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Forum Description: Discuss other drugs psychedelic or not.
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Wild "opium" Lettuce Extraction methods
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Hello, the reason I am writing about my experience with wild lettuce, is simply because I'm absolutely tired of ignorant kids saying "I smoked 3 bowls and this stuff doesn't do nothing." Well in contrast, I've been using wild lettuce for roughly 2 years and I'm certain that it does. Firstly, the pure wild lettuce leaf alone is not enough to get a sufficent dose. (I recommend 10-25X potency.) There are 2 effective ways that I have found to extract Wild Lettuce resin, and those will be shared in this article.

Just keep in mind that the original preperation used, consisted of; empting the sap from the plant, and drying it out. This is probably ideal with fresh plant material. However, I'm working with dry herbs only. Still, we're gonna follow this basic concept.

The first extraction is probably the fastest. You will need; Dried wild lettuce herb, Water, Stove, tea bags/coffee filter/ t-shirt (For filter.)

Step 1: Put 100gr dried Wild Lettuce herb into a pot of water.

Step 2:Once darkened, remove the herb material.

Step 3: Boil the water, until it all has dissipated.

Step 4: If making a 10x extract, apply 10 gr of dried herb. Otherwise, skip this step. (Applying dried herb will make the resin burn easier.)

Step 5: Scrap the resin off the pot, and put on a tray, (in front of a fan,) to dry overnight.

*Finished* (You can smoke your finished product at this point, but it may take a few hits to completely dry it out.)

The second type of extraction I've used seems to increase potency and last longer (for some undefined reason.) You will need; Dried wild lettuce herb, Water,Everclear,Resealable glass jar and, a t-shirt (For filter.)

Extraction #2:

Step 1:Put dried herb material into jar.

Step 2: Apply Everclear. (saturate the herbs and add and extra 1/2 inch- 1 inch of Everclear.)

Step 3: Shake well for 5 to 15 mins.

Step 4: Filter through a T-shirt and put the liquid on a glass tray to dry.

Step 5: Put your extracted herbs back in the jar, apply water.(saturate the herbs and add and extra 1/2 inch- 1 inch of water.)

Step 6:Shake well for 5 to 15 mins.

Step 7: Filter through a T-shirt and put the liquid on a glass tray, (in front of a fan,) to dry. If added to the first glass tray with the Everclear, you can expect faster drying. Otherwise it may take about 2 days.

The effects you can expect from Wild Lettuce is; Apathy, Euphoria, Laziness, and mild visual effects. This lasts 15-45 mins, depending on dose and extraction method used. (It is indicated elsewhere to use rubbing alcohol, I DO NOT recommend this! As it may just make poison.)

In conclusion, be safe and have fun! Serenity, Tranquility and, Peace..
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