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Jorge Cervantes
Marijuana Horticulture

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Jorge Cervantes
Marijuana Horticulture

Forum Description: This is the place for stoners to discuss anything they like. Please put all off-topic threads here!
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Old 06-12-2011, 04:35 AM   #1
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Colin Firth awarded CBE
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I d-d-do wonder though.. if he'd smoked some marijuana then maybe his anxieties might have d-d-disappeared. Not overnight, but in a few days..

I was never the king of england, or the last king of scotland, but I used to clam up a lot when I was younger in social scenarios especially when I had to speak in front of large or largish groups of people. It was often a bit embarrassing and people used to get upset at me for it.

I used to have to make presentations when I was a student and when I worked professionally in the se-co industry and it always brought a lot of anxiety, especially before. usually when I got into it I was alright, but it took a lot of psyching up. I think in hindsight in those days if I had smoked cannabis more it would have helped me to relax.

Fuck the government and the horses they rode in on.
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