Can too much masturbating cause not being able to orgasm during sex? - Hip Forums
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Forum Description: Whatcha gonna do when it's only you? Discuss masturbation techniques. No soliciting for cyber sex here.
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Old 09-18-2008, 12:33 AM   #1
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artielange is on a distinguished road
Can too much masturbating cause not being able to orgasm during sex?
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I probably jerk off once a day. Usually it's to some porn on the internet while i'm seated in my computer chair. i always use my right hand and i never use any lube. i have to be in a position where my legs knees are spread apart and my left hand is inbetween my leg with the palm face down. the left arm is up against my groin and the side of my ball sack.

i know the details might be a little much but i'm telling you this because it's the position i need to be in to be able to finish. i'm worried that since i've used this jerk off technique for a good 14-15 years (or however long i've been masturbating) has caused me to have problems finishing when having sex with women. i NEVER have a problem getting it to attention but every time i'm having sex i just can't finish. i'm guessing its because i'm just soo used to my hand that a vagina just won't do it for me. i've been able to go a week without tugging it but it was tough and didn't seem to help me. i suspect the only way i'm going to break this habit is to stop jerking it all together.

anyone else have this problem or know of it? is there a name for this condition?

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Old 09-18-2008, 03:28 AM   #2
Hideous Mangleus
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Hideous Mangleus is on a distinguished road
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First off, the opening paragraph....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Secondly, Mr. Lange, let me just congradulate you on your drug rehabilitation program. It was long overdue.

As far as your sex life is concerned, I've actually heard of this stuff happening to people. Their masterbatory routine becomes ingrained into their psyche and makes it difficult to achieve orgasm in any setting other than the one you're accustomed to. I imagine it's a very frustrating ordeal.

The only thing I can think of that might get you on your way to full on intercourse is for your partner to give you a handjob in the exact same manner/position you jerk yourself off....and then take gradual steps.

Give it a go!!
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Old 09-18-2008, 03:34 AM   #3
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new-guy is on a distinguished road
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HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA omfg my eyes they burn witht he image lol
yourin what i call controlled cumming manly uve done it some much ur bodies become accustom to those setting to which u umm masturbate also since u do it so often u could have desensitized ur dick. so it take a stronger grip or something to cum
try waking off less. or start fucking more ur choice
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Old 09-18-2008, 08:35 AM   #4
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Location: East coast of Australia
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AussieLad is on a distinguished road
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Hmm, yeah... try cutting out masturbating. And when you do, add some variety - different places, positions, lube... mix it up...
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Old 09-19-2008, 11:23 PM   #5
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First of all, are you on any medication? The reason I ask is because it's a condition I have as well. It seemed to have been triggered when I was put on a course of anti-depressants (which was somewhat ironic as the resulting side effects made me even more depressed than I was to start with) which, as with beta-blocker medication have known side effects that cause cause difficulty in reaching a climax.

The only meds I am on now are for epilepsy, which my doctor says could also be the cause of the problems with climaxing. I did ask if masturbation could be causing a problem, but was assured that it is unlikely to have any effect, unless the masturbation session is within a few hours of having sex, and that the very fact that I can climax by masturbating is indicative that everything is in working order.

Of course, there is also the possibility, in your case anyway, of it being a psychological problem, especially, for instance if you are inexperienced in having sex. Whilst, when it boils down to it, sex is nothing more than a biological function, triggered by the physical stimulation of the reproductive organs, the state of mind does play a massive part in it all - as can be demonstrated by the way that so many first timers suffer from premature ejaculation, more often than not caused by nerves & excited fear of the situation.

I guess one of the most likely solutions is to build up a trust with your partner - ideally with a partner who doesn't care whether you can climax or not. It's possible that once the pressure's off, things may well sort themselves out in their own way.
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