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Forum Description: From Sandoz to Leary to You!
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Old 03-31-2012, 06:36 AM   #1
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People passing off RCs as LSD! >:(
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First of all, back in November there was "acid" in these mint vials... I took some and it was CLEARLY not LSD. Much too robotic, too stimulating, and not thought provoking. In fact, the come up was so harsh that it made me puke. Pretty dirty trip as well. I confronted the guy I got it from and he INSISTED that it was real acid.

Last week I got the chance to trip again, I met a new friend and he had a really nice sheet of "acid" perforated blotters with a beautiful picture printed on it and everything. The blotters were SO bitter that it numbed my tongue even after I swallowed them. I tripped for a good 12 hours and couldn't sleep for the entire rest of the day. Again, very robotic and stimulating. Dirty trip. None of the melting, ego-shattering experiences on LSD. I at least got the guy to admit that they weren't acid and he told me he didn't even know what it was.

I'm thinking it's 25-I NBOMe but I'm not quite sure. It makes me sick that dealers would try to pass off random RCs as the real deal. I'll still take what I can find, but I would just like to know what I am putting in my own body!! Good luck finding real MDMA, LSD, etc.... Fuckin shame...
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