago, one of the machines has been scheduled to work around the clock- three eight-hour shifts. Additionally, the owner desires that staffing be on hand Fridays in the event that a "rush job" needs to be set up. I am the set up person... in our jargon, an "off press makeready" person. My Friday off was changed to Monday off, but because both machines are running second shift Monday, as well as the blanker running third shift, my work is completely necessary for Monday... I now work five eight-hour days per week. My instinctive reaction is along the lines of protest... questioning whether I'm actually needed on Fridays and complaining that other folks aren't picking up the Monday-Tuesday slack created by my absence. The protest would be based on some bold assumptions on my part: 1- that first shift is expected to work extra hard to enable something that offers them no payoff whatsoever. Not exactly the most reasonable things. 2- that the owner needs to justify his decisions. WRONG-- in fact, pushing this is likely to land me in unemployment. The fact is, just because the four day work week was my suggestion does not entitle me to benefit from it. If I try to force my will on my boss, I'm likely to lose big time. It's ironic that while more than half of second shift benefits from my suggestion, I do not; however, I'm not entitled to anything. If I really want three day weekends, I need to see to it that the boss is covered on Fridays and my job is addressed for Mondays. In the short term, I'll be working with the scheduler and my immediate supervisor to see if longer running jobs can be set for Monday night while I train the loader to do set up work... he works five days per week and only loads for one machine Fridays. Once he's ready I'll see if the boss is willing to offer me a Monday to Thursday schedule- otherwise I can be amused at the irony of the situation because that's about all I'm entitled to. The thing I need to do is prevent myself from acting on an attitude of entitlement and sabotaging my job. I hope I'm equal to this challenge.

Five star entertainment. by: stinkfoot on April 20, 2007, 3:55 pm

The enduring question is "why?". I see that there's quite a decent number of reads to this... most without a reply. I also see that in the list of active journals there are e few with five star ratings. I noticed a couple "five star" journals that initially had no responses. Do I feel qualified to rate my own journal? This seems to be an opportune segue into some reasons why I'm journaling here in the first place. I suppose that I fall into the category of folks who want an audience and this seems a small way of addressing that. On the other hand, I've stated with great emphasis that I very much value my anonymity. I'm also not that good of a writer. I may not be bad with words but by no means am I great. One need not seek an antidote to my poison pen; a good night's sleep would suffice. As for comedy we need to look no further than the journal title... what the hell is an accidental blog? Am I to have you believe that I fall on my keyboard in a repeated mishap and this is the result? Well- yes I am.... not convinced? Oh well... so much for that! Perhaps I should have entitled this "the Pointless Pen" as that would have made a more fitting name. My tired, introspective ramblings make good late night reading- they'll lull an insomniac to a more restful state. Hell- my eyes have become quite heavy just reviewing what I've just written. z-z-z-z-z.... I rate this journal five "z's".

Re: Five star entertainment. by: Boogabaah on April 21, 2007, 12:01 am

i've noticed that too.. it seems to happen with most blogs.. or maybe thats just mine.

Agreement is purely optional... by: stinkfoot on April 28, 2007, 9:38 pm

This gem repeatedly looms as an enduring tidbit of wisdom as I get older. I was introduced to it as a foster child being confronted with parental directives that, as a rebellious teen, I was destined to hate. "You don't have to like it but you have to do it" was the answer to my angst filled objection to whatever chore, rule, curfew,... Not only a nod to my freedom to have an opinion, the statement reflected their realistic expectation that not everything handed down was going to be popular. Reason and realism accompanied many a lesson-grenade implanted in my fledgling psyche as I blindly groped an unsteady trek through adolescence. The most profound pearls of wisdom are timeless additions to my coping mechanism through life that seems at times to be unduly littered with the attitudes and priorities of others that for one reason or another I must acquiesce to. Take my boss. Please. (sorry Henny Youngman) The owner of the place I work seems on one hand to be a dedicated and hard working person that one could readily cultivate respect for. As with all bosses there is a dark side and some flaws... with my work's namesake there seems to be a special brand of terminal stubbornness... a "my way or highway" attitude that too often seems calculated to inflict grief on a subordinate. Additionally, he seems to carry a certain air of indifference if not outright contempt for some of his employees. I'm finding myself to be an increasing target of this silent attitude. Almost two months ago I suggested that some people in my department work four ten hour days. Within one day I and another press operator were offered this schedule with Fridays off. We quickly accepted. The schedule spread to the gluing department with second shift getting four tens and first shift working four nines and one four hour shift. However, Mr. bossman has determined that I need to be in attendance on Fridays in case of a rush order. Rush orders can be effectively handled on Mondays with no delay in production, but the insistence is that there be Friday coverage. It is the owner's prerogative to expect staffing whenever he wishes. I don't need to like it, but I do need to obey. Meanwhile there seems to be a coldness directed at me which I am at a loss to explain. My approach to any job I hold is to get the job done as effectively and quickly as possible. This is one of the things I believe sets me apart from most workers these days. For one as aware of what goes on in the plant as the boss is purported to be, the owner seems to show little appreciation of the effort. His attitude toward me seems to be almost contemptuous. Friday, He seems to be in a decent mood, smiling and talking to a couple of my co-workers. As he finishes his conversation, he strides in my general direction as I retrieve a sheet of paper for setup purposes and as we pass I establish eye contact for the simple purpose of a civil "hello". Mr. Boss abruptly breaks the eye contact and the smile immediately vanishes. I wonder how long before I get fired. It's probably better if the owner feels I'm so beneath contempt that I don't even rate a "hello".

Everyone hide- he's ranting again by: stinkfoot on May 6, 2007, 7:51 pm

My rage has been re-ignited... Gas prices are going up but crude oil isn't. The extra money we're all paying is going directly into the pockets of the corporate fat cats who have gotten adept at committing petty embezzlement on a grand scale. We're all getting robbed, but just a little- small enough to where it's gambled that we won't care. Work is pulling back on the percentage it's kicking in to our insurance. Utilities have been on a steep increase for the past year... the only thing not going up is my pay. As middle income wage slaves, we are being put in a giant squeeze and apart from speechifying about it, those who purport to represent us are doing jack shit about it. Our government is certainly looking after the interests of whom it truly represents: Big business- particularly Big Oil. I'm not sure the price tag of the Iraq war but we're picking up the tab on this crime in progress and the future of our children and grandchildren are being mortgaged on behalf of these price-fixing behemoths that continue to rake in profits that eclipse the entire annual GDP of many small countries. And I talk about people doing jack shit... those of us with a supposed freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are doing zero about it either. Zero. Zip. Nada. I guess we're too preoccupied by... Paris Hilton's legal troubles? The Kentucky Derby? Major League Baseball? Survivor Island? Anna Nicole Smith's infant's custody battle? Yet nothing gets done as tanker after tanker of liquid contraband is delivered to filling stations that use it as leverage to extort money from every hard working person in the world (not just the U.S.). In the United States, only the mint is licensed to print money but for mega-corporations we have the next best thing: legalized robbery- and "we the sheeple" are too damned preoccupied to take notice. As individuals we have no real power but as a group the voters and taxpayers could carry clout. The problem is we need to act as one and I just don't see that happening these days. As voters we have proven quite gullible, as consumers we show ourselves to be more than suggestible. We have been programmed by Hollywood and Madison Avenue to value money and material wealth over friendship and community. Everyone dreams of getting rich, owning a large home and expensive car. Most soldiers in this war for real freedom and community are too absorbed in their quest for more stuff. Victimization is a type of relationship... in order for the deed to be complete, someone needs to feel the pain of being victimized- it's a response to an outside stimulas- this is not something I came up with myself, I think it came from Oprah or Dr Phil... or one of the other neatly packaged luminaries offering quick answers to all of life's difficulties in a one-hour time slot that is eaten up by a culture whose attention span best fits the sound byte it was reared on. We are numb to the real aggression at the hands of big business and our governments- we get so engrossed in the rat race and venting our rage on things that don't matter; like the MORON who cut us off in traffic or those horribly long checkout lines at the supermarket Well that MORON can be part of the solution with the right information and instead of ignoring the other folks waiting to pay for their groceries how about sparking a conversation about current issues? Surely I'm not the only one enraged that my country is spending my tax dollars to commit crimes against humanity and wage an illegal war on behalf of oil companies that turn around and stick it to us at the pump. Our power increases as we band together and educate ourselves. Our power is also in our wallet- by pursuing isolationist lifestyles and spending our money on trivial junk we are limiting what we can do. As voters we can hold the people we elect accountable and as an economic force we can help bankrupt the greedy corporate forces of evil that have been siphoning away our way of life.

Re: Everyone hide- he's ranting again by: Nyxx on May 9, 2007, 2:29 am

I read somewhere that if we took four less short trips per month that prices would come down, but there is too much propaganda out there to know what to think sometimes. We are at $3.15 a gallon in Phoenix now!! I know it will be $4.00 soon and eat up alot of my pay just to go to work so they can tax my $$ to fund their "war". There is a really good book out there called "The Long Emergency"-its about what will happen in the U.S. when oil is depleted. Interesting scary read. Many people believe that the war is because Sadam had the power to change OPEC pricing from U.S.$ to the Euro, which would have caused economic collapse in the U.S.. Gotta love the Bush crime family-Remember, we are in the land of the free to do as we are told!-PEACE

Re: Everyone hide- he's ranting again by: stinkfoot on May 9, 2007, 3:05 pm

Very true. Long trips are more efficient. Combining shopping trips with friends, neighbors, families would help as well. There are numerous scenarios about the various crises that might happen in the event of the oil supply drying up but I see no substantive move away from the dependence on oil because there is still too much money to be made off it. That it is almost certain to bankrupt many millions is no matter to those who stand to make tens of billions off them. A huge part of the problem is the SUV purchasing segment of the population who goes on as though nothing were wrong. Just count the jeeps, hummers, and SUVs traveling with just one person inside. Big oill absolutely loves that as much as the war being fought on its behalf- gratis; that bill hung squarely on the backs of the taxpayers.

Foxwoods casino by: stinkfoot on May 20, 2007, 3:58 am

The Pequot nation opened a casino some years back and there is a television commercial that frequently airs with the musical refrain "Let's live for the wonder of it all".. with credit due to a good friend of mine and his son I offer to you the following re-write:

Came to spend all your savings,
play some craps, quell the cravings,
Spin a wheel, round and round it goes...

Risking more than you afford,
embrace the debt it's your reward;
Mortgaging your future yes, you'll have a ball...
Let's live in the dumpster by the Mall!

Throw the dice, lucky seven,
Just out of reach, you think it's heaven,
Roll the dice, down and down you go...

Break your bank, a cash advance
Feed the slots you take a chance
Double down and then your back's against the wall...
Let's live....
in the dumpster....
by the mall...


From bad to verse by: stinkfoot on June 20, 2007, 5:17 am

Some folks make it hard to walk in their shoes
All those around them are singing the blues
They find time abundant to bitch and complain
To ensure all others feel all their pain.

If you're intending to make my day worse
I say you deal with your ills at their source
So life's got you down and you've lost all hope
Take heart you have options- a gun or a rope.

Re: Five star entertainment. by: LuckyStripe on June 30, 2007, 11:33 am

:comments: I think you're journal is quality. But I expected it to be. :)

one-hundred seventy-seven by: stinkfoot on July 2, 2007, 4:13 pm

It's not a number I'll be playing in today's daily lotto drawing... the number does hold some significance. It is my target body weight and I nailed it this morning. A combination of health obsession and vanity has driven me to pursue an extremely healthy diet and lift weights... since I stopped a daily marijuana habit I've managed to get into the type of physical condition many people think is out of reach. Health and vanity have both been motivators. Imagining myself landing the woman of my dreams has factored in as well. I often dream of ending my stretch of stag life. Things appear to be unfolding in my favor in that arena as well. A successful as I appear to have been in achieving the relatively insignificant and shallow goal of physical condition I hope that I can be at least as successful filling the profound roles that quite likely lurk around the corner... life partner? confidant? father? A small measure of self doubt is key to asking intelligent questions that will enable me to be equal to what awaits me.

Re: one-hundred seventy-seven by: LuckyStripe on July 4, 2007, 7:57 am

:) (I was just gonna make a smiley but it wouldn't let me) :D :D :D

Exorcism.... by: stinkfoot on July 7, 2007, 1:44 am

I just FILLED the dumpster with about ten years of JUNK I've accumulated over the past ten years. Moving may be in my cards soon and step one is to reduce what I need to move.

Re: Exorcism.... by: LuckyStripe on July 7, 2007, 5:23 am

Hehe :D

My universe keeps reminding me... by: stinkfoot on July 7, 2007, 3:19 pm

... that I have a certain shallowness as a primary character flaw. I don't mind so much being put in my place from time to time because quite frankly everybody needs it but why the fuck do other people have to be hurt in the process?

Re: My universe keeps reminding me... by: LuckyStripe on July 7, 2007, 9:22 pm

don't be too hard on yourself. you'll see the meaning in time.

One more month... by: stinkfoot on July 9, 2007, 4:18 pm

...and I get my week's vacation. This week is my supervisor's time off. The worst part of any vacation is that first day back to work after but life must go on and part of reason I can relax during the break is the fact that there's a job to go back to so. Life goes on... same as it ever was. I could go on about how profoundly disappointed I am in my persistent inability to extricate myself from eighteen or so years of solo flight but I do need to live with myself and what would the implications be should I be successful? I'm doubting that there would be much lasting happiness as I'm stuck with a crippling inability to look past personal hangups. Following in my father's footsteps would not be a step forward for anyone who might be involved. I had pretty much convinced myself that I had found some happiness with the status quo and it's probably better that I continue pursuing that line of thinking.

Journey or destination? by: stinkfoot on July 13, 2007, 4:34 pm

I'm trying to learn more about the human condition and I have myself as a primary study. "Civilized" man seeks to "get ahead" by amassing wealth mainly by pursuing a career and making investments. So there I am... half-heartedly running in the ultimate marathon and the prize is the same whether you finish first, last, or in the middle of the pack... death. There's little real challenge as I can pretty much get the "things" I want without too much trouble.

I like my toys... electronic gadgets; a couple computers, digital cameras, stereo, ... grown man's toys; but the emotional charge I get from ownership doesn't match the anticipatory push I get from the process of selecting my next widget. Once I have the prize in hand there's generally a process of let-down as the novelty wears off. This parallels the experience of most I suspect... it's the stuff of self-imppoverishing shopaholic problem behavior as people seek to fill an emptiness they feel by buying more and more---- stuff.

For all the convenience and leisure available in today's hi-tech life there is a key component missing from today's world... the struggle. Comfort is not supposed to be easy- we're programmed to overcome difficulties and struggle in order to realize comfort and security... the value of what we have is lost when it's just so easy to get. It's supposed to be a real challenge. We're all getting spoiled... myself included.

We're all so busy with our gadgets and gizmos that we have little time for the people next door and down the street. There's nothing to really pull people together. What the United States needs is a huge economic tragedy that shakes it down to the grass roots and forces people to rely on one another to get by... something along the lines of the Great Depression.. something that causes much of the wealth to disappear and lasts for a few decades.

We need a population that can intimately understand what it's like to go without things, to have to struggle in order to get by. The great electronic spell that has been cast over society needs to be broken so that all can appreciate the journey that is life. Mankind is bored... time to introduce some excitement. I think I'll go buy something.

In the meantime, enjoy some fruits of quality playtime I've had with my current toys:

Posted Image

Posted Image

I just made fried chicken so good--- by: stinkfoot on July 15, 2007, 2:09 am

--- you'll slap yo' mamma. Well, that's how a buddy of mine puts it. The man has mad skills at the charcoal grill. Well- I thawed some chicken thighs tonight and scraped together a coating with Korean teriyaki and a little wasabi dip. My cast iron is going to be a bitch to clean...

The fine art of traffic sandbagging by: stinkfoot on July 20, 2007, 4:42 pm

An obstructionist's guide to motor vehicle operation.

This is for entertainment purposes only. The author of this piece assumes no responsibility for any road rage incidences that may arise from anyone brazen enough to try what is written here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

People need to slow down. It's your job to slow them down. Contained herein are some clever strategies for doing just that... upon completing the bit of reading, you too can be a sand bagger.

We will begin with the easiest way of accomplishing this- simply drive slowly. This requires absolutely no strategy and can prove quite effective in spreading a feeling of slow leisure and relaxation to those drivers stuck behind you who are undoubtedly demonstrating their need for a change in attitude. Too often drivers are so fixated on getting to point "B" as quickly as possible they are completely lost on the beautiful scenery that they are motoring through. It's your job to bless them with this awakening.

Other methods of sandbagging require some strategy to pull off, but when done properly are moving works of art, to be admired by other motorists and the victims alike. I will begin detailing the strategies with the category of selective signaling. In the "spirit of the law" one's turn signal is a means of communicating intent to other drivers. For example, using the right-hand indicator to telegraph an expected right-hand turn onto another road- so that cars that might be waiting at the stop sign can proceed without waiting. This just will not do... proper sandbagging is accomplished by waiting until your car is physically negotiating the turn onto the road until a signal is used (if at all). That way, cars that stand idling at the intersection have to wait for you to enter the street before they can go. An additional bonus is won if they could have made it out of the intersection had you signaled- the delay created by your lack of communication can allow other cars using the same road to get close enough to prevent the motorist from exiting the intersection after you've made your turn. This I like to think of as passing the baton, where you create the opportunity for the next motorist to continue hemming in the victim of the delay you've created.

Another method of signal sandbagging is performed at stop lights in heavy traffic. Specifically it is when you are waiting at a red light and intending to turn left. This works best when there is the absence of a left turn arrow and the road is designed without a left turn lane. This teamwork sandbag can work even when there are two travel lanes in each direction if there is enough moving traffic to prevent people from escaping around you to the right- it is performed as follows: begin at the red light where you will be turning left. There must be oncoming traffic sufficient to keep you from making your turn- do not signal. Wait until the traffic light turns green; move forward into the intersection, stop, THEN indicate your intent to turn left. This will inform everyone trapped behind you why they will be waiting through another light cycle- because aggressive drivers escape to the right not allowing them to untrap themselves. Many will show their appreciation with cheerful monotone serenades on their horns and the special motorist hand signal to you saying they think you're number "one". This is your reward indicating that you were wildly successful.

Modern technology and evil civil engineers are tirelessly working to thwart today's sand bagger but you can still hone your art by using a modern tweak of the traffic light to your advantage. Roads are being widened, incorporating turn lanes and modern traffic signals are being built with turn arrows. These setups are frequently equipped with sensing devices that meter exactly how long to delay giving a green light to oncoming traffic allowing left turning traffic to escape. You can use this to your advantage. Generally a one to two second delay in the flow of turning traffic is enough of a gap to continue the cycle, stopping left turning traffic and giving the green to oncoming motorists. Simply wait one or two seconds after the car in front of you starts before you begin to move forward. As you pass beneath the traffic signal, the turn arrow should be amber and just turning as red as the faces of the appreciative drivers behind you. Watch for "you're number ONE" and a horn serenade as you escape and they are blessed with the gift of patience. Often an extremely aggressive motorist or two will play "tagalong" and tailgate you through the light. Don't worry, they just want to participate in the parade that you will be grand marshaling by resorting to the first method mentioned here. Their car horns will provide the slow marching music so that pedestrians can appreciate all you are doing. After all, doesn't everyone like a parade?

A skilled sand bagger can hold up multiple lanes simply by creative car positioning in the commission of any of the above intersection methods. Act as though you're lost and block both lanes when turning left. Alternately signal right then left, creating real confusion behind you. The drivers will sandbag themselves because no one in his right mind wants to drive into what you're trying to create.

Today's stressful busy life screams for a peaceful, calm influence and you as a motorist can spread this special form of happiness that everyone can enjoy. I bid you farewell and happy motoring!

Interesting... by: stinkfoot on July 27, 2007, 4:12 am

I'm getting a decidedly chilly dynamic from a few of the familiar members at this site. I wonder why? I am free to guess I suppose but does it really affect me? Not unless I allow it! Nearly everybody wants to be liked and I suppose I do as well- at least to some degree. Other people are certainly going to make judgments about me if they have a mind to. It is interesting how a person who is quick to converse and act like a friend will abruptly cease- presumably in defense of a mutual friend. In one sense I ought to respect the loyalty shown to the mutual friend but on the same token there are two sides to every story and while I'm definitely the villain this time around I'm left wondering if the presumed friendship was conditional on my being a perfect person.

Re: Interesting... by: LuckyStripe on July 27, 2007, 10:49 pm

Ohhhhh this sounds very very interesting. Tell me more. :D Haha...nosey bitch here!

bark at the moon.... by: stinkfoot on July 29, 2007, 6:13 pm

Posted Image

Time passages. by: stinkfoot on August 14, 2007, 2:11 pm

I've returned from a week long vacation in Maine. It was a nice visit with family- spent some quality time with my younger sister and her husband. A shock awaited my return to work. The bomb dropped after I commented on the conspicuous absence of a co-worker who had been working the past month in the stripping/flat packing section of the die cutting department. Apparently Brandon hung himself After he got home from work Thursday the 2nd... which was my last day of work before vacation. I recall that he appeared to be quite drunk- it had struck me that he seemed a bit out of control but he was in reasonably good spirits. As near as anyone can figure this was over a girlfriend. I guess he showed her.

You have to be a little crazy... by: stinkfoot on August 26, 2007, 4:55 pm

To get by in this world and hang onto a little sanity. I couldn't be more serious here. That little crazy facet that most people have is like the population of good bacteria that live in our digestive systems. Too much psychotherapy is like too heavy a dose of antibiotics... it clears the environment of a necessary evil that otherwise serves as a tool to deal with invasive elements that, if left unchecked, will consume us. "Crazy" is the eyeglass that helps us comprehend. Enough of this crazy talk... I'm not really qualified to expound on psychological issues- my qualifications are strictly organic... my understanding is psycho-illogical. It's not my territory. I'm very protective of my territory- but I believe everyone is. Concepts, ideas, ideologies, advice... all are territories and the battles for them play out on these forums as surely as invasion type wars unfold in history. I came here with the rather naive concept of connecting with like-minded people. What I've stumbled upon is jealousy waged as a war of ideology... and not between conflicting mindsets- but more a battle to establish that it is MY idea... MY advice... MY cool head that settles things and has everyone joining hands, singing "Kum Ba Yah". It's funny how an interjection I posted in a thread that has degenerated into an insult fest was trumped by another "cool head" who asserted their role as peace keeper; posting what is in effect agreement with my response but without any acknowledgment of my post. It's basically them jockeying for the esteemed status of peacemaker and I had stepped into their jealously guarded territory. And we wonder why the peace movement is doomed. It's really quite funny; it's certainly somewhat ironic and it's just a little bit crazy.

Oh my.... by: LuckyStripe on August 30, 2007, 3:42 pm

I'm not even gonna ask what THAT entry is about.... :hugs:

Clarification of the previous entry... by: stinkfoot on August 30, 2007, 4:21 pm

It's about why I think the peace movement- and any real political change not perpetuated by large-scale economic disaster is doomed. The neo-cons are smart in that when an ignorant, uneducated supporter makes his or her voice heard, they do not dish out insults and illuminate the lack of information... they know the numbers are more important than proving to everyone how much smarter they are than a naive voice of endorsement. I can't say the same for those who post here, calling for protests. I see alot of bashing going on where younger, relatively naive people who are looking to re-ignite a summer of love type of movement are getting flamed by more informed proponents of protest and change- who seem more interested in displaying their superior knowledge than in bolstering their numbers- which is something that will raise more eyebrows than an extremely well informed minority. It's easy to marginalize a small number- and those who are attacked for their supposed ignorance are fairly likely to switch camps as they get older. If one's experience with the protest movement is along the lines of character assassination then one is less likely to object when the vocally informed are thrown in prisons and branded "enemy combatants" under vague anti-terrorism legislation packaged as patriotic. Conservatives know how to play the ignorant masses like a Stratovarius. By unleashing snotty, elitist "more informed than thou" attitudes, proponents for protest and change are dooming their cause and quite possibly placing the future of their freedom in jeopardy.

OK... I have to come clean, it's confession time... by: stinkfoot on August 31, 2007, 6:46 pm

I'm a junkie. I've had this problem for nearly thirty years. It all began when I was 16... during summer vacation. I got my first taste of it... it really wasn't much. I did some really dirty stuff for it, but I had the assurance that if I continued performing loathsome tasks I'd have a steady supply. It was a beginning but I found I had an appetite that seemed to outgrow the supply. It occurred to me as my addiction progressed that this was integral in the design of my relationship with one pusher after another, that the supply not quite meet my growing "need".. that my dependence not quite be quenched. I had to confront my addiction to this problem substance and the unhealthy relationship it formed with me and the suppliers. My need for it continued to grow, no amount seemed to be enough for me. At one point I kept two suppliers because I couldn't get enough from just one. At this point, I've managed to get a steady supply from one source but I'd really, REALLY like to get more because I don't know what I'll do if I should run out. Luckily, I've been hoarding a little here and a little there and keep a stash... well, I can't tell you where. I keep the particulars a secret because other addicts want what I have and would stop at nothing to take mine away from me if they knew where I kept it. As bad as my issue is, there are many who are worse off. They are consumed with the almost obsessive hoarding of the stuff even though they already have an enormous supply... and their addiction is so complete that even though they have more than they need they won't share even a little. The real hard core addicts would kill to protect the tiniest amount from finding its way in to the wrong hands. This substance really changes people. They lose themselves - the stuff leaves them shadows of the people they once were. Like most folks hooked on it, I see myself as a hopeless case- I'll probably never break the addictive cycle that has me caught in the perpetual web of the addiction- doing distasteful, demeaning tasks for the pusher- which most people refer to as their "job"... in pursuit of my obsessive hoarding of the substance, also called money. I have to do this because the mother of all addicts, known as the government, requires that I hand over a cut of my share, known as income tax. When will the addictive cycle be broken?

Re: OK... I have to come clean, it's confession time... by: LuckyStripe on September 1, 2007, 9:55 pm

Hehe...that's funny.... I threw money out my car door before. ! :D

Re: OK... I have to come clean, it's confession time... by: crazylegs on September 9, 2007, 3:17 pm

Wow! Great analogy!

A nugget of philosophy... by: stinkfoot on September 14, 2007, 5:43 am

I'm watching a program on MSNBC... an interview of a former pentecostal evangelist and am witnessing some of my very private ideas that run contrary to traditional Christian dogma being validated... specifically about heaven and hell. The earth was created as a heaven and people are converting it to a hell. What kind of a God would cast millions of starving people from third world countries into the eternal fire just because they had never been exposed to the so-called gospel... that they had never enrolled in the hateful, divisive clique known as Christianity? Food for thought- that if God had sacrificed his son to save the world wouldn't that be defined as at least a partial failure in the event that not all in the world were to cash in on that redemption? It seems to support that biblical scare tactics are authored by men with the intent of adding a measure of predictability to the behavior of the relatively ignorant masses- that their loyalty and to some extend their financial resources be harnessed for a central purpose... largely to benefit a few people in a place of authority. Religion is a tool of control.

Re: OK... I have to come clean, it's confession time... by: liguana on September 17, 2007, 3:18 am

wow i wish i was your pusher... then you could do demeaning tasks for me :X

Is... by: stinkfoot on September 18, 2007, 4:23 pm

...the Fountain of Patience fed by the Sea of Grow the Fuck Up?

Re: Is... by: Nyxx on September 20, 2007, 7:05 am

Hey Stinkfoot...how the hell are ya? So what do you think of Dan Rather suing CBS? Rupert Murdoch will probably put a hit out on him. Anyway, I wonder how many average Americans realize that General Electric owns NBC and they make so much $$$$ off the war in Iraq (GE). What is going on? I feel like I woke up in some screwy alternate universe...where everyone is asleep or numb. PEACE

Re: Is... by: LuckyStripe on September 21, 2007, 9:51 am

that hurts my brain but i love it :D

I habba code.. by: stinkfoot on September 26, 2007, 5:28 am

It's lubbly. By doze is stbbed ub add rudding. I'be bed sdeezig all day. Head codes are so buch fud. Wheeeee!

The big, big, BIG news is.... by: stinkfoot on October 8, 2007, 4:06 am

...NO NEWS!! Ha ha. The respiratory virus I was enjoying as of my last entry is long gone. The outpouring of support and sympathy was really heartwarming... it gets me right.... (finds spot near middle of chest) ....there! Actually it wasn't very much of a cold- 48 hours of head cold then an attempt to relocate to a vacancy in my bronchial tubes for a day- your typical sneeze and wheeze combo. I bounce back pretty quickly most times. I wonder if it's any coincidence that it hit me during a two-week break from lifting to let my shoulders and lower back rest? The world may never know. It's Sunday night- usually a prelude to another work week but I have Monday off. this week... which is pretty sweet considering that my normal work week is only four days to begin with. So what exactly have I accomplished with all this extra time? Nothing. I only left the apartment once to get food and a few other off items... which is a bit odd since we had really summer like weather Friday and Saturday... even today was pretty warm. My energy hasn't been the greatest despite re-starting my lifting- probably because sleep is shit most nights. Despite energy and sleep problems I find myself somewhat less prone to feeling depressed these days. Perhaps the relatively recent discipline of limiting the access I allow to my emotional switches has something to do with it... or I'm just another ticking time bomb waiting for the next opportunity to go off. I don't really think that's it though. I know very intimately what anger control issues are all about- and while I'm sure at times in my younger adult life I was fertile grounds for a diagnosis for depression and subsequent prescription for the latest wonder drug I've arrived at the conclusion that many out there who cower behind a comfy label of a disorder diagnosis by a medical field thirsty for profits could effect their own "cures" by practicing a time-tested practice of self discipline. People are being bred to feel entitled to convenience... that any incidental intrusion of inconvenience is grounds for a lawsuit... or worse. The things that used to be looked at as areas one needed to work harder than most on are now diagnosed as disorders for which a pill can be prescribed. The concept that some people just have to try a little harder than most to achieve some things has gotten lost in the mix. It's no longer Junior's responsibility to sit still and pay attention, that task is now in the court of Mr. Ritalin. And Johnny no longer has to work at controlling his temper... he's now bipolar... and could I have that in writing, doctor? It might come in handy should he ever become inconvenienced by some troublesome "murder trial". My recent head cold was very inconvenient for me... it caused great pain and suffering- not to mention mental anguish... and it made me sneeze. My red nose was very disfiguring. I think I can use that as an excuse to camp out on the roof of my work with a rifle -eh? The mental anguish just pushed me over the edge... oh wait, I've been over the virus for a week. Maybe some skillful lawyering and creative diagnosing could land me temporary insanity because of "Delay Onset Post Congestion Stress Disorder". Either that or find and sue the person who gave me the cold in the first place.

Doctor, heal thyself... by: stinkfoot on October 22, 2007, 12:43 am

I need to take a heaping dose of my own medicine tomorrow... Work has been hell lately; after two rounds of layoffs there are barely enough people to get the work done. It is almost physically impossible for me to successfully complete my responsibilities- I break my ass every night- often skipping breaks and it's becoming obvious to me that those who stand to gain most from my efforts couldn't care less that I have to work as hard as I do to meet their expectations. It's clear I have to practice not allowing the stress affect my mood. Damn, but it's way easier to dispense that good advice than it is to take it.

Re: Doctor, heal thyself... by: LuckyStripe on October 26, 2007, 3:28 am

awww that sucks... stress is a bitch. haha, you KNOW i know that... anyways you know the deal- excercise, sleeping well, eating well, meditation.... also if things at work continue to be that bad, is there anyone you could talk to about it in a non-whiney way (not that i have to tell you how to bring things up/discuss things... you're good at that)? :)

Virtual telemetry by: stinkfoot on November 12, 2007, 4:48 am

Nothing really earth-shattering has happened in the past month or so but like old-fashioned satellites shot into space that emit a regular beep as proof that they exist but serve no other useful function. Work still sucks... it finds creative new ways of sucking. The owners are virtuosos of the art of sucking. I have tomorrow off, however- and I'm sure there will be ample heaps of hell to await me the other three days to more than compensate for the bonus holiday. That's okay because I have the entire week of Thanksgiving off. Ha*fucking*ha! Highlights for the past intervening time period- mostly the accomplishments of others: The Red Sox won the World Series; the Patriots have thus far run the table through nine games. I'm still solvent. Yay me.

Turkey day approaches... by: stinkfoot on November 20, 2007, 8:07 pm

...and I shall be on the road north soon. A visit with family and eat some turkey. Gotta work on living in the moment. Some things don't come easy. Happy thanksgiving anyone reading this.

new entry by: stinkfoot on December 19, 2007, 4:31 pm

It's been awhile... much going on but not time to chronicle the details... for now. Work, family, holiday, rest, character, spirit... Hope everyone has a memorable holiday.

A rant sent in to a local publication... by: stinkfoot on January 28, 2008, 3:16 am

I'm reading my latest issue of the Reminder News and find myself reflecting on how to process information furnished to me- not only from this paper but through other publications as well as the electronic media. The article in question is the car review for the Volkswagen's R32 and above the first column is the header "Frugal Rabbit". The author, Bill Heald, would like me to think of the small, not unattractive car pictured as an economical choice. As I peruse through paragraph after paragraph of accolades I'm finding myself wondering exactly what Mr. Heald's definition of "frugal" is... certainly it cannot be the base price of $32,990- unless I'm in the habit of shopping at Jaguar or Mercedes dealerships- this number best approximates what I gross each year as an anonymous manufacturing lackey for a local printing and box plant. My automotive choices are more toward the domestic crop. Then I consider that perhaps Mr. Heald's allusion to economy is a reference to its manner of consuming petrochemicals. I continue to read. About a third of the way through the article there is indeed a reference to fuel economy but I must wade though a verbal love-in before I get the numbers: 18 MPG city/23 highway. I go back and reread, "Frugal Rabbit" then further digest 18/23. Am I to believe that 18/23 for fuel consumption is a realistic definition of "frugal" for a small car? If I'm to take Bill Heald at his word then I'm to accept the assumption that 18 MPG is a reasonable standard of economy for driving around town getting groceries and whatnot. With gasoline exacting a greatly increasing portion of my weekly budget I'd hope that any mileage number characterized as frugal would be considerably higher. Perhaps our State and Federal budgets rely on a certain level of useage when taxes are assessed per gallon but I would prefer to use my own yardstick to define what I consider frugal and not permit folks who are behaving as corporate shills to do my thinking for me. The problem isn't really with Mr. Heald or other people charged with the task of cooking information for my intellectual digestion- the problem lies with people willing to accept that data without questioning the assumptions behind it. I present the war in Iraq. Often I hear media news outlets refer to it as part of the war on terror. But wait- wasn't the link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11 disproved? Wasn't it concluded that there were in fact no weapons of mass destruction? Hadn't the Hussein government rebuffed Al Quaeda when approached about the opportunity to be in the front lines against "western imperialism" by hosting training camps for terrorist cells? That should certainly lead most to question why we are spending so much money prosecuting a war- the reason for which has become increasingly blurred. Surely if we're on a mission to overthrow repressive dictators there are others at least as deserving as the late Saddam Hussein. The answer must be in the oil fields. Our breach of another country's sovereignty appears to be little more than an armed insurrection in order to secure its biggest resource so that the supply can be controlled and the price manipulated... mostly upward. Osama Bin Laden did the current administration a huge favor when it inspired the general population to stop questioning policy decisions- basically granting a blank check to do whatever it wanted to do- regardless of cost... in the name of freedom and patriotism. Essentially we've invaded a country and worked to manipulate the supply of crude to help spike not only the price of that commodity but also the price of the motor fuel refined from it- gasoline. Now automotive reviewers would have me believe that 18 MPG is a standard for frugal- NOT for a land yacht SUV or Hummer, but of the lowly, VW Rabbit.

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Yesterday... by: stinkfoot on February 1, 2008, 1:44 pm

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Bless you. :)

Re: Yesterday... by: warmhandedcanadian on February 11, 2008, 4:46 am

you sick?

Re: Yesterday... by: stinkfoot on February 11, 2008, 4:53 pm

Not anymore but thanks for asking, Jess. I actually kicked the cold pretty quickly but it hit me in the nose and sinuses pretty damned hard. I had what amounted to a day and a half sneezing spell.

Re: Yesterday... by: rebelfight420 on February 15, 2008, 2:11 am

?You're going to find faults in just about every "hero"... the key is to accept them for what they accomplished.? A lavish civil war and the slaughter of 620,000 lives and the totally future impoverishment of the southern ports and cities. The total eradication or genocide of the plains Indians reflect what he has accomplished. ?Mr. Lincoln's attitude reflected the culture and times he lived in.? He in point of fact proposed a constitutional modification that sheltered slavery; he mentioned it in his earliest inaugural address. He sought to send blacks back to Africa; these were not mainstream held opinions. If the character of politicians is not deemed a character flaw because of the times in which the person lives, and by this I mean if the opinion is a majority held fact then I could say the same for Hitler?s hatred for the Jews which was a mass held opinion. ?Had he been as staunch a proponent for the abolition of slavery it's very doubtful he'd have gotten very far in politics.? Then we could only hope he was. ?The problem isn't so much the fact that important historic figures had severe character flaws by today's standards,? These were character flaws in any time setting. ?The problem rests with an education/indoctrination/propaganda machine which insists on sanitizes these people and places them on pedestals without taking the time to teach that they were products of the world in which they grew up. Spit-polishing Abraham Lincoln in high school history text books not only does many young minds injustice by assuming that they are incapable of discerning a line of bullshit, but also jeopardizes what little integrity that the educational system has when young people still within the system wake up to the fact that much of what they are being taught is calculated not to enrich their minds with new concepts and enable them to think freely, but to predetermine how they reason out political matters and to perpetuate a sense of powerlessness when they art programmed to assume that the government stands for all that is good and right. Ideally, revolutionary change should begin now... outside of school where students who actually give a shit form "study groups" and independently ferret out actual fact and teach themselves to be able to sift through the mass produced garbage that's being force fed under the laughable category of education. When a full generation emerges clad in caps and gowns bearing a diploma that actually belies their willingness to think for themselves then the seeds for real change have been successfully sown. It wasn't Abraham Lincoln who failed us all by not living up to the ideals cooked up to characterize him posthumously, it's those who created the false Lincoln and labeled it as textbook fact when the person they created was about as far-fetched as Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy, that are more deserving of the poison pen (which would be an excellent journal title for you!).? We are in basic solidarity here. P.S. I am not trying to start an online altercation I was just putting down my thoughts which you know is my main hobby. Oh yea and put this comment in the right place.

If I remember correctly, it has been two weeks.... by: stinkfoot on February 18, 2008, 3:15 am

I've kept the brain sucking monster box attached to the end of a coaxial cable off-- with the exception of an hour or so on weekdays so I can get the weather. It wasn't exactly a commitment or anything- I haven't officially decided to stop watching television but since I talk about behavioral addictions and things like T.V. and junk food being in the same category as marijuana, I'd best prove to myself that I'm not brain addicted to it. The theory is that without that electronic hypnosis at work I'll actually accomplish a little more and so far that hasn't exactly panned out. I guess that magic bullet theory about changing my rather profound laziness hasn't panned out- probably because it will take more to undo decades of conditioning. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just an inert shell- a shadow of what I once never was. Ah well- I still use oxygen and take up space.

What a pretentious load of shit... by: stinkfoot on March 4, 2008, 4:43 pm

...this journal is. No really, it is. Yet another entry. I live in Connecticut... known conversely as either the nutmeg state or the constitution state. I'm starting to look at it as the stuck up state. There must be an additive in the air or water that makes folks here act like self-important, uncivil assholes. It gets tiring to deal with and makes me think that going off to an isolated place and living alone is the best life choice for me. I understand that I'm the common denominator in this interpersonal crud and there's some innate mannerism or aura/energy that seems to evoke antisocial behavior from others but being set in my ways, I'll be damned if I'm going to make wholesale changes in my manner/personality now. I'm just to goddamned hard wired at this stage in the game.

Pharmaceutical Companies- listen up! by: stinkfoot on March 14, 2008, 9:20 pm

I have a sure fire cure for happiness should there ever prove to be a market for it. This prophylaxis of pleasure, this hindrance to happiness, this bliss blockage of a pill I must take daily is called work. Work is a drug that effectively battles the ravages of sanity and wages an enduring assault on bliss- whose symptoms include the unsightly upturning of the corners of an afflicted person's mouth. Health professionals have named this facial aberration a "smile" Work has an effective therapy to combat an acute case of the smiles with a remarkably effective ingredient called "stupidity'. This week, me and my coworkers have been receiving a most powerful course of treatment. A bit of background about my work... it's a small, family run printing and box making entity and has managed to remain in business for more than forty years. As with many companies, mine features a computer system... a communications, work reporting, sales, payroll, and all-around design and development tool with a centralized, large capacity server with a network of computers, most which depend on the server being up and running in order to function. The networking and work reporting software was state of the art when Ronald Reagan had taken the oath of office his first time. The main server is nearly as old. Monday, all the computers in the plant suddenly froze. I went upstairs to the offices to investigate and found the owner emerging from his office. I asked him, "Is there a problem with the server?" to which he replied, "Yup, it just went down, can't you smell it?" I noted a faint odd, electrical burning odor. At this point I realized that all processes that relied on information being passed through the network were going to be dead in the water for a period of time... at least a couple days. Word later filters down that the owner is meeting with a programmer to fix the problem. A PROGRAMMER???!??!!! How the FUCK is coding going to mitigate THIS situation?? Computer failures that are accompanied by BURNING smells are not corrected by MOTHER FUCKING SOFTWARE and the only GODDAMNED CODE that you're going to need is the AREA CODE and PHONE NUMBER of the nearest dealer in new computer HARDWARE! A fresh stack of ones and zeroes isn't going to un-fry the piece of shit server. Realizing that, I drafted and printed out a suggestion to our plant manager that arrangements be made that satellite computers, which are alive and functioning, can transfer files to an alternative medium (writable CD, Zip disks, etc.) and walked to other systems that need the information but are unable access data normally retrieved through the network and server that are suddenly MIA due to main computer's uncanny imitation of a toaster oven. This way, resources may be put to some use and skilled personnel can have something to do besides walking around with their thumbs up their asses. I was thanked for my suggestion but it was shot down Tuesday as "cumbersome". Meanwhile the Tuesday miracle resurrection of a server failed to materialize. Big. Fucking. Surprise. A suggestion, which if acted upon would have potentially brought processes back to their feet, albeit at a slower pace, was shot down as cumbersome. Apparently idling your manufacturing, ensuring that now, three days and counting worth of business is going to be late DOESN'T meet the criteria of cumbersome. I'll tell you what's REALLY cumbersome is being subjected to the dictates of someone whose proctologist is puzzling over finding dandruff during the examination. I mean, with all the rage of multi-tasking the least Mr. Manager could do is check himself for polyps as long as he's going to have his head up there. I suppose I ought not judge the plant manager too harshly as he's basically the owner's lap dog yes man. The owner is an idiot savante who has remarkable skill at building small machines that seal blister packages but the man is blissfully un-endowed with common sense. He dwells within a universe where physical law differs from that which exists here on Planet Reality. That wouldn't be so bad if he didn't make his warped sense a matter of company policy. He personally engineered and supervised a waste disposal conversion from compaction to baling... including a complex conveyor system whose route from machine to baler includes two ninety degree turns and two inclines that exceed 45 degrees. One of the lengths of incline is completely enclosed. It has already been demonstrated that scrap that is on this two-ticket thrill ride reaches the base of the incline section and rolls back on itself because the conveyor is set up too steep... but by summertime we're going to be using this arrangement that makes Rube Goldberg look like a fucking engineering genius. The system is set to convey scrap from under the machines out through a hole cut through the outside wall and dumps the scrap onto a second conveyor set at a right angle which will carry the waste along the outside wall for about 60 feet then for the last six feet inclines over twelve feet to another right angle dump onto a third conveyor which conveys back inside the building through a second hole in the wall then elevates over eight feet on a horizontal distance of four feet to a position above the baler where it dumps the waste. This system is the envy of cartoonists around the world and there's no amount of pixie dust that's going to make it work... PLUS the enclosed outside section will need some lucky stiff to crawl commando style inside the enclosure in order to deal with the inevitable jams that will occur on a daily basis. It is at this time that I'd like to mention that we have a significant recurring hornet problem during the summer. The man at the top also apparently has some rather unique assumptions concerning human anatomy as he expects me to pull machine setups out of my ass. Maybe he'd like to pull a new server out of his because as of Thursday, the computer was still down. While a remedy for a complete technical breakdown eludes our managerial dream team an effective treatment for a nagging sense of well being has not.

First shot of the years... by: stinkfoot on April 5, 2008, 6:59 pm

Wednesday evening light show. The new method will require a somewhat different brand of patience but could yield far better results.

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Re: First shot of the years... by: angel.love on April 6, 2008, 1:49 am

That picture is amazing.

Old cars and limiting petrochemical robbery by: stinkfoot on April 25, 2008, 5:10 pm

It's an odd realization being aware of the fact that I reside under a criminal regime in the United States. It isn't limited to the war crimes taking place overseas either- as if that isn't bad enough. This crime, being committed in part by big oil is enabled by the criminal congressional foot dragging that forces anyone wanting to drive to pay inflated pump prices that oil companies are gouging us with. I drive a 12 year old car. The machine may have seen better days but it still runs fairly well. It's a smaller four cylinder car and with normal driving habits has delivered and average of 23 or 24 miles per gallon. Most folks would say that is fairly respectable mileage but I'm not exactly satisfied with that rate of consumption coming from a four-banger... especially with several decades since the last big "gas crisis" bringing the concept of economy to the forefront of automotive consciousness. Granted, both the oil crunch of the mid-70's as well as the current problem are artificially created, both with the intent of driving prices up for the singular purpose of making a few people obscenely rich- that at the expense of so many. Bear in mind, that the U.S. led coalition is in Iraq- not to overthrow a brutal dictator and liberate its citizens, not to uncover and destroy stockpiled weapons of mass destruction, and not to seek out and destroy terrorist training cells- but to prevent a country that was brought to its knees by Desert Storm in '92 from raising revenue needed to rebuild by flooding the market with crude oil effectively driving the price down and imperiling the very precious profits of some of the biggest lobbies in Washington D. C. and the personal fortunes of many Senators and Representatives whose job it is to represent OUR interests. Yeah, right.... They're seeing to it that we feed their greed. It struck me that I haven't been getting optimal efficiency from my car because of my driving habits. Now, I'm not exactly a speeder but I've long valued my car's ability to get out of it's on way so to speak. While hard acceleration can come in handy from time to time dealing with intersections and merging, much of the time it's hardly necessary. Lately I've been deliberately gentle with the engine taking my time to get up to speed. Granted, this has created a measure of frustration with less patient motorists with the misfortune to be behind me but I'll be damned if I'll let them determine how I burn a fuel that is being used to gouge hard earned money from me. Last night I calculated my mileage to be a tad over 27 miles per gallon. Clearly I can't stop the oil companies from robbing me with the assistance and wink of approval from the government but I can limit to some degree how deep their hands dig into my pockets. Meanwhile, it's high time to begin educating regular folks to the fact that their government is operating as a criminal organization- conspiring to ensure that the big business buddies who are so well connected can force us to pay whatever they damned well please for food, medicine, fuel, heat. People need to become radicalized... the criminals who enjoy fat salaries and cushy lifestyles as a reward for forging policies that make it convenient for the bigger fish in the economic pond to rob middle America blind. People need to WAKE THE FUCK UP! Until people realize that their excesses and greed will imperil their freedom they will continue rob you.

How fucking out of touch can the administration possibly be??? by: stinkfoot on April 25, 2008, 11:46 pm

(From http://voanews.com/english/2008-04-25-voa41.cfm)

Bush Renews US Commitment to Fight Malaria in Africa
By Scott Stearns
White House
25 April 2008

Stearns report - Download (MP3) audio clip
Stearns report - Listen (MP3) audio clip

U.S. President George Bush marked Malaria Awareness Day by renewing America's commitment to turning the tide against malaria in Africa. VOA White House Correspondent Scott Stearns has the story.

President Bush says it is a day to remember those who have died from malaria, especially the children who have lost their lives to a disease spread by a mosquito bite. But Mr. Bush says it is also a day of hope.

President Bush speaks about Malaria awareness while touring the Northwest Boys and Girls Club in Hartford, Connecticut, 25 Apr 2008
President Bush speaks about Malaria awareness while touring the Northwest Boys and Girls Club in Hartford, Connecticut, 25 Apr 2008
"Nations once trapped in fear because of malaria are now tackling malaria head on," he said. "And they are doing so with our help. It is a day of hope, because more Americans are recognizing the timeless truth: to whom much is given, much is required."

Mr. Bush spoke at a youth center in the Northeast state of Connecticut. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America have raised about $25,000 to buy more than 2,500 bed nets for families in Africa.

The World Health Organization says the effects of malaria account for 20 percent of deaths among African children. More than one million people die from the effects of the disease each year, and bed nets are an inexpensive way to slash the number of people infected.

The president's five-year, $1.2 billion malaria initiative aims to cut malaria-related deaths by half in 15 African countries by distributing insecticide-treated bed nets, expanding indoor insecticide spraying, and providing drugs to those in need.

The malaria initiative launched in 2005 was a centerpiece of the president's February trip to Africa. He highlighted the program's impact on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar where infant infection rates fell from 20 percent to less than one percent in two years.

Mr. Bush said it is an act of compassion that also advances America's security interests. "From experience, we understand that the terrorists and extremists can only find fertile recruiting grounds where they find hopelessness," he said. "Their ideology is so backwards, so distorted, so hateful nobody really wants to follow it unless you are so hopeless that it becomes appealing. And so the best way to defeat this ideology of hate is with acts of compassion and love."

The United States is the leading contributor to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria with about $2.5 billion contributed so far.

At last year's G8 summit, Mr. Bush got other leading industrialized nations to commit to cutting malaria deaths by half in an additional 15 countries. The president said he will diplomatically hold other leaders to that promise at this year's G8 summit in Japan.

While the rich continue to inflict fiscal violence on the working class, the United States continues to prosecute an illegal war to ensure that the highest crude oil producing corner of the globe remains unstable and the resource remains priced through the stratosphere; ensuring that big oil continues to gouge record profits from the pockets of the working poor, and the economy teeters on the brink of total collapse, Monkey Dubya McFuckFace's zoo handlers have the hand that is jammed up his ass animating him for speeches talk about MALARIA!

WHY THE FUCK isn't there a lynch mob en route to the White House to hang the racketeer criminal conspirators who have sold out the freedom to pursue happiness, are reducing the working class to paid slavery, and turned what once was a respectable reputation in the world to laughing stock status?

Something I submitted to a free local community paper... by: stinkfoot on May 1, 2008, 3:04 pm

I read and hear complaints about the cost of living shooting through the roof and those gripes are valid in my opinion. The problem is the system in which we function. Capitalism is a for profit system and everything operating within it exists primarily to make money for a very few people... NOT to feed, clothe, or shelter you. It's a good system, but like most it has disadvantages. We enable our own impoverishment by not making ourselves heard when rules are bent to serve the few elite. By not educating ourselves about politics and business we empower those who financially oppress us. We allow our government to start a war to restrict the flow of crude and keep the price high. This makes the politically connected richer and us poorer. We do nothing when laws are passed forcing most to pay ridiculous profits on pharmaceuticals by outlawing our buying from Canada. Every social and financial problem we face is there because we enabled it in one way or another. It isn't enough to clean house in Washington, we need to make those who are supposed to represent us keep the promises they make to get into office. Otherwise we have only ourselves to blame when things go sour. If we don't involve ourselves in our community we can't expect our needs to be met. Get involved. Stay involved.

Re: Old cars and limiting petrochemical robbery by: redyelruc on May 1, 2008, 3:54 pm

Well Stinkfoot, your journal is a wondrous piece of social commentary. I especially love the entries where you are angry. It seems to bring out the best in your writing. The fact that you put so much consideration into a thing as seemingly unimportant as your acceleration is inspiring. You seem like somebody who really considers your actions and their consequences. You're a talented writer and evidently a responsible human being. More power to you. Peace, A.

Theme music complements of TMBG.... by: stinkfoot on May 31, 2008, 1:53 am

Song: Kiss Me Son of God Album: Lincoln I built a little empire out of some crazy garbage Called the blood of the exploited working class But they've overcome their shyness Now they're calling me Your Highness And a world screams, "Kiss me, Son of God" I destroyed a bond of friendship and respect Between the only people left who'd even look me in the eye Now I laugh and make a fortune Off the same ones that I tortured And a world screams, "Kiss me, Son of God" I look like Jesus, so they say But Mr. Jesus is very far away Now you're the only one here who can tell me if it's true That you love me and I love me I built a little empire out of some crazy garbage Called the blood of the exploited working class But they've overcome their shyness Now they're calling me Your Highness And a world screams, "Kiss me, Son of God" Yes a world screams, "Kiss me, Son of God"

Boo fucking hoo by: stinkfoot on June 3, 2008, 4:04 pm

edited... time passages and no point in dwelling on what is fated to be history. A nugget of wisdom to ponder: You can't just shut off a friendship cold unless it didn't exist in the first place. Happiness is a journey... walk it continuously and conduct yourself in a way that doesn't obstruct a friend's path toward happiness- otherwise something of great potential beauty can get snuffed out very quickly. Peace people.

Finding how the new journal works... by: stinkfoot on June 4, 2008, 5:21 pm

Testing the interface to see... EDIT... And finding out that my journal may be fated to being one immense entry! :) S'okay...

by: stinkfoot on June 6, 2008, 4:35 pm

Are there changes I need to know about? Inquiring minds want to know.

by: Skip on June 6, 2008, 4:38 pm

You must create a NEW ENTRY using the NEW JOURNAL ENTRY button, not the REPLY button on an existing entry.

by: stinkfoot on June 6, 2008, 4:48 pm

I don't seem to have a NEW JOURNAL ENTRY button. I feel a bit like Stevie Wonder after a visit from his redecorator. Oh wait... the link at the top!!!! I can see!! I can see!!!! It's a miracle!!!