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Old 01-29-2008, 06:52 PM   #1
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What is the best needle size for shooting pills?
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Does anyone know what gauge needle and at what cc's are best for shooting dilaudids or oc's? How is this process done. I have snorted a bunch of pills before, but never shot one. How is it done? Keep in mind when responding that I don't know shit about shooting so be as simple and thorough as you can please.
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well, go read the shooting sticky first of all. I posted a link on the second page that goes a lot more in depth. Do you have any friends that have boosted before? Because they will be invaluable for your first time.

As for needles, I really don't know seeing as I have only one source, but the ones for diabetics are what is most common.

I am not sure whether or not you're actually supposed to cook pills. I know it works from personal experience, but I've recently heard that the heat just helps some of the pill binders get absorbed when the OC will be absorbed without any heat.

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The best needle for shooting anything like Heron,coke,pills,Meth,etc is a 1 cc,29 gauge needle that holds 100 units. Its what 99% of IV users prefer.All you have to ask for is a 1cc needle at the drug store and thats what you will get. You can use any needle to shoot drugs some just don't hold that much shit like a 1/2 cc needle and some hurt like a bitch if they have a huge point and feel like nail going into your arm. I myself always use a 1cc needle it has more then enuff units to mix the substance the way you like it. some like there bag of dope or shot of coke mixed with only 30 units of water some like it mixed with 60 units. And with a 1cc needle the spike part is long enuff to hit veins good but not to long or big where it will hurt. The bottom line is it comes down to what you like and what feels good for you.
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