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Old 08-25-2004, 01:57 PM   #1
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The Settlement
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Reality is: Government

Reality is: Bills, inspections, gods, licences, laws, taxes, pension funds, slavery, tax refunds, war, religion, money, countries, nations, insurance, inflation, debt, and freedom.

Reality is: None of the above are real, only reified by you because. . .

Reality is: You're a slave.

Reality is: Malevolence, malice, murder, rape, plunder, tyranny, oppression, violence, crime, television, and death.

Reality is: You're not going to get what you want except a pre-determined settlement in place of what you wanted, but . . .

Reality is: That Settlement is an illusion or a delusion to distract you from the aforementioned Reality.

Reality is: You hate your children, your children hate you, your husband hates you, you hate your husband; your therapist, representatives, lawyers, politicians, congressmen, bosses are lying to you to effect the aforementioned Settlement.

Reality is: You agreed to Settle.

Reality is: You will never think for yourself, and even if you could (which you can't, but if you could) you won't be allowed to, because . . .

Reality is: People who are much, much smarter than you (or who consider themselves to be) will think, and are already, thinking for you.

Reality is: You accepted this Settlement.

Reality is: Your mind is full of illusions, delusions, distractions, amusements, entertainments, and trivial and superficial information, because . . .

Reality is: You want all the illusions, delusions, etc. in your mind to be real, because . . .

Reality is: You can't face Reality, and if you did, you'd shatter into pieces, crawl into a hole, get religion, find a god, pray, do drugs, drink, commit suicide, watch television, overeat, get therapy, or something else to escape Reality.

Reality is: You don't care about anything beyond your Settlement and defend it no matter what the consequences.

Reality is: You superimpose your emotions onto external sources (other people), because . . .

Reality is: You don't possess any original or independent thought, because . . .

Reality is: You are neither original nor independent.

Reality is: You will accept a Settlement, but you will not accept responsibility for your deluded, self-serving, self-centered actions to keep and hoard that Settlement, because . . .

Reality is: You're just a passing fad, and . . .

Reality is: So is everyone else, because . . .

Reality is: You are a slave and allways will be.

Reality is: There are gay people, fat people, thin people, black people, white people, stupidity, intelligence, etc. etc., and . . .

Reality is: You'll never fit any of them into your deluded pseudo-reality (Settlement), so . . .

Reality is: You're trapped in your pseudo-reality, but the good thing about . . .

Reality is: You're absolved, because . . .

Reality is: The people who do your thinking for you know you're deluded and forgive you for it.

Reality is: You can't do anything about it until you face Reality, which . . .

Reality is: You can't, because no matter what you say, you prefer your Settlement.

Reality is: Unless you Realize, you're "The Herd."

Reality is: You lie to yourself and everyone else to excuse your agreement of Settlement, so . . .

Reality is: You'll die and be forgotten because you're anonymous, therefore unthinking.

That is Reality. Now deal with it, but . . .

(Reality is: You won't because you can't, because . . .

Reality is: You're a slave who doesn't care you're a slave as long as you can have your Settlement.)
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