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Breathing by: oldwolf on March 15, 2005, 4:48 pm

.... Sometimes one breath after the next was a long time as we went beyond. Many understand that we walk beyond. The Search acquaints us with the various needs of attention, concentration, and one-pointed-ness. In learning to still the mind - things happen ...

A Hope for You... by: TattoedAquarian on March 25, 2005, 2:17 am

I hope that you find whatever it is you are searching for - that is, if you want to find it... ~ Keep writing! - So far, i enjoy your disconnected thoughts...

intresting by: Tophippygirl on March 26, 2005, 7:41 am

actually its not why the hell have you written about breathing I think most people reading it may be quite regular to the subject

LOVING YOU by: oldwolf on April 26, 2005, 12:34 am

Sometimes it's about caring, and giving in spite of - being detached enough to BE ALL that one can BE Despite what others may give you, despite bad energy - to Give Love - not just in name, but in Deed When the chips are down - in the face of adversity - we find out just WHat we give our Lives to - When there is no hope, even to survive - Who and What ARE we We Are spirit and our Connection One to All IS Love Loving You

OPENING by: oldwolf on August 18, 2005, 2:38 am

Opening Bowing Loving Being Dancing Singing Crying Being Accepting Growing Living Being I Am.... Yet Through it All Where would I be without you You who have stood by me solaced me held me close O my love of all time you Are the other side of me you are the All even as i be the one Alone no more for all is in me there for me and loving me Imperfect though I be the All supports me and helps me Grow Beyond And how often we do not honor our Connections we have stood and Grown on their efforts before us I give thanks to all my relations and Honor you All And may I be there for you too As you Grow on as well And we Become no more separate but Whole Blessed Be

Inception by: oldwolf on September 1, 2005, 12:03 am

The voice is sometimes stilled , As we come in awe of what is before us. Slowly the fog of the intellect dissapates As in stillness we dwell. And mistily - as this is the only Way it can be Seen, Growing brighter and brighter, Comes that true Self; Linked forever to the One, From which came the All. And we come back home, Adding yet more to All, Becoming Whole. What a Blessing to All, To Be yet more, As into the Beyond we go: We Are ---------------------------------------- We enhance the quality of Existence We fulfill our potential in a manner beneficial to All We seek Full Awareness, Total Cooperation and Complete Union with our GodSelf Surrounded by Love...........Mind Creates the concept Full of Love......................Desire provides the motivation Channels of Love...............Doing is the test One with Love Life is an opportunity and becomes what you make of it May the Light of Love ever Guide your Way Grow on ... Enjoy ! Peace Blessings Love

love one another by: guinea on September 28, 2005, 3:59 pm

love is the connection to all. if we all gave a little, it would add up to a lot. I give all I have to all who need. why should I enjoy this piece of bread when my brother is starving for a crumb. defending what's right? blood shed, lost lives, lost cause. wars cause darkness, love creates light.

Can You Hear by: oldwolf on November 20, 2005, 1:41 am

Ahh paying attention - Being still enough and Paying Attention Is a prerequisite to Being True to Self. For unless we can Stop long enough to Hear Just What Is Being True - How can we Do it ?

Love Grows by: oldwolf on December 11, 2005, 1:06 am

Love deeply and TRUST in each to come to their own - feed their fire to BE. There are many paradoxes and misunderstandings - and each must come to their own So with passion & desire. Both are absolutely necessary - yet attachment is inseparable from the 2. Yes the passion and desire must be so strong as to overcome All - all fears- strong enough to go on when the ego fights at every turn. Yet the ego is not an enemy - it has a job - a very important job - indispensable for life - that of separation. Without the separation there is no yin and yang - no positive, negative - and no Change. To be here we must have ego - separation from the all - enough to experience individually. So one must not be attached to the results, but be able to have the passion and desire to continue regardless of what confronts. One must always give reverend thanks for the opportunities that constantly come to us to learn and Grow - to move Beyond what we are Now to Become More. Yet we live in the Now - and the Intent is what builds and feeds the desire and passion into an all consuming flame that eats the dross out and leaves the pure gold. Often one talks in ways that must have an intuitive jump to understand - and those who would understand must lay aside the constant mind chatter and be still enough to be able to pay attention without engaging the expectations which veil What Is with what we think is supposed to be. We must be virgin - ready to experience anew - without preconceptions of what Is. And those who seem to be coming to this new - no - you have come this way before - we all have - this is what it's about here - to have enough separation and passion and desire to experience and Grow from what confronts us - not as a high master might tell you - but all eventually come to be their own authority on what they experience - without that is a rejection and denial of what Is - for we are all alone even as we are all one. 2 sides of the same coin called Existence. The I Am had to have separation to Be and creates anew with each thought individual realities in order to experience and move Beyond what Is. Change is not just a constant but a necessaity if Existence is to continue to expand. Should the experiencing and learning and growing stop, it all folds in on itself till even the 1 point of I Am is extinguished and ......... To thine own Self be true, and grow the passion, grow the thanks, grow the desire, and grow the individuality - let all experience; and stand not in the way of any's lessons; take not the opportunities for them to grow strength away from them. Love deeply and Trust in each to come to their own - feed their fire to BE. In this the All Grows and In the Wholeness each can attain to within; their individual Self come home to it's polished facet in the diamond of existence. And each facet has a beauty unsurpassed and a needed insight into the Whole. So Blessed Be - Grow On BE

peace brother by: sensamelia on January 18, 2006, 9:15 pm

wolf hell i hope youve found inner peace and harmony brother your words are from dep within peace

peace brother by: sensamelia on January 18, 2006, 9:16 pm

wolf hell i hope youve found inner peace and harmony brother your words are from dep within peace

Being and Intent by: oldwolf on March 30, 2006, 11:20 am

There have been times when simple acknowledgement of how I was Being - who and what I was showing my intent to Be by behavior that followed my intent - has been extremely important - gave me encouragement to continue in the direction of trying to become more, when by and large the environment i found myself in (y'know - the world of man and greed and denial and excuses) did not seem at all like minded. Sooo - I See you not providing excuses - I See you not defending yourself against attacks, but quietly Doing and Being that which needs no defending. I See you not attacking those that have attacked you. I wish to let you know that your growing and efforts are being Seen and show respect for what I Know is not always an easy path. For one's Intent is Not what they might say it is - it Is what one shows it is. Speaking is an action too - but unless it is backed up by deeds, then it's only purpose is to put forth nice sounding lies - or untruths - excuses and pablum to help us feel good about ourselves by believing our own lies. For Action follows Intent When the results constantly do not lead to the desired end, one must look to see what can be changed - often one's environment and who they associate with do not encourage the manifestation; and while the energy is not wasted - the results desired are not manifest. The primary goal of Being True to Self - is to not lie to yourself. Be Truthful - show it by action - Live your Truth. Be the Being you Wish to be - Respect yourSelf enough to Be All that you can Be. And yeah it is never ending - we can always find Ways to Grow Beyond - Become More. To this I give thanks - I Love the Work of Growing - and we must all become strong enough in our own Being that we can be in any evironment and be an example for others to See what It means to Be True to Self. Blessed Be All along the Way they Choose to take Blessed be the Lessons that are learned that transform mistakes May each of you Be that Being that you Know you can Be Love to All

living in the NOW by: oldwolf on April 16, 2006, 6:02 pm

Do not feel alone - so many have the challenge of trying to find ways to express what is felt in the interior depths from the Other side - out of time and space where in truth we dwell, the spirit soars and brings us messages that leave us wanting - O so sore for the heights we Know are possible. Those who wander in spirit, find places of depth within that feed us in ways and places, we did not know from what we have been taught, existed And love, that we which goes by that name, seems so paltry and inadequate - so apart from that which we hunger for, and which feeds us - even the mere shadow of it, feeds us in ways that leaves us so hungry for the greater depths those who a mystic bent strive to communicate, to share - but words are so god damn lacking Poetry serves us best and looking deep into the eyes of another, leaving aside this cloak of mortality and going deep within - deeper yet to the without - Beyond.... Ahh how can we settle for something which strokes the fires within for wanting so much More Living in the Now Living in the Now living in the Now put aside the expectations the parameters of the mind Open wide the heart and LOVE All that IS Tear it open - your heart spaces - such sweet pain yet nevertheless a tearing so deep, turning us inside out in ways that leaves us hurting beyond hurt - for More Embrace each moment - each iota of time - Bless it - for within this physical shell, we Feel, and are capable of Growing yet further in our ability to feel yet More. the Why of separation has to do with growing - and for this there must be the individual, even though it leaves us feeling so unWhole Open in vulnerability, Open in detachment - for this physical is so fleeting, and Change is ever the watchword best describing it - Yet OPEN the more widening the embrace - To BE and then Become yet More.... Moving into the Beyond - Knowing that there is More And the More IS as we always were, are, and will yet Be - for We ARE - and the words Be Still and Know I Am God become so personal and real - for in unity - we Are GOD Embracing the Now, opening to all in Love - Being O so more vulnerable than we ever thought we could ever let ourselves be This is how we bridge from the corporal to the eternal - with reverend thanks Namaste

FOCUS by: oldwolf on April 18, 2006, 11:09 am

And just what do You focus on ? So important because each and every one of us creates our own reality doing just that ! Do you see the hardship and pitfalls - do you see the wonder of where it may take you - do you focus on the beauty that procedes from any desired path - or the work it will take ? does not mean that you do not look at the steps involved but that what you end up focusing on will by and large determine the outcome. And yes we can and Do determine what we think on - what we focus on - what a wonder (and yes it does involve the work of harnessing - controlling your mind). It is the godhead that we give to ourselves and ours to choose how we use it

Starting the Jourmey by: oldwolf on July 29, 2006, 6:23 pm

High in the mountain wearily resting on a seldom used Path with a red soiled bandana round his head he rested Coming Down, striding purposfully Intense, focused, and stern Came an old man Toward the young Others Seeing the image were afraid for the young man And Worked to have it Be not Ahh family family What do ye to me Waking from the Dream Knowing from his core That the old man was me coming to join from another time But since we come to wholeness - Never really sparate you See For we are all what we have been too And we make anew this Now Blessed Be

BEING by: oldwolf on August 3, 2006, 7:12 pm

Stopping the internal dialogue I See in Thee - Me Not comparing Thee and me Healed the separation Coming to Wholeness I Know we have allways been Connected Letting Go I Am In loving - I found the strength to Be In Accepting - I found I allways was In Acting I find I Am Namaste (my Spirit Bows to your Spirit) __________________

A Case for Self by: oldwolf on September 9, 2006, 2:29 am

I come before you To plead my case though I buffoon may be you must admit a laugh or 2 it gleaned And when one stumbles often And does not quite make good Of those jobs I've placed upon myself At least dear ones Though there are tears in your eyes Some of them are from laughter Although I never applied myself Quite as full as maybe I could And though I fell often and sometimes far I got up again I got up again And I got up again My antics may have lessenened the fear That maybe I might never complete my tasks And to tell you the truth - I never will I've got a lot of Growing to learn me yet Far beyond a mere life and more Into eternity I will toil And even if some I can call complete More will I find that I have yet to learn So though I often do not succeed I plead you note that still I try Ever the fool I take that step And continue when I know not what's next. I come before you my case to plead And ask from you and you and you That may it please you to know I will carry on Long as the Being does beat Trying forever to move to More Till it may finally come That we See we have gone Beyond what was And in this Now Change has come And the Action of Love Is here to stay What once faltered on And fell again and again has grown to shine Love IS Namaste

Love IS by: oldwolf on September 14, 2006, 2:10 am

Lover ..... Friend Friendly lover lovely friend where's your focus who/what Are you Sex is nice But it is Not what it is all about So if there cannot be friendship without sex - What kind of friend Are You When we relate to this life as a temporary place - And recognize we go On then we See that sexual /romantic relationships are But the intermingling of spirits as they pass To hold on and possess does no one any good All changes and the best we can do Is hope for the best for each To wish the passing Self be all that they may Be Grow On my dear friend grow On Love remains forever true - I shall not turn my back on you - or you - or you Honoring Connections Honoring Change Living with what is given Loving With an Open hand Both to Hold And to Let Go Love Is - whether you embrace it or not is the question And if you try to limit it ...... ? Do you win ? Love IS Blessings to all Namaste __________________

Lessons by: oldwolf on September 16, 2006, 2:42 pm

(a wee edit - this was written long ago to my children as they came early to the time when they made their own choices) Lessons By the actions we take we choose the lessons we learn. At a certain point one must go beyond the known, beyond the safe, and venture into the territory that encompasses the individual life. To do so nesecitates going on one's own. As a parent one tries to keep the aspirant on the Path of easiest growth, i.e. the Path which will, with least hindrance, bring one to optimal growth. As a parent one must let go, and indeed even seem to push the offspring on the Path of their own choosing, when it becomes obvious that such autonomous choices are being made. As the aspirant first goes on their own, a safety net is provided, with time the safety net is pushed away and refused. This is a period of transition. The student chooses autonomously yet tries to remain enfolded in the cocoon of safety that was once part of the guiding parents responsibility to offer. There is both a pushing away and a nostalgic grasping for that which they can no longer have. It is not possible to make one's own choices and duck the responsibility inherent in the choosing. During this period of transition friction between what the parent wants for the aspirant and what the aspirant chooses for himself become apparent. If the parent pushes their will on the aspirant there will be rebellion. If the aspirant tries to hold the parent in the place of responsibility when the choices are their own, then resentment ensues. Eventually, both must let go. Often letting go has the appearance of rejection, and to a certain extent it is. The aspirant does reject the guidance of the parent. The parent does reject responsibility of the choices of the aspirant. To NOT offer that mutual rejection causes a unhealthy dependence that inhibits the further growth of both parties. Any lessons learned under the cloud of that codependency must be relearned over again as a responsible individual. Most lessons hit harder the second time around. Watching a child go through the necessary steps to follow their own Path often involves watching them throw away what the parent thought were their best choices. The child wants protection from their choices which can no longer be given, the parent wants to direct the choices of the child and can no longer do so. It is important at this time for the parent to let go of their own aspirations for the child AND stop taking responsibility for their actions, so that the child can get true feedback on the choices they are making ; and for the child to stop putting expectations on the parent and move on to their own life - apart from the parents. Realization must be made: nobody loses, everybody wins. How do we judge what is best to do? Look to the heart. Learn to Listen. Any time we cop out, any time we take the easy way, any time we do not do what we Know is needed; we are Not following the Heart. We are Always given an Answer If we ask. As we follow up on what we are given, the Way becomes clearer; and often we are able, after a time of Doing that which we Know is "right", to See why we are given the tasks that take us where we begin to realize we wish to go. Even as constantly following the heart leads us to the Path that is ours, and becomes the Joy of our life; so also Not following the Heart leads to confusion, hurt, anger, blame, and eventual rejection of all that is offered us. Life is Good though and at any time we can suffer a realization, become enlightened (however temporarily) and change; or slip into backsliding and regress back even further than we were before we came into this life. By the actions we take we chose the lessons we learn. __________________

This is the Dawning by: oldwolf on September 20, 2006, 7:01 pm

Time to take off the dark glasses and come to the realization - that there Are others out there - who have not only gone before you, but some even traveled more darksome paths to get here than you could even start to imagine on your most depressed day. My own route was very inside, but fellowship with those on the other side made it not too onerous. We Walk and Work together and with others to try to help those that would - help themselves. Empowering the individual. And so few will want it, let alone give their lives to It. It must always come from within. For without the individual building the fire that will consume them into the change, stepping off into the abyss, the fool does not get to Travel ..... Ah but what an adventure. So - do not give up on yourSelf, nor even the world - for there are some she holds within her that are willing to go the distance and step into the Beyond.. Synchronicity recombines possibilities to give us choices that will always lead us Beyond - we must make the choice and step into the unknown that beckons and calls to us from within. Follow your bliss find the vision imprinted within Be Still, Listen, Pay Attention , And - Act. Blessings along the Way - the lessons we Learn Namaste (my spirit bows to your spirit)

Crystaline Awareness by: oldwolf on November 28, 2006, 8:20 pm

It matters not so much what you do For everything that is done is in the lap of Time And it too shall disappear It matters O so much more what you become For this claims it's mark forever And Changes all that will Be The doing is important for without Action the intent is not True What gets accomplished is the Growing within And it matters not the ventures success or failure We are here to Learn and Grow Those that do not have lessons repeat Those that do - Grow into the Beyond

WALKING by: oldwolf on December 16, 2006, 2:27 am

Wandering On Waves spiralling Crashing the shores Being Connections Coalescing Wholeness Individual strivings The Work Growing - Learning Yearnings Reverend Embracing Peaceful co-existence Love

Re: WALKING by: newwoodswoman on December 16, 2006, 4:50 am


HEAR YE by: oldwolf on January 2, 2007, 8:13 pm

Hearken ye Hear ye the spirit dwelling neath these mere words Change come upon us, ready or not And still we our fate must decide For never did come change from without Till first it initiate from within. The howling of dire words from without Change hearkens not to But the clarion call from within Creates it's coming forth in this Now. Whether ye heed or not Was ever up to you. Shall you take the fools leap Ever anon into the Beyond ? - .... Or suffer the lament Of those that would not try For fear of failure held thee fast And your beauty of Being, ye hid Amoungst dubious distractions. Yeah but though you heed not now the call to Be A time will come home unto thee When change ye must And to thine own Self be True For none can Be but that they Are What will Be, Was And Shall into the Now Become So Mote it Be Blessed Be Yah Namaste

Re: HEAR YE by: Skip on January 2, 2007, 8:54 pm

Message received & processed! THANKS! :) Peace to all in 2007!

Whirling of the dervish, singing the song mystical by: oldwolf on January 16, 2007, 10:41 pm

And so on and so forth on and on we go where we shall land we do not know Blown like tattered sails of clouds across a storm brewing sky Yet we know we have within volition, through which we may temper what Be All we ever had any control over was our own Self And that be enough to change reality And that, not only just thine own Yet most just bewail And act the victim ever When they be ever so much more Creator, Healer, Lover we be Connected ever from the first I Am Change am I Come before ye To usher in the new age Now come before us Free will has ever been sacred Allowing Learning Drawing experiences Growing us into the Beyond Where the All Becomes yet More And even with the Change upon us Each must still choose whether to move on Or stay behind in the land of hard knocks For Growing never did have to be hard Last time of Change for good reason was chosen that hard way A Lesson branded in hopefully never forgotten But we See more clearly how it be; That O so often the memory of what was Stay not with us in the new Now Buried neath the programs of a society of rules We learn to curb imagination and intuition Instead we learn to possess that which never was ours for none can own but their own Being Shown bright through the ephemeral cloth of the body A field of bright energies vibrating Love Singing this song I come softly before you Gently weaving this story in words to See Dancing the Truth as best I can perceive Often failing, but getting up and striving on For nought else has come to have meaning for me anymore But to live Beyond, Coming to More, Filling Existence with the Awareness of the Love The Song and Dance of the Conections twixt thee and me The One and the All made Whole again One is love And Love is All Wholeness Is their Existence

BE(A)WARE by: oldwolf on March 1, 2007, 8:52 pm

Intending to offer no offence - I pray this be received with open heart and mind, and our friendship remain unbroken. Trying to co-erce others toward a desired behavior often has deleterious effects. Using the co-dependent paradigm through guilt, has one partaking in that paradigm. The best method to focus attention and gain the desired result is quiet Action (action being defined as continued persistent behavior in an effort to manifest on the material plane). Herein I must acknowledge a limitation to my assinine nature - when pushed in 1 direction - I tend to take another. To thine own Self be true. No One can ever Do for another. And we All draw to ourSelfs the Lessons we need to further our Growth. Blessings Be along your Way my brother Namaste (my spirit bows to your spirit) ----- What is the best path to take in regards to the events in this world ? ------ Livng with Impeccable Intent, Being True to Self. The world at large also draws to itself the lessons it needs - we must learn to allow them their lessons ! We are all but shadows of the reality that is Existence - and must learn to live impeccably while not getting caught up in the drama unfolding - we each create our own individual reality/life and co-create together...... This time of transition, one must stay focused on the reality they create; and fighting an unpleseant (only 1 of many) does not lend itself to focusing on positive creation - you are what you vibrate - including taking a part in a drama of baser energies. Do you wish to be part of this world - or do you wish to create another - then you must not get lost in the dramas of this world. We draw others of likemind to cocreate together - ... it is slow in coming about because so many are lost in the drama of this world... and so "satan reigns" ....only till we take off our self-imposed chains of restricted thought and take back our Power. The action of Living impeccably draws the highest vibrations into manifestation. Fighting the baser energies but makes them stronger and you lend them your energies - Be(A)ware When living impeccably, we are no longer the victim and we Become the Power through constant empowerment of each their own true Being. To thine own (Higher/God)Self Be True Love you Namaste

Re: BE(A)WARE by: themnax on March 2, 2007, 11:36 am

this i was given by a lovely fortune cookie: "nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind." =^^= .../\...

Re: BE(A)WARE by: darrellkitchen on March 10, 2007, 8:00 pm

Sweet ... if I can say "I Love it" without being conceived as being emotional or displaying attachments to emotions or perceptions of emotions then I say ... "I Love it!"

GOD AIN'T OUT THERE by: oldwolf on March 19, 2007, 11:52 am

God ain't out there Some people think we're going to be saved - No Way How can a child learn if the consequences are taken away In each and every one of us God IS In everything IS Existence What a strange co-dependent way of thinking we're being taught aye ? Eventually it can be seen that we only our own victims be When we take on that role Try as we might We cannot give away Our own innate Powers We but create each our own reality God has always been within The illusion was that we thought we were apart A Part we are, of the Whole that IS And here in this land of Becoming We start to see the reason for the illusion For to Be All must Grow, Change, Vibrate Or else cease to Be Each increment along the Way Can a mountain of a molehill be made Or but become a springing gliding Step Along the Path To Be Blessed Be Yah Namaste

And to the Point ! by: oldwolf on April 1, 2007, 2:13 pm

a bit ago I was listening to some friends telling of an elder that told them to tune into him for the Power - you know kind of like the guru model.... And man do i have a problem with that Old model - talk about taking the power away from the individual.... news flash - we are in the Age of Self-Empowerment. When Anyone puts themself in a role to be of necessity for another to move on - to grow - my hackles go up and a growl starts from down in the primal parts of me from whence I have traveled far to come here to be present in these times. This IS a new Age - new models are not just present and needed but supercede ....the old models will soon no longer Work. Yah - one of the challenges when a new paradign takes over is that the old one no longer has the power to manifest. Free choice is inherent in each and every paradign that is even remotely possible - for it is the keystone of Change. No One is needed - sychronicity will recombine the ingredeients; which at any time are near infinite, and provide us over and over with countless opportunities to Change and Grow in any given moment out of time; and it becomes our own and we choose to step into the Beyond. No one can do it for us - the best pointers, are the actions that show by the Doing, the Way - that is as much as any one can do "for another" and to try to be and do more becomes an arrogance that in humility we must learn to step back from. Beware stirring the jungle cat, the night stalker - far more fierce than oldwolf ever thought of being. And laughter ever becomes us and humanizes the god we are becoming and lets us tune into the god we have too long denied ! Blessed Be my friends Bless the Being Namaste ________________

Growing On by: oldwolf on April 24, 2007, 12:17 am

Lost along the byWays Asking those who pass by - "what shall I do" the answer when it comes is hard to accept: you Know the Way my brother ...you but hide from it. For never was it naught than Being...... Doing that which showed forth from inside That which you Are, Were, Will, and Wish to Be. Being true to Self - allways so simple And the key, my brother, is the vulnerability - For ever shall you fall, Failing to reach quite so high as you desired; And in the Open Wholeness of Knowing You will rise and strive on again. After lifetimes of Work We begin to See That the experiences we garner Have indeed their purpose met. We Grow Beyond what was, And indeed This Is what it is all about, To learn and Grow and Become O so much More. Back out of time and space Even there it supports the Existence Of All The Change that heralds the birth and rebirth Of the Self Becoming More. And into the Beyond we ever go So much More Now having Learned, Letting experience show us the Way For you and me to Be yet More. Bless the Being My Spirit bows to your Spirit (Namaste)

BEING by: oldwolf on April 28, 2007, 10:39 pm

And ahh did you Know The middle Way cannot By words be described It can Be, as is best, Only lived Even as no individual Can truly be defined, Nor even define himself, Save by the life he lives So to you who talk, And I do not exclude myself, I would warn not to wast your time. For the action That you bring to life, Tells far more Than words ever could The best one can ever Do To help any and all Grow Is to gently close your mouth And show by actions What words so poorly tell Be still And Know I Am Be

Before Now - IS........Was, Will Be by: oldwolf on May 19, 2007, 8:40 pm

Opening To You Opening the Heart Opening the Mind Open Fill me with your Being Come closer yet, O my soul Spirit of the One Which Became so much more in the All Each has so much Potential To Become yet another All Open O my Being ........Be Taking on those fields of separation - That allow me to distiguish myself from thee For in separation - I am not the grass or the river Or the stones or the sea .......... Still I am me But in opening all of me - I become thee Rise up O my being take back what was allways yours ...... Be Before Is, Was, and Will be All Grows Whole into the One Open O my Being - No longer thee and me But us together as One Separation, an Illusion Back Home ... me in thee, thee in me Yah Namaste

CHANGE by: oldwolf on June 7, 2007, 4:10 pm

Turn Turn Turn Circle spins round and round Snake eats it's tail And Time never was Came Change And the Now Fractured Separation Became the tool And we the seeds Sown onto fertile ground But the joker was here before And Free Will made clear And so some seeds never blossom Some Grow strange Cross the Abyss The Many While still Unique Somehow Connects back To the One again Wish I might Sing a clearer song Wish I may The dance be more pure But learning still Growing On I move my Self Into the Beyond May the Blessings Of Wholeness Come to Each and All Namaste

Will you not OPEN by: oldwolf on June 8, 2007, 10:40 pm

The wind which was howling at our door took a small break and then redoubled it's efforts to break through to us But we would not listen the earth trembled underneath our feet and shuddered in her efforts to open new doors of understandings as the earth opened herself up to us we did not notice Fire burst from the bowels of the earth and cast ashes into the sky we refused to see Water rose up from old beds and pounded far up from the old seashores and we put up dikes ,,,, that failed - but still would not comprehend And Spirit came knocking - but found few to open their doors for we had forgotten O my people you cast yourself out to the lands that were of old called hell ... which ever was and is but a state of mind.. for the times of change are on us and you will not But to those that do open their doors and open yet wider to love and to the change - A new world comes and ye shall be Blessed

Visionary by: trekker on June 10, 2007, 7:43 pm

Very poetic. Your a vision seer in my eyes. You see what is and what is to come.

Who.....Me ? by: oldwolf on June 20, 2007, 1:24 am

In truth the only responsibility we CAN take is for ourSelfs. And the only way to Know what that means - is to learn to Be Still enough to Listen to the Higher Self. Each IS in Connection..... we but try to find excuses to maintain the program of ignorance that alas was our birthrite passage into this particular realm....whose vibrations it IS ours to Change. Blessings And Yee Hah y'all - what an adventure - Be True to your Self Be Whole Blessings and Love Namaste

A MYSTICS VISION by: oldwolf on August 13, 2007, 10:25 pm

Deep in the humility of Knowing that I Know not Open to the prospect of learning what I may Hoping that I may discern truly and not assume Casting expectations aside...into the Abyss I leap When one jumps from the Known into what is not now known All possibilities inherent are , including that of pain & death Only with the cloak of Truth and openness, true vulnerability, Ready to find whatever may Be Can one survive and flourish And so we go forth Mystics, Seekers, Wise Ones, Shamans and many named others held in high esteem; not by those of worldly bent But with those whose vision be ever drawn anon to Spirit. And so we go forth to learn the More To grow into the Beyond Ever accepting the Change of Being it does bring For no longer are we who and what we once were. Change has worked it's wonders And we ... all we can say is... we are Now Here For This Now Becomes all that was and will be And limits never were but what was thought; accepting Change and assuming not Expectations swept aside .... we find we Are And never more shall that be the same For Existence to be must Change embrace And we Are One with All

PathWays by: oldwolf on September 5, 2007, 11:54 pm

Whither goest thou O my soul Looking down the PathWays Walked Lessons Learned and yet so much more still left Ever to the Abyss are you drawn For naught here can capture near as well Knowing the awesome rapture of pure vulnerability That Comes from taking that further step outward Where there be no firmness but the Knowing That whatever will be ....t'is well And Change be ever with us And we Can adapt amidst the many Opportunities To Grow on yet further into the Beyond

Struggle by: oldwolf on September 26, 2007, 4:30 pm

For some it is about a struggle to gain power To be able to do this or that. And in that struggle comes the pride I can do this and I can do that ........ But as well comes the little gnawing fear That others might make of it but little And be able to do so much more. And always the temptation is to push Into the world of look at me ....... see what I can do. Alone and sometimes lonely Yet quelling that with the inner Connections Stand those of the true Power ...... the power to Be. To Be that which I Am. Nothing more no trumpet calls ...... But naught less either. For that I am goes back to the Source And the One mantled as Creator Becomes the All with all that that entails; The ability to do all But not to be lost in the illusion of the doing. Not to succumb to the siren song Of identifying oneself with any power or ability, But with the Being standing forth ...... The Being ...... O so much More . For the Being is One with the All And when we try to give it a name The closest we can come is Love. But what a love ....... So much more than mere mortals might speak of For it takes us far Beyond Into the realm of the gods And not being lost in the Maya We find our purpose in being that which we Are And stand true to Self And Be So paltry the words ........ So wonderful the Union ....... For when the All and the One Combine We Become Whole ....... And words fail. "And 'LOVE' was all he could say" Namaste (my Spirit Bows to your Spirit)

Re: Struggle by: elayne on September 27, 2007, 6:13 pm

There is more in this everytime I read it. You have such a flowing style, I think you are an excellent teacher. Thank you! Listening to you, I am hearing, "take heart, it really IS possible!" If I can pull away from that siren song.

Love is All that Matters by: oldwolf on November 6, 2007, 9:17 pm

Sitting here reading when I should be working;nothing new here, but O how it mounts up till yet another reason not to appears...can never get it all done anyway... Ahh the life of one step at a time and that to come when tells you it must. And in my reading "Love is all that matters" rears it's head and burst upon me. My rational says that is not talking of the romantic love, but the love for others that we are meant to feel; and back it roars; no, it is that personal love ...and yes it is not about romantic love, but it is about that personal love that we immerse ourselves in and float deeply upon ...whether it be for the wind singing songs to take one traveling while they sit by the fire, or moving through space and sharing the lights and colors with others and being uplifted in this moment we call Now; which is O so much more that we Know, or care to let come to full awareness in this sleep most call life. Ah for the life of the run on sentence...yet the connecting dots and jots of punctuation sometimes are all we get to do if we want to get the thoughts inside out on paper...or on the screen. We can always shape it better when re-read we must to find out how much came through the true The mind is a mighty, wonderful thing yet pales beside the greater...Spirit - O so much more - yet so many know it least. And i procrastinator that i be, Know it not much more than most, but she pushes through and ever so gently yet sometimes fiercely wakes me to that More. The dreams of what we might yet do, as one gets older the whisper that now they cannot be - for the program runs that doing is for the young (but we forget the last part....whether young or old.... of heart - for only the young of heart have the innocence, the boldness, the naivte' to walk light heartedly over the edge and fly off into the unknown abyss) - for spirit knows that we are here to experience and all is grist for the mill. And so I post this for others that hear, or dream that this may be true. A wake up call, a reminder, that we Are here in this Now...and the life we allow is up to us, for there is so much more out there. And out there is the place where spirit lives and projects inside to this short now, that we humans tend to call life... Awaken to the more, t'is but a breath away. Be Here Now is ever so true, but the Now dost hold ever so much More. Loving you Namaste

Re: Love is All that Matters by: dreamingofTheo on November 7, 2007, 5:28 am

You just blew my mind,,,hmmmm. That is all so there. The young people are so lucky. Us older ones in years not mind body and soul, can sit back and tell the younger ones it is o.k. to love, to hate, to scream "dam this an`t fair," cause somtimes it sure as hell an`t fair. But, love is what counts of everything on this earth. It is what the Spirit (In my world it is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) but all the same, LOVE does make the world go round. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful insight on all that is important and beautiful...Dreamin`

Thanksgiving.... Giving Thanks by: oldwolf on November 22, 2007, 6:02 pm

thanksgiving.... giving thanks yeah......my son wrote and said this is a day we have to take back, to gather again with family and extended family. And we all (not any one should take this we, as being them,..... lol) seem to have gone so far away and all at the same time seem to yearn to come together again..... But while this does mean blood family (though then again maybe not for some too) it means even more family of spirit ..people who share that undefinable something that shouts from spirit to spirit, letting you the Connection. Not that you want them as a lover ...though could be that you were, once upon another time and space..but that there is a sharing of dreams and visions that you can . And not that you could even necessarily live with a specific indivdual in community, a day in and out sharing, because your own dynamics of this Now might preclude , or make that not desirable. < and these marks around the feel is that these are intuitive feels which are different than emotional feels...and i do not know if I have the vocabulary without going on and on to explain....i think you Know what I speak of > ....So to my family, and some of you may have no idea I feel this close to you, ...and possibly vica versa.... just feel warm and loving and close and caring and wanting to hug if only hugs did not have inbuilt meanings that took it places that made it not what was meant.....a spiritual deep loving hug which again is not of the emotional romantic love but of a deeper through lifetimes and Work times of existence, a sharing , a melding together of spirit, and we are here to grow on, and we help each other grow, and o Yes I love seeing you fly high and higher, and might I help you go further just by my being so happy to see you grow on ... you Know ? And so you my family my intimates of spirit...on this day that has the most meaning to me of all the days that this culture shares, may you have a wonderful time being thankful for all that Is ...for the being that you Are, and we are, and the stone you hold is, and the air you breathe, and the wind that playfully tugs at you..... for all that IS, a big sigh of thank you ....just for being you, goes out to One and All; with reverence and honoring each and every One and All. with you all, thank you from the heart love you Blessings Namaste

Thanks Be by: oldwolf on January 5, 2008, 8:23 pm

And where do we go from here O my brothers my sisters in Love Onward...ever moving For we are Blessed or cursed...depending on your view To Grow On And what does that mean but to Change and Cheange again And so we sing and dance and make merry when crying does no good and though we wish to return to the One Our fate Now is to be Here And here is where we Grow On And the Why of this is plain to be seen In you and you and even in me We Grow Thanks Be

Into the Abyss (On Becoming) by: oldwolf on January 16, 2008, 3:41 pm

Expectations Dwindle Attachment to results Dissipate `` Intent Focused `` The Dream (Maya) unfolds The Temporary (Physical) Changes

Re: Into the Abyss (On Becoming) by: Shatarag on January 28, 2008, 6:18 am

To know you dont exist alone. We all long for understanding.. Will piece ever get her.

And So it Goes by: oldwolf on March 29, 2008, 10:02 pm

And when the clock stops ticking, where will you be ahh...where you always were/are/will Be. Yah the oldwolf gets older; longer in the tooth, that dull and loosen. And so I look on what comes at me, what can I ken for my security..... and find that it is still in the now, that all is decided as to what will Be. For to plan on what will be takes you away from what Is; and this IS - - we have.... naught more. A lesson we learn and then relearn, again and again we are gently nudged to live in the Now. Round and round we go on this ride called life, we dream and scheme and you know how plans go.... damn something always changes. So comes the time when too late it seems, and not enough done. O my what will we do...what Can we do; sigh a deep sigh and resign the game ? .....Or go on the living; for t'was all we ever had....., not what was gathered for later times, but the wisdom and lessons that stay. And mayhap so well learned that we do not have to repeat next time around. For round it comes - in spiral form and we Grow....sometimes in spite of ourselves, experience is that way you see... we all learn, even from what we might not personally. So on we go ...why not merrily t'is a choice we have. Why not laugh; and though sometimes with rue, yet with humor too. For we are here to grow and learn; To Become yet more, as into the Beyond we Grow. Merrily merrily merrily merrily Life is but a dream. Yee Hah !! y'all Enjoy ! Blessings and Namaste

Yah Namaste by: oldwolf on April 2, 2008, 5:17 pm

Opening To You Opening the Heart Opening the Mind Open Fill me with your Being Come closer yet, O initiator of my experiences Spirit of the One Which Became so much more in the All Each has so much Potential To Become yet another All Open O my Being ........Be Taking on those fields of separation - That allow me to distinguish myself from thee For in separation - I am not the grass or the river Or the stones or the sea .......... Still I am me But in opening all of me - I become thee Before Now - IS........Was, Will Be Rise up O my being take back what was allways yours ...... Be Before Is, Was, and Will be All Grows Whole into the One Open O my Being - No longer thee and me But us together as One Separation, an Illusion Back Home ... me in thee, thee in me Yah Namaste

Healing by: oldwolf on April 13, 2008, 6:44 pm

take what will help ....in the receiving it no longer is mine but yours....do with it as you will... I finish after I hold forth.....with laughter...Enjoy ! Healing Recognizing that Healing is an interference with the course of action undertaken, the first question must be: does one wish healing - will they accept it unto themselves, will they allow it by belief and desire; closely followed by the second: will they commit with honest intent to Change and so correct their course to be in harmony with the lessons and actions undertaken by the Higher Self, their "purpose for being here. (some token change, with the far reaching commitment and Intent for greater Change works well). And lastly...before any action is taken by the systemized gross medical field, please retest to make sure the "disease' is still present.....expect miracles ...they happen all the time. Do not talk about it, many send negative energy of unbelief unconsciously...do not make it a target; so do not talk of it before or after, honoring our own desire for anonymity. Healing is taking a chance and interfering with a course of action. Interfering, and setting a Change in it's place. Without that Change taking place, the course recirculates and comes back stronger than before. Dis-ease is caused by the entity being dis-stressed by lack of commitment and follow through on a course the higher Self set for it. Intent not followed up on becomes a lie to ourSelfs and causes great dis-ease. A healing can be initiated from without with the agreement that Change must take place. Without the person being healed committing to that Change, often the healing does not happen; unless they do Change the initial dis-ease/distress returns and move yet again to bring Change in another Way. Change Is the turning and enacting Being True to Self. The higher Self came through into the physical formulating a personality to take on the lessons and actions planned before incarnating. Our "game plan" can be added to as we Grow and develope....it is not cast in stone, however the originating concepts will be adhered to, the lessons learned, the action fulfilled....either in detail or by inclusive changes that play into a greater role of Growing and Learning and Becoming More. The Higher Self does not "make" us do things, it sets into actions a blueprint which is maleable to bring about desired affects. Free will is the domain of the experiencer, the one who "decides". Empowering the individual means that the individual gains it's Power back by Being True to Self....following what it Knows to be "right", moving into and with the flow taking it to the desired resultant Changes and Growth. Ultimately the person doing the healing is the individual who takes on the energy of Change turning back to the Self and Being True. A healer but presents the possibility to the entity and steers it to "See" the possibilities, (focuses universally available energies, which are not 'owned' by any); the commitment and honest intent to Change, the agreement with the higher Self in Spirit, comes between the one who Chooses and the" Being" who Grows and learns, who "harvests" the experiences for the Becoming More. A Place of not Honoring the Self brings dis-ease and dis-stress which leads to an attempt to change the perceptions and predilections of the one who is choosing in such a Way as to dis-honor the initiating purpose for which it came into being to fulfill. We have the right to Know, indeed even the duty to find out, if forgotten, that which is ours to Do. Vision questing is one of the fastest strongest acting ways to garner this insight into out Being. The symbols of the vision are our own....some of insight maybe able to help in inciting to clarity but the chooser decides how much to pay attention, and how much to follow through. A true healer helps one to find union with the Higher Self. A true teacher helps one find union with the higher Self. Both do so out of the fulfilling of their own Way, and must then get out of the other's way and let them follow their own Bliss that comes from the rewards of Becoming More. To attempt to control or remain a ruling force in another's life will cause distress and disease and initiate the lessons needed to help one see the error of that Way. We choose to empower ourSelfs....or not. Choosing the Path of least resistance weakens the vessel. Choosing that which we "know" is ours strengthens the resolve and furthers one along the Way. ----- and here endeth the message I felt the need to pass on...use as you will, even as the energy focused becomes your to deal with as you will....so too these words. Use what helps you and rings true and empower yourSelf....take back your Power....BE ! And with all you Do....Enjoy Honest Laughter has always been the highest form of appreciation, for we "See" that we are the dreamers observing the dream...and Awakening means many things. Much love, Namaste ----------- We enhance the quality of Existence We fulfill our potential in a manner beneficial to All We join in Full Awareness, Total Cooperation and Complete Union with our GodSelf Open to Love Surrounded by Love......Mind creates the concept Full of Love.................Desire provides the motivation Channels of Love..........Doing is the test We are Love Life is an opportunity and becomes what you make of it May the Light of Love ever Guide your Way Grow on ... Enjoy ! Peace Blessings Love oldwolf at www.hipforums.com Waysharer@yahoo.com nomadhermit@hotmail.com

Breaking free of dis-ease....into Singing and Dancing by: oldwolf on May 5, 2008, 9:32 am

It's so hard trying to make ends meet, And with the situation of the world ... Everything is getting darker and uglier; And to top it off, now a cancer grows within. And to heal, we know we must Change. Change within as to how we perceive, Change our outlook and inlook. It is not enough to stop the old program, We must insert a new to supercede the old. Aspirations to help us find our Way ... Even these too change as we Grow; What once we wrote and and was oft repeated, Yet now Changes as clarity Grows. Within a Joy and Reverence Grows, As no longer do we ask it done to us; But Open our Being to All that Is. Honoring our Connections with All We find our Being is empowered from within. Not that all changes at once, But even when the old comes back And we find the frustration and anger resurface, Yet bubbles up from within an impetuous laughter As we enjoy the little trials that before overcame. And in the Doing , little at a time, For what was cannot usually be at once undone; We find not only a Great Joy rising from within, But ripples moving out from this joy that must shine And a Song comes to our lips as we Dance Along ...Opening the more ... Becoming. And the fire so Grows The earth trembles in anticipation The winds move the tree to dance with us As the tides rise yet higher. And we find within that which is O so strong That from this life to the next, It comes with us. And Awareness Grows and expands And we Become more Moving into Beyond. And in the Doing Others See and Hear And yearn for that To come to us from within So that we might empower ourselfs And Be All We can Be In this Now T'is up to us to make it Be Let us join together to create anew And the Joy overflow And help all Grow. This is how we make it Be Honoring that which Is you and me Blessings, Light, and Joy shine forth. Our spirits Bow to each, Recognizing the God Within .... (Namaste)....

by: Meagain on June 25, 2011, 1:42 pm

Hey oldwolf, Just found your journal and read the first entry, haven't had time to look at the others.

by: oldwolf on June 25, 2011, 9:17 pm

quietly living in the woods, on top of a hill; off grid, - not too social - work at night driving a rural paperoute, grinding them shackles off > need to put the nomad back into the hermit Oft the Way is that of learning to dance with flexibility and adaptability to changes The Fool (fellow waysharers all) must ever be ready to step off, into the unknown, in the quest for moving into the Beyond. good to see you on the boards Blessings along your travails my brother

by: A flowerchild's journey on July 4, 2011, 3:44 am

good luck wolf :)

by: JeebusKryst on July 14, 2011, 7:43 am

May you fare well in all you confront, Find the answers you seek, And wander without worry.

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