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Forum Description: This forum is for naturists to discuss their favorite pastime.
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Old 03-20-2008, 08:42 PM   #1
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Children and Nudism
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I believe this can be a very valid and interesting topic, especially as a nudist mother with a budding nudist toddler child.

Here are the rules though: This conversation can be related to the implications of teaching Nudism/naturism to children, how to go about doing so, stories about your personal experiences as a child or parent of a nudist child. It can even contain jokes, interesting articles pertaining to the topic.

HOWEVER, if there is any mention of the practice of nudism as pertaining to children being erotic, masturbating in front of children, watching children masturbate, or any pictures of naked children being posted, I will close and delete the thread, and action will be taken against the member that breaks the rules.

If you think this is unfair, PM me at either of my usernames: HippyFreek2004 or HippyFreek. We will discuss the matter in private. Thank you for your support in this forum.
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Old 03-25-2008, 04:44 PM   #2
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I quite agree
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I do agree with everything you say and I am rather upset at my comments being taken out of context and twisted to appear to be sexualizing children.
I have to admit that the sight of, and being with naked children in a nudist setting appeals to me as I do beleive that the body of a child, whether male or female is a beautiful thing.
I do not however, agree with the belief that just because someone finds them attractive that they are immediately going to do something unspeakable to them or around them. Anyone doing such a thing or condoning such activities should of course have appropriate action taken against them. But to find them beautiful and to teach them that nudity is natural and not at all dirty or sexual is surely a good way to behave in such circumstances.

What do you think??
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Old 03-25-2008, 05:08 PM   #3
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nudist steve you have posted in many many threads about how you wanted to masterbate to your children
you also offered to let complete strangers photograph them naked
you go on and on about how great they are being shaved (at 12..yuck)

i think the threads a great idea, but i think it will bring out the creeps

with me and nudism and children in a nudist environment theres nothing at all sexual about the nudity, wether adult or child, its just a person..a human being, naked or not child or adult, theyre just people, to be relat4d to as people, not as sexual playthings the way you describe your children is disgusting
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Old 04-07-2008, 05:25 PM   #4
Friggin Joe
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Steve, you are one of the said creeps and problems nudists have with the perception of it all. Stop backpeddling, stfu, and rethink your selfish strategy as a parent, if anything about your posts is real.

Bringing up children to be comfortable with nudity is a dilemma, IMO.
"Hiding your body" does have its pro's IMO. That "naughty" factor, I think, does bring on a level of discomfort that holds a (more applicably) a girl back from being sexually open and active because being seen in front of someone in itself takes a certain level of comfort that may come with time. That time might afford a kid (usually the girl's more affected by this) some consideration time about other factors.
On one hand, having been exposed to and comfortable with the things most people hide will take away from the mystique, which in itself may lend to experimentation and curiosity that brings on sexual encounters. On the other hand, I would not feel rested knowing a girl (my girlfriend's daughter) is more comfortable to disrobe in front of a boy because of her upbringing. She's seen me many times over the years and doesn't hide herself around the house. The closeness and fact that she isn't equating nudity to sexuality or perversion is nice. I would not, however, like that frame of mind making it more likely to do the same around a male friend or boyfriend of hers. She's 15 now and her blessing of a beautiful body is my curse.
The world isn't nudists, and I'm sure whatever restraint boys demonstrate would be gone the second she showed herself.
That silly 'shame' in being naked may appear unwarranted, but it is also a saving grace.
I'm very fortunate, that she doesn't not carry over the level of comfort she displays with her mother and I, to her everyday life. But who knows, at 16. 15 is too young to develop sexual relationships. At least for her, personally. Her maturation is indeed causing many ulcers to me. LOL.
And that's just her. Another girl in her position could be free enough with nudism in general to display herself at 13 due to the upbringing. I'm using "girl" more than boy due to the differences in society and my personal situation, involving a girl (there's the predator/prey reality factoring in, like it or not).
While nudism isn't sexual, it can absolutely tie in with sexuality. Most certainly a non-nudist, who's most of the planet is going to associate nudity with sexuality.

What's more, in favor of deciding against raising a child in nudism, is making the naked body private gives one something special to share with a person they feel deserves to see more of the person's inner and outer self.

In short, nudism and children..potentially healthy, potentially dangerous.
It's all in the individual and it's all in the context and values given in the lifestyle.
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Old 04-07-2008, 07:23 PM   #5
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Old 04-08-2008, 04:10 AM   #6
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when i was little i was naked a lot i guess well not a lot but there was no problem with it in my house

i guess its about being open

i dono i guess i would be mortified to be a nudist now but yea ohh well
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Old 04-08-2008, 05:52 PM   #7
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What naturists say is that being naked around other naked people does children nothing but good. It means that they grow up with no lingering curiosity about what bodies are like, and when the time comes for them to become sexually active, they aren't so overwhelmed by embarrassment about just having their clothes off that they forget about any kind of limits. And the result (so it's claimed) is that teenage pregnancies are much less common among nudist kids than among textiles. Then again, nudists tend to be educated middle-class people, good liberals who'd be all in favor of sex education and avoiding shame about sex whether they're nudists or not, and maybe that's the major influence on the kids. But at least, there have never been any serious claims that children from nudist families suffer any harm from it.

The argument would be that the children have seen all kinds of human bodies, of both sexes and all ages, including kids their own age. Having seen so many people naked, the kids are likely to ask questions that'll give them basic information about sex which they can assimilate as they grow up. And they're learning that sex is something we choose to do, not something we can only allow to happen when we're "swept away". In a world where nudity is most often associated with sex, nudist kids see that being naked doesn't make us have sex, in fact nothing needs to make anyone do it except when the time comes that they want to. And they'd be inclined to say, "Well, when I want to have sex I'm going to treat it as a natural human activity that you can enjoy and not feel guilty about, if you just do it right." Meaning, no unwanted pregnancy, no diseases, nobody being exploited (as good liberals would want it to be).

That's an ideal, of course. The real world might not be quite as simple, but we can always have the idea of perfection.

It's too bad that young people might feel mortified about the idea of being seen naked, but it's all in the experience people have had. If someone had grown up from childhood seeing other people naked and being naked themselves, they'd be more likely to understand that their body is natural and there's room in the world for everyone.
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Old 04-08-2008, 06:15 PM   #8
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Friggen Joe and pixeewinged seem to have both hit the nail on the head quite well.

I seem to have a lingering obsession with penis from my childhood. I have a habit of drawing penises or writing the word while graffiti-ing up my stuff. I figure it's because society made it such a taboo thing.
My habit could certainly cause some weird judgments. (I would have to scratch out my penis scribbles on some of my schoolwork throughout highschool.) Too much of anything is never a good thing. Too much mystery and taboo from society around penis caused a strange obsession with it for me, potentially pushing me further from society if it spiraled out of control.
It's a matter of balance.
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Old 04-08-2008, 07:14 PM   #9
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Having lived in the Amazon jungles and visited many times, I became very comfortable seeing people without clothes...especially little people. Seems a very healthy normalapproach to living especially in the context of a hot humid climate. Watching the interactions of adults and kids without clothes reminds me of the sacrafices we have made in order to claim we're civilized. It was not uncommon to have some wet little monster run from the river and jump up to be hugged. What fun, a fresh clean healthy kid radiant in his or her natural best. I lived there long enough to watch the kids grow from running naked all the time, to wearing clothes around strangers, to wearing clothes al the time. When they began to hit puberty they developed a need for some privacy, especially boys, who could not hide their hormonal storms.
I don't think I'd feel comfortable in a nudist/naturalist setting...having seen "the real thing" I think it might seem contrived...I dunno. My neighbor's rotten little kid was my shadow much of the time, we were great friends, it was odd to see him with clothes on. Now that he's a grown man it would be odd to see him naked. I can't see any harm in letting little kids be free. There really isn't a more beautiful scene than happy little kids playing without social baggage.
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Old 04-08-2008, 09:14 PM   #10
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