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Old 06-07-2007, 08:01 AM   #1
Join Date: Jun 2007
Age: 25
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Patoo64 is on a distinguished road
tips for lasting longer in sex
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I know many guys have trouble in sex from making their woman feel good to lasting a long time in sex, to be honest it really isnt a hard thing to do and you can fix it literally in just a few days. I remember at first i had no trouble in lasting in sex then for some reason months later i began to start cumming very fast. However i was able to fix that in a matter of days when i realized what the real problem is.

Lasting in Sex
1. The easiest way to last in sex for everyone is wearing condoms, i personally dont use condoms with my fiancee because they take the feeling away from you and her but if some people prefer to use condoms then thats a simple way to solve that issue.

2. My personal way i use that had excellent results was masturbation, however its the way you masturbate that matters. Do not just stroke the shaft of your penis, infact ignore the shaft. Rub the head of it when you masturbate because thats where all the pleasure lies. When doing that you'll notice you will most likely feel a greater deal of pleasure and excitement from it. Now here is where self control comes in, you need to push yourself to the point where you are about to cum (rubbing the head of course not the shaft) and STOP. Do not push yourself TO close because you may accidently ejaculate and thats not the objective. after you stop count about 10 full seconds or until you feel like you wont cum from the next few strokes and start masturbating again. Repeat this process AT LEAST 3 times each time you masturbate in order for it to start affecting you. You will notice results in a few days if you are masturbating frequently (2-5) times a day.

3. When you are masturbating watch things that excite you ALOT, things that you know will bring you to the edge. Why? because chances are your really attracted to your girl naked correct?, so you need to get used to that excitement so youll be more calm during sex, otherwise youll be ready to cum just buy the smell of her or the look of her with half her clothes off and that not the objective.

I hope this helped anyone, and i would appreciate it if comments are left, if this is helpful i will make a section on how to help your female partner cum.
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Old 06-07-2007, 04:23 PM   #2
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Cutted is on a distinguished road
Patoo - I have posted seven or eight ways for a guy to retard orgasm, including gently pushing your balls down when close to orgasm, counting the strokes, thinking that you are pulling something out and not putting something in, and my favorite, "sets of nine" - you do eight shallow thrusts in (2-3 inches) then one deep thrust, then seven shallow and two deep, six shallow and three deep, and so on until you are doing nine deep ones. Then repeat the sets if you can. This is both helpful for the guy in retarding orgasm, and the gal lives it too- the first 2-3 inches of her vagina are the most sensitive, and the deep thrusts are more sensual if they come after some shallow ones.

"Edging" can also train a guy how to retard orgasm when he gets close. Edging is bringing yourself as close as possible to ejaculating without doing it, and maintaining oneself in that near orgasm state for 10-20 minutes or so. Once you get "in the zone" it is the most sensual experience a guy can have, short of mind-blowing intercourse. Try it with olive oil.
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Old 06-08-2007, 03:55 PM   #3
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I dont need tips, my woman likes sex to be less than 25 minutes. So I usually will stretch it out until she gets sore and then finish rather quickly.
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Old 06-09-2007, 07:16 PM   #4
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Age: 34
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Auris is on a distinguished road
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Imagine you're having sex with the 65 years old ugly tattooed lady like this one:

it works
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Old 08-14-2009, 10:40 AM   #5
Breakadawn's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2009
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Breakadawn is an unknown quantity at this point
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Originally Posted by Auris View Post
Imagine you're having sex with the 65 years old ugly tattooed lady like this one:
it works
Aaagggghh... now I'm blind and possibly impotent for a week lol (no homo)

But seriously, thanks Pattoo, some good tips in there. I used to have a problem with it for all sorts of reasons... the difficult thing for me was that it wasn't just one thing, you know?

So I wuld try Kegels, and they would sort of work, or the squeeze technique and that kinda worked, but I still had a problem.

I found this list of myths about Premature Ejaculation and lasting longer, it helped me, so hope it helps you guys too!

"Myth #1 - Creams, Sprays and Pills

This is perhaps one of the most common myths of all. The idea that
you can pop a pill, put on a cream or spray a spray to last longer
in bed is a terrible idea.

It's true - You can last longer in bed using such things.
Unfortunately, they also kill your enjoyment of sex and permanently
damage your health. Furthermore, the underlying reasons why you're
having trouble in bed aren't addressed.

In short, these aren't the answer.

Myth #2 - Distract Yourself

Another common myth is that it's a good idea to distract yourself
during sex. For example, solve math problems or think about a
football game.

Although this can reduce your sexual arousal, it also reduces your
enjoyment of sex. You'll persist in efforting during sex which will
just contribute to the existing problem.

Myth #3 - It's a Physical Problem

A lot of people think premature ejaculation is a physical issue
that often comes with age. That's not true at all.

Premature ejaculation has everything to do with mental issues. How
comfortable are you feeling in the moment? How connected are you to
your partner? How much are you enjoying the experience? How much
are you in the moment?

Myth #4 - You Want Less Turn On

A lot of people believe that the way to avoid premature ejaculation
is to turn down the sexual arousal. This is actually a very
ineffective way to go about preventing premature ejaculation.

Instead of lowering the degree of the arousal, it's much more
effective and enjoyable to learn how to change the tone of the

Instead of trying to get rid of arousal, change how it feels. For
example, rather than having it be a chaotic, trapped energy that
needs to escape, your sexual energy can feel more like an intense
slow boil that you can both enjoy.

Cultivating the ability to manipulate your sexual turn on is an
ability that takes some practice to explore. Start by just being
aware of how your sexual energy feels now. Practice shifting this
energy and see how it feels. Also explore what it feels like to
breathe deep and slow during peak arousal.

These are some of the more common myths about lasting longer in
bed. Avoid these myths, improve your sexual prowess and watch your
sex life soar."

Got some of this info from

Anyways, if you guys have some good suggestions (or thoughts about these myths) then It'd be great to hear.

Thread on!
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Old 08-14-2009, 12:24 PM   #6
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 56
socoacm is an unknown quantity at this point
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Relax. Relax your abs in particular. Try masterbating and approach orgasm, and note how tense all your muscles have become. Relax your abs completely, and you might be surprised to feel the buildup suddenly dissipate.
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Old 11-13-2010, 04:10 PM   #7
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Chapter13 is a jewel in the roughChapter13 is a jewel in the roughChapter13 is a jewel in the rough
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y'all worry to much just find a partner with adhd or find a hooker that charges by the hour
"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help it," said the Cat: "We're all mad here. I'm mad, you're mad."
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Old 12-08-2010, 11:15 AM   #8
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JessyAlbaa is an unknown quantity at this point
Ways to increase sexual stamina - tips for lasting longer in sex
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Auris, I can't see photo of this old lady. lol

I found useful article on this subject

The ways to increase your stamina are:

1. Eating a healthy diet will help you increase your sex drive, energy levels, and promotes healthy sexual function. A poor diet can cause depression, illness, lower your self esteem, decrease your libido, and inhibit your sexual performance. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat and fish, grains, garlic, dark chocolate, blueberries to help improve your sexual function.

2. It's very important to get adequate amounts of sleep (7-9 hours each night), because it will interfere with your sex drive. If you sleep little, you will get tired, lowers your libido. It's very important go to sleep before midnight, in this case you'll better feel in the morning.

3. Try to breath slowly and deeply during sex, relax your entire mind and body. Focus on keeping this slow relaxed rhythm. It can promote better self-control, therefore the orgasm will be easier to delay.

Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina
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Old 10-01-2012, 08:13 AM   #9
Senior Member
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monkjr is a jewel in the roughmonkjr is a jewel in the roughmonkjr is a jewel in the roughmonkjr is a jewel in the rough
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I wonder if there's a connection between the obesity epidemic in the United States of America and the premature ejaculation problem in that country.

Someone should do a comparison test to see if the two problems are correlated, and then compare results of other couples in other countries.

Besides obesity, I bet the long demanding hours in the USA's work culture which puts sleep on the back burner, impacts the premature ejaculation problem as well...

Thoughts opinions?
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Old 10-03-2012, 05:48 AM   #10
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Central Fl.
Posts: 46
sextant is an unknown quantity at this point
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I have used Cock Rings. They help delay orgasm as well as keeping you cock really Hard.
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