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Forum Description: Discuss the joys and travails of travel
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Old 05-08-2009, 09:35 PM   #1
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Need Help! Greyhound Bus Travel Cost (USA)
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Hey Guys

So I'm flying out to San Francisco on June 1st. My big plan for the summer is to make my way (by bus) to Mexico City (hell to swineflu) where I will rendezvous with a friend there and fly home (back to the UK).

I've put aside $750 so far for the bus costs, but my big worry is that it might not be enough. I've taken the greyhound before from Chicago to Windsor, Ontario and that cost around $120 return and from New York to Columbus OH before and that cost about the same. Sadly this is about the extent of my experience of traveling this way and although I'll be getting all one-way-tickets there's a bunch of places I intend on stopping off at en-route (listed below in rough order) which'll probably make it more expensive..

So what I really need is some advice from anyone knowledgable on how much the itinerary is gonna cost and whether it'll fit into my budget of $750. I've been getting worries about ending up stranded in some shitsville and having to phone home for a bail-out, which would be bad for all kinds of reasons.

San Francisco CA*
Reno NV*
Salt Lake City UT
Denver CO*
Topeka KS
Oklahoma City OK
Dallas TX*
Austin TX
San Antonio TX*
Laredo TX
Monterrey MEX
Mexico City MEX*

* These are the places I either have to go through, or just think sound pretty groovy. The others I'm not neccessarily all that fussed about.

I'm aware there is a 31 day pass you can buy but I'm not sure how many routes this covers or if it'll be valid at all for traveling through mexico. I also heard somewhere its not available for non-US or Canadian citizens?

Any other travel advice or recommendations would be welcomed!

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If you can avoid greyhound, do something else. GH sucks, is dirty, horrendous customer service and over priced. I know from experience and take other bus companies that are local which have proven to be better experiences. Or look for a train perhaps.

But for your own good, don't give GH your hard earned money, they suck!
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