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Old 08-06-2004, 05:09 AM   #1
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hey everyone...
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i hope that everyone is well... i haven't been here in a while... i've been out of town, and while i was gone, so much drama has ensued... first, my mom's car got stolen... that was really weird...b/c for 25 years that my parents have lived in this house, and as long as we've lived here... this has never happened... then the same day, my ma was diagnosed with type2 diabetes... which was even more distressing... she doesn't eat properly (as we've been trying to tell her too...but she never listened) and this is was just one other thing we didn't need to deal with...and then a few days later, my best friend's mom died unexpectedly... so, that just added to the crap that was surmounting in my life... but, we are all healthy and alive, and that's what's really most important right now... but, I hope that everyone is well... Angel, Matt, Sarah? How are you guys doing? I that you are all great! Please let me know how you are doing! take care!

much love...


"What we do in life echoes in eternity" - Maximus Decimus, "Gladiator"

"I like to walk out of a restaurant with enough gas to fill a Mobil station" - Tom Waits
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