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Forum Description: Discuss opiates from raw opium to heroin...
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Old 01-24-2012, 06:43 AM   #11
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aesthetic will become famous soon enoughaesthetic will become famous soon enough
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Originally Posted by polishman View Post
Thanks man, the 95% relapse rate is depressing, but your story gives me hope. I heard that staying away from ALL drugs is better in preventing relapse, then I heard from others that benzos help deal with cravings and weed helps. So I'm not sure.

I'm past the withdrawals, just have the mental cravings now. A friend told me this goes away after 3 months and you are back to normal? Is this true?
To be honest, I have never stopped craving it. I have never stopped craving blow, weed, Heron, Cigarettes, E, Mush, Oxies. You name it.

But I could say the same for apples and bannanas.

I suffered from withdrawals but not very dramatic ones, I was just exhausted and really depressed. I also felt very desperate and very much a virgin to life. It all really stopped when I switched to the weed. But I have heard of other drugs causing thoughts of Addiction and desperation towards the chemical. for your case I would recommend staying away from everything until you know you can handle a lighter drug. Or just stop cold turkey* DO NOT TAKE BENZOS they are one of the most unsafe and unstable medication I have ever taken, I didnt even take it for heron but I fellt really numb and stupid. It also has a high addiction rate along with a high abuse rate and High tolerence rate.

I heard that if you talk to a doctor about certain cases you can get medical heroine but it is only used in front of a doctor, they don't prescribe it or anything you go in every now and then and they give you a dose Almost like nicotine patches . Not sure how much you would have to take it up with your doctor . I know for a fact this is what they do with morphine. Heron and Morphines are practically the same so I am not sure why they wouldn't.

Originally Posted by dsd5bdc

It is frustrating when hippies and leftists try to spread evil rumours that discredit the glory of the state. Please educate yourself on the dangers of marijuana and I hope every marijuana smoker is able to find peace one day.
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Old 01-25-2012, 09:47 PM   #12
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Quitting is possible, it just takes willpower. However the biggest problem is Relapsing. It seems the relapse rate for opiates is very high, stats say that over 90% of people eventually relapse.

But with good willpower, and keeping busy, (I've found the most IMPORTANT part of not relapsing is keeping busy! Working or some hobby that keeps your mind clear) it is very possible to stay clean. I wish whoever tries the best of luck.

I've been doing pretty damn good since I got out of jail, I've only partied 2 times since then but im still addiction free. (Meaning I don't go thru withdrawals and worry about getting drugs)
Originally Posted by stalk
I've come to the conclusion it's because these psychedelic visions are simply vibrating on a higher, or different, spectrum of frequencies that normally the monkey does not perceive.
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Old 01-26-2012, 03:26 PM   #13
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It's possible but hard as fock! I've been off the H for a year and a half now and I still get cravings sometimes. Their not as intense as they used to be. Do yourself a favor and get on suboxone it'll help alot IMO. I even got off the subs some months back pretty easy compared to the H. Good luck either way, your gonna need it bro..
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Old 02-04-2012, 01:29 AM   #14
Trippin' Billies
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idle time is an addicts worst fucking enemy! try to occupy yourself with ANYTHING, because when we as addicts have free time, is when we start to scheme and lust and crave. It's a seductive mistress like you said for sure, but you gotta stay positive, keep busy, and be willing to accept lifes on lifes terms. several times i've let outside influences (deaths, break ups, job trouble, etc) lead me to chose to relapse, but ya just gotta come to the realization that life isn't all peaches and cream ya know? that was the toughest thing of any stint of sobriety i'd had, was dealing with the low times. Beceause heroin was always my go-to coping mechanism for what ever the fuck was happeneing at the time. It takes time to forge new coping skills and the like, but know that it is possible, others had done it, and so can we... stay positive brother, were all in this fight together, just know that you are not alone, be good, be safe, best wishes
"This is grade-A 100% pure columbian cocaine, ladies and gentlemen...disco shit, white as the driven snow..."
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