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Forum Description: Discuss opiates from raw opium to heroin...
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Guide: Injecting Ms-Contin pills
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MS Contin is a controlled-release tablet containing morphine, usually used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It is a member of the opiate family along with heroin so is sometimes injected for its opiate effects.

Pills are designed for swallowing and injecting pills is never safe. It is strongly suggested users only swallow MS Contin to avoid the risks of injecting. But if you insist on injecting, read on about how to reduce the risks involved.
The wax problem

MS Contin tablets usually have a 'wax' (microcrystalline cellulose) mixed in with the morphine sulphate. This wax is to slow the release of morphine when you swallow the tablets. If you dissolve a tablet in water and inject it, the wax goes into your vein. Injecting wax into your veins can block them and may cause vein problems such as loss of circulation, vein collapse, and abscesses. Recent research states injecting MS Contin without correct filtering, may cause Emphysema.

This fact sheet shows one way that works well; the absorption method. This method eliminates most of the wax and can be done safely if you use the correct equipment.
What you need to injection MS Contin

MS Contin to start with! The rest of the stuff you should be able to get from any needle and syringe outlet in your area, if they exist::
Sterile water
2 x 3ml syringes (or barrels)
Teaspoon (metal)
Small bowl or a big spoon
Cotton wool ball, or cotton filters
2 x needles (or tips) for drawing up and/or backloading - 19g
A 0.8µ Wheel filter.

Step 1
Use a swab to wipe off the coloured coating on the tablet. Wait for the tablet to dry out.

Step 2
Put the tablet in the bowl (or large spoon) and crush into a fine powder with the teaspoon. It is important to crush the tablet as much as possible to get the most morphine out of the tablet.

Step 3
Add 3ml of water to the powdered tablet. This is a full barrel's worth of water. You need this much water for every tablet you want to inject. Water does not dilute the strength of your dose, but you need plenty of water to properly filter the wax out.

Step 4
Grind up the powdered tablet and water with the teaspoon. Keep going until you get a smooth, milky liquid. The smoother it is, the more morphine you will get out.

Step 5
Drop about half a cotton ball or filter into the liquid. Just let it sit there and absorb the liquid and wait. The longer you wait, the better the result. If you can wait 5 minutes you will get nearly all the morphine. You need to wait at least one minute to make it worth it.

Step 6
Place the 3ml barrel on the top of the cotton ball. Don't push it right into the cotton ball, or you will suck up the wax. Draw back the plunger. You should end up with about 2.5 ml of clear liquid. This is the morphine sulphate that is in the solution. If you are having problems drawing up, attach a 19 guage needle (or tip) to draw up through.

Step 7
At this point, it is important to filter your mix. You need it to be completely clear. A wheel filter works best and should be primed with water first. Attach the primed wheel filter and a sterile 19 guage needle and backload the mix into another 3ml barrel. Once you have filtered the mix, put the 26 guage needle on the barrel and practise safer injecting techniques.

The 'wax' (microcrystalline cellulose) is left behind on the cotton ball. Taste the soggy cotton ball - it should be slimy, and have no bitterness to it. If it is bitter, then maybe the tablet wasn't ground up enough, or the time allowed soaking into the cotton ball was too short.
Can't get it to work?

Removing the coloured outer coating is NOT enough. You need to follow the whole method to get rid of the wax.

The secret is crushing the pill as finely as possible. Try crushing your pill on a glossy magazine cover with a spoon to get it really fine. (Some people find this the best method).

DON'T cook it. If you do, the wax expands with hot water, trapping some of your 'mix' inside.

Make sure you use just enough cotton wool to soak up the liquid. This is NOT a filtering method - a little blob of cotton wool will not work. Also, too much cotton wool will make it difficult to draw up the morphine.

Morphine can give a 'prickle rush' - inject slowly to make this less likely. It's not a dirty hit –it's just the way morphine works.
Morphine has the same risks of overdose and addiction as heroin, so be careful and practice safer shooting technique.
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