anyway to extract DXM from Nyquil (or remove Acitemenophen)? - Hip Forums
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Forum Description: Discuss prescription drugs and their effects
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Old 03-22-2008, 10:51 PM   #1
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anyway to extract DXM from Nyquil (or remove Acitemenophen)?
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the subject line says it all. any other preparations for DXM would be welcome.
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Old 03-23-2008, 02:58 PM   #2
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hmm, the extractions ive seen are only used on cough syrup containing only DXM or DXM/Guafenisin... idk... u need materials like: Clear Ammonia (Non-Sudsy), Naptha (Ronsonol, Zippo, Lighter Fluid), Gallon-size Ziploc Baggies... scissors/needle, clear jug/bottle, microwavable bowl or glass pan for stove-top boiling, and some lemon juice for masking some taste. its known as agent lemon.
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