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Forum Description: Time to show off that pipe, bong, bubbler or whatever! Discuss your preferred devices and how to care for them.
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KING- Volcano Mini Bong
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So sometime in early March 2012 a friend and I went out to look around a local headshop before going to someones apartment to have lunch and blaze. We walked out of the headshop with a little bong about 10" tall, with ice catcher (or whatever proper term is), with VERY good solid glass, that came with an average bowl. When we bought the bong we also were given another larger, and slightly better quality bowl with the bong because i was friends with the employee who sold it to us.


As you can see the bong has the words KING and VOLCANO written on it. I assume King Volcano is a bong company, i think it may be, my friend and I named it King Arthur because there was some irony as King Arthur is a larger than life historic figure and this is such a small bong. Also we were BAKED and as soon as the idea was blurted out, it stuck.

It cost only $25 in the store, i think it was the cheapest GOOD glass bong they had, but we got a 15% discount, again due to the fact i was friends with the employee. The bong rips like a champion, nice and small, yet very solid piece.
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