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Forum Description: Discuss prescription drugs and their effects
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Old 04-15-2009, 09:28 PM   #41
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oh yeah and there is no 3mg bar its like a triangle
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Old 07-31-2012, 11:03 AM   #42
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hey BRO as long as they are yellow bars ..with 3 or 4 scores " lines" on them then Im 99.9% sure they are the 2 mg bars of "ALPRAZOLAM" THE generic version of XANAX !!! FROM WHAT I KNOW ONLY THE BRAND NAME "XANAX" MAKES THE 3MG ONES. and VALUMS AND XANS ARE IN THE BENZO FAMILY !!!! I BET YOU DIDNT KNOW THAT ..YOU CAN GET WWITHDRAWALS from XANAX..TOO!! IF you take the xans for a while then take the valums you will see a nice difference !! and the same difference the other way !! but from the grape vine the streeet rate is around 5$ for the 2mg bars and 2 to 3 bucks for the 10mg blue Vs I hope i answered your ?s
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Old 08-19-2012, 02:28 PM   #43
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xanax master? ^ the dopiate master ;)
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The yellow Xanax bars at 2mg. Dont pay more for them. SWIM pays/sells $2 a mg. No more. I have actually had Pakistani Onax 2mg bars and they were more potent. And actually,sorry to burst your bubble 'Zanax master' but there are 3mg pills, and they are in the US at this point They are actually more common to get because Docs dont worry about abuse as much, not to say SWIY can't parachute them and feel the same (same active ingredient, no gooey filler like OP-contin). And yes they are only XR, but they are the same substance if you chew them up, and have about the same half life. SWIM enjoys them pretty much, thou IR Yellow 2mg/ 1mg Blue Wagonwheels are my favorites, the only true diff. is the doses (1mg,2mg and 3mg for XR), but other than that it's just a mental thing. (For alot of people, if they are sold a 2mg pill, and told its 3mg, they're gonna feel like it's stronger.) Just like I like my IR Roxycodone better than Crushed Oxycottin.
The 3mg XR's are (at this point) available in the US. The XR are actually easier to get than if you ask your doc for the IR ones. Personally, if you chew them up, I find no diff. in strength or duration.

The Yellow 2mg Bars: (These are same as the whites, anyone who tells you differently... aren't wrong, but the whites and yellows are the same dose so dont pay extra. Iit is purely from a subjective p.o.v.

The ONAX 2 Pakistani Xanax Bars: (Extremely rare, personal favorite)
Took 2 and was sleeping within an hour or so. For some reason, seems to have only potency diff. of all the xannies SWIMs done.) But then again, theres usually no or only a minor active chemical alterance.

And these are The Xanax XR 3mg (Comes in 1,2,3mg)
Another favorite SWIM's Personally been RX'd.
When parachuted, give effects almost identical to IR Xanax. Give extra 10 minutes for effects and a whole glass of water, just in case.

To end, taking the same amount of that active substance (alprazolam) will lead to same effects (only you HAVE TO CHEW XANAX XR FOR THE 'RUSH', though some swear brand names and certain off brands work better for them. Know your body, know yur substance, don't get ripped. Have fun, Xanax keeps my functional and not constantly panicking about my severe chronic pain (: Hope I could help
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Old 08-19-2012, 02:30 PM   #44
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Originally Posted by rollontheground View Post
sounds like you've gotten in fights with people over this same question...i know i have, PEOPLE ARE SO FUCKING IGNORANT.
Actually, bud; that may just be where you are. I happen to know SWIM was getting them less than a year ago (2011'ish). Sorry to be a fact police, but SWIM knows SWIMS pharmies pretty well
Xanax XR is pretty damned potent, and most of SWIMS 'test rats' were knocked out pretty quick. If you have legit anxiety ( Swim does and gets Xannies legally), the XR giving you a huge 'rush' shouldn't be a problem. Within 20 minutes I feel most of the effects. (as compared to like 10)
Swim also gets a quicker 'rush' or euphoria from the IR bars and footies plus some roxi (no APAP bullshit to deal with) along with promethazine and Soma, but the benzo feeling lasts just as long by itself as XR form or IR. Just request or inquire about different drugs and see what works best for you, as we all react differently. Anyways, have fun, be safe. AND NEVER DRINK ON BENZOS UNLESS YOU WANNA STOP BREATHING AND DIE
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