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Forum Description: The joys of oral and anal sex
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Old 01-12-2007, 02:12 PM   #1
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Advance Pussy Licking
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Advance Pussy Licking

1: Pop a cough drop in your mouth and try licking her now. Whether this experience is enjoyable or not will depend upon how sensitive she is. The menthol on the clitoris feels icy-hot. For some women this feels fabulous, but for some it feels as if it's burning. Be sure to tell her to let you know if it's uncomfortable, and also don't buy the extra-strong cough drops.

2: Try lathering her pussy with honey or syrup and licking it off.

3: Take a mouthful of hot liquid and then lick her while your tongue is super heated. Later do the same thing with ice or a cold drink.

4: Buy her the thinnest pair of panties you can find and lick her through them. The sensation is quite different.

5: Instead of just licking her clit, try gently sucking it instead. Blow cool air gently over her clitoris, then put your tongue there to warm it. Don't blow hard directly into the vagina-it's not a good idea.

6: Take her vibrator or buy her one and put it gently into her vagina as you lick her. Use the vibrator in conjunction with your tongue - a bit of licking, followed by a bit of buzzing can create a wonderful sensation.

Changing positions can be stimulating as well. If you normally lick her whilst lying flat on your stomach, try having her lie on her side, with her legs pulled up towards her chest, now lick her from behind.

If you normally just start in straight at her pussy try licking her whole body, starting at her forehead, moving down her entire body until you reach her toes, then working your way back up between her thighs. Trust me, she'll thank you when your lips finally meet with her pussy.

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Timing can be just as important as technique when it comes to oral sex. Most women love and respond to spontaneity. Next time she's sitting on the edge of the bed getting dressed, try making your move, or maybe as she comes out of the shower you could surprise her by kneeling before her and showing her just how amazing you really are and think she is.

A wonderful thing to wake up to is, having your lover knelt between your legs, lapping at your pussy.
If you are both comfortable with the idea, one of the most amazing experiences you can share is to go down and lick her after intercourse. I'll stress that this is not for everyone, but if your comfortable with the idea, then try it. Most women seem to enjoy this experience, partly I suspect because they are relaxed.

These are just a few idea's. The whole idea here is to have fun and give pleasure. If you can give her pleasure. I guarantee that in return you'll receive pleasure back.

Above all else have fun

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