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Forum Description: You CAN make a difference! Find out what you can do to change the world.
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Eco-Friendly Products / Anti-Animal Cruelty / Etc
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anti-animal cruelty

i say we need some farmers who refuse to kill the cows (especially the baby cows for veil) and if they're going to raise the cows, raise them like sheperds. get the milk, feed the cows, treat them with animal love, etc etc

eco-friendly products

i'm all for the new, cleaner fuel idea to replace gasoline for our vehicles and try and get safer streets and vehicles that emit fumes (or no fumes at all) to help the environment get clean

and lastly, electronic cigarettes!!

i've actually got a great link (if your over 18 and a cigarette smoker) to try electronic cigarettes. the tip emits water vapor so there is no smoke, and it truly is the safer cigarette

click the link and WE BOTH get a discount!! $150 starter pack for $9.99 ....can't beat that! you also rack up 20% off referral coupons for getting your friends to try it. small steps towards a safer pollution!
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