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Forum Description: Discuss Love and Sex in their many manifestations
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Old 02-06-2005, 11:03 PM   #1
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She claimed that her many male and female and rubber lovers have never once made her cum... Never cummed once in her whole life... Yikes!
I find it hard to believe that a creature can be that messed up...
So I thought about it, and came up with the following bit of advice:

I've seen it a lot of the inability to orgasm by females... in varying degrees... And each one I was able to bring through it all, to her having multiple orgasms... It was always a question of nutrition and relaxation... nothing more..
I met only one lady who couldn't orgasm because of a medical disorder... She was born without a roof in her mouth, and it seemed to be relocated in her vagina area...
sex for her was nearly impossible, and very painful... A pregnancy would be fatal for her... a classic freak occurrence...
I met another lass who was born with her twin in her womb...
The surgeon who cut out that twin from the newborn must have been a master with a knife and magnifying glass... She turned out reasonably ok... and had herself a family...

I've seen pregnant young ladies standing on bridges, with tears in their eyes, digging deep in themselves, just trying to get up the nerve to die...
In each case I parked the car, and approached gently, and talked with them, whatever they wanted to talk about, and had them walking away from their intended suicide, smiling and laughing... and I always got a nice hug... Ironicly, the hug seemed to come from the baby more than from her... and That shook me to the bones, "shivered me timbers"...

A girl grows up in this culture, barraged by articles that declare things like, "having a baby is like passing a watermelon through the vagina"... and tv docs detailing birthing and C-section, and hundreds of movies and TV shows showing a woman screaming as she gives birth... and the stories about how her breasts grow huge for a time, then flop and sag from birthing.. and what it does to destroy her figure... and how it leaves the vag sloppy and loose... and kids turning out to be total misfits, who destroy their parent's lives... and all the nightmares about unwanted pregnancies... and the hells of baby care and the hundreds of "gross diapers"... and the expense... and young women with child being abandoned because of the presence of a child, forced to care for it all on her own... and fathers who do nothing but laz around... and how single moms are a target for crud class males... and young women have their parents to show how them how much pain having a family can really be...
and how they are a major part of their parent's pain... and visitors declaring, "One day you are going to have a rotten brat just like you are, or worse!"... and the list goes on and on...

I hear young women chatting about the evils of pregnancy... and can see it on their faces, their extreme fears of it...

The mind is a powerful tool... Its switches can easily cause a human to just curl up and die... So it is conceivable that the mind, when crammed full of debilitating fears relating to orgasm, can direct the body to Not have orgasms, as a defense against running one through all those horrific scenarios...

I'm seeing it that lack of orgasm is just a tiny bit of substantiated tension, which will eventually wear off as a woman becomes more sexually experienced and mature... and sometimes not... depending on the control she has over her mental resources... and the degree she loves life...

If Not, then she should seek means to learn how to relax her entire Being out of harbored closet fears, hates, and angers...
If she is ultra highstrung, and freaks out at the drop of a pin, then there is no way she is going to have orgasms till she has learned to relax at the drop of a pin... One good method is to enroll in Yoga classes and in TaiChi classes... Part of it should be to talk out her fears relating to sexuality, with honest respectable listeners and advisers...

I've seen how just one key statement, related to a specific mind switch, can switch a young woman from can't have an orgasm, to having multiple orgasms...

But in all that, the toughest nut to crack, is to convince a lady who believes that only one orgasm per interlude is the limit... For years she has conditioned herself to accept that the moment she has had that orgasm, she shuts down the whole system automatically...
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