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Forum Description: Discuss gay issues and meet others in this gay community. Rainbow Power!
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Old 04-13-2009, 02:02 PM   #1
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Best condoms and lube for first time anal sex? (gay)
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Hi there

Me and my partner are meeting for the first time this weekend and we may end up going all the way, for the first time too (both virgins!).

We are both young males and I am wondering what condoms to get and what lubrication to get. I was wondering what recommendations anyone has for us?

Condom wise I have heard that we are best off getting a stronger/thicker condom, is this absolutely necessary and what brands or varieties can you recommend?

Lubricant wise, I have heard that water based is best but silicon lasts longer and both are good to use with latex condoms.

Please help asap, I'm looking at online stores now.

Thank you!
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I use Lifestyles Ultra Lubricated condoms Astroglide for lube. remember to stretch out first by using your fingers. And while he is in you, try pushing his cock out, it has a very stimulating effect on the top and bottom. Hope this was helpful.
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