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  1. I'm really good at picking up women but I'm bad in bed.
  2. Cant seem to last longer help!
  3. Relationship and sex help
  4. Opinions on group marriage, relationship.
  5. Closing eyes during sex
  6. Girlfriend wants to have sex but I am having problems
  7. My relationship is a mess
  8. Help! Newly intimate couple in need of advice.
  9. High School Teacher Love?
  10. How many is too many?
  11. sister separated from husband
  12. Help!!!
  13. Too eager?
  14. Sticky Situation with my ex...
  15. Has she done sex before?
  16. Installing a wife
  17. WHy my bf doesnt want sex as much now?
  18. opinions please?
  19. Sarcasm Interfering with Sex Talk
  20. How much do you and your partner compromise for each other?
  21. Installing a husband
  22. am i being a jerk please tell me
  23. God Parents
  24. Single and feeling free. Might never date again.
  25. Have You Developed A Better Relationship This Year With Someone ?
  26. Body hair on men - what do you find attractive?
  27. Only 5 Months into our marriage....
  28. Puppet Master And His Doll.
  29. Is it Normal to Like Younger Guys?
  30. When partners need to compromise...
  31. wreckage
  32. He loves me, not my fat
  33. Heartbreak.Try and move on.Try and get him back?
  34. girlfriend and her facial hair...
  35. Pre-engagement advice
  36. Marriage Proposals - How / When
  37. Jewelry; Its meaning, Chemistry or Superficialness?
  38. Sex Before Or After Marriage
  39. so lost
  40. Finally in Love Again but Somehow Still in Pain
  41. Jealousy in Relationships?
  42. Amazing coworker turned me down. what to do?
  43. I like this chick and she recently broke up with her bf of secen years.
  44. A straight male w a lot of really good looking female friends
  45. Would you forgive a Cheater?
  46. Are extra- marital affairs really the "norm" in America?
  47. Social Etiquette
  48. Polygamy vs Monogamy
  49. two guys like me
  50. SO Confused....
  51. I'm getting married!(:
  52. Where wis this headed?
  53. falling for my boss what to do
  54. I think my wifes BF has a thing for me...
  55. School mates and more... or not
  56. Fix an.. Average date?
  57. I know it was wrong (long story)
  58. He won't touch me- unrealistic expectations?
  59. Need Advice
  60. So my boyfriend just...
  61. Betrayed
  62. Should i confess everything?
  63. Relationship always means a child is on the way?
  64. The Best Way to Break Up?
  65. Had an interesting date, now she doesn't want to see me?
  66. Getting mixed signals from a woman I'm going out with on Friday
  67. Considering ending it
  68. Considering breaking up
  69. should i get back with my ex girlfriend or move on
  70. Boyfriend doesn't want sex anymore after this incident...?
  71. in the long run..
  72. Are there any women who get turned on by shyness?
  73. Female Body language question
  74. Everygirl i chat with , i become horny ...
  75. The stupidest cunt you ever heard of?
  76. Do I tell her how I feel?
  77. Thoughts..?
  78. Age You Got Married
  79. Recovering from Infidelity?
  80. Why I feel Im cheating?
  81. My sex life!
  82. So I *want* to like this guy
  83. Selfish?
  84. new relationship in 3 months we only had sex ONCE
  85. Will he ever be ready?
  86. How do i bring it out of her?
  87. Forgiving. Forgetting.
  88. Should I never marry, never have kids because of this...
  89. I'm 25 and
  90. Marriage is failing-Help
  91. She said she hasn't
  92. Does he like me? We've been together for two years.
  93. Wife sent sex-picture to male "friend".
  94. is he trying to hit on me or is he just being nice?
  95. How to confront cheating wife?
  96. I don't get on with my boyfriends brother..
  97. Relationships and trust
  98. Am i doing the right thing?
  99. am I an awful gf?
  100. Has anyone actually done this?
  101. Women Only- Ideal Penis Size Survey
  102. What Did They Teach You About Love, Sex, Relationships?
  103. Friends with benefits gone wrong?
  104. Relationship with children's father
  105. Why Did You Get Together?
  106. Long-term relationship sexual arrousal issues
  107. Beautiful advice on marriage, from a divorced man
  108. Can't forgive cheating
  109. Ladies, What does you partner do that makes you feel sexy?
  110. Why are some women sadistic and cruel ?
  111. How do you sweet talk a guy?
  112. I am unhappy with my partner
  113. partner exchange?
  114. Is it too early
  115. Sex dissatisfaction
  116. In a bit of a problem concerning a MILF
  117. wife wont do anything or let me see her naked
  118. Wife Experiences With Ex's But Won't Try With Husband
  119. I wanted this girl until I had her
  120. Potential Relationship Worries
  121. regrets because not having sex in youth :(
  122. Cougars and Cubs
  123. Essie Reis - Guys or Girls, so much choice
  124. Relationship with a Danish man
  125. should i stay or should i go?
  126. The Dog House
  127. From a sex positive educator (male)
  128. Good friend to boyfriend
  129. What really pisses me off about sexism and gender equality
  130. "caring" too much
  131. Is it cheating if...
  132. mediocre sex life?
  133. He can't/wont get me off?
  134. SHould i quit school for love?
  135. Long distance guy problemos.
  136. Post-breakup Hell: Is this normal or have I made a terrible mistake?
  137. Of love and lust
  138. I hang out with my friends gf too much
  139. what do you think happened?
  140. Ex Has a Problem With Boundaries
  141. Plus Size Sex Position Help?!
  142. What should I do?
  143. Remember The F.. Date
  144. Bit of advice from wise ones please ^.^
  145. Retrospective jealousy
  146. Please I really need to know
  147. Should I feel bad for rejecting him?
  148. Need Advice Please
  149. Wife fantasies
  150. I want to get over my ex...
  151. Love or Arrange marriage?
  152. I cheated and now like him
  153. home 1/2 time
  154. writing without attachment
  155. His is distant is it because he feels that I am "too good" for him?
  156. Another question about the nature of love.
  157. Marriage gone bad
  158. I've abused women, hurt animals but still good person
  159. should I wait or text him back
  160. Make a married woman laugh...
  161. Can a red mark made by a bra be confused with a "love bite"?
  162. A Resume
  163. Accepting partner's past
  164. question about 1st date
  165. Depressed over 'bad for me' ex!!
  166. Make a married woman laugh.....
  167. I want to get back together!
  168. Can't get in the groove...
  169. Is it OK to fuck your ex?
  170. Confused.
  171. completely lost and broken
  172. Why Hasn't He Made A Move?
  173. Help Me To Not Break His Heart
  174. dating, sex random blah blah
  175. Was she testing me? Should I move on?
  176. I'm ready to start living together with my girlfriend
  177. advice
  178. dysunctional ex gf
  179. need some relationship advice
  180. How can you tell if you miss an ex or just miss being in a relationship?
  181. Was that a deal breaker???
  182. Is my boyfriend gay?
  183. first time sleeping over.. advice needed
  184. Girl of my dreams doesn't love me back!
  185. We're at totally different places
  186. The relationship advice on this forum is surprisingly good
  187. Russian Women And Logic
  188. Sex is still painful
  189. MFF threesome
  190. Made Out with a Girl who has a Boyfriend
  191. You have no cofnidense yourself
  192. Started as a joke and ended as a drama (long)
  193. Help figuring out wedding budget
  194. Husbands double standards
  195. Husbands double standards
  196. need your opinion!
  197. Bad relationship- Don't care anymore?
  198. To cheat or not to cheat..
  199. ( female) player.
  200. ideas to make up to someone.
  201. I think I'm a complete retard when it comes to boy/girl stuff
  202. That mushy gushy love
  203. completely screwed up
  204. Ever had a loved one in jail/prison?
  205. my bf upset that i have guy friends..
  206. What do you cook a boyfriend for dinner?
  207. I am angry please help
  208. Unruly Girlfriend
  209. Breakups..how, when and where?
  210. What happened
  211. Too old for threesome?
  212. Im bad at sex, what should I do?
  213. Age Group You Work With Or Work At Your Workplace
  214. Post love ruminations
  215. Afraid
  216. did she like me? help! i'm extremely new to this!
  217. What's bothering me these days.
  218. Unrequited love is awful
  219. Sex/make love difference
  220. Girlfriend is differnt Sexually.
  221. Things your spouse does that irks you
  222. How should I tell my gf...
  223. What should I make out of this?
  224. How to tell someone you are not ready for sex?
  225. LSD, love, "love", and confusion
  226. What is this?...
  227. Thinking of a plural relationship...
  228. BF took dump in front of me
  229. Struggling. Any advice?
  230. what is the way to your heart?
  231. Girlfriend doesn't know/understand how to initiate sex - desire not an issue
  232. How can I please him in bed?
  233. Sexually forward
  234. Question About Sex in Relationship
  235. Jewish girls in Australia?
  236. Falling in love affects your brain about the same way as smoking crack
  237. My sex life.
  238. Bad Breath/pheremones
  239. Ladies, what attracts you to a man?
  240. Boyfriend viewing escort sites
  241. Astral Sex
  242. thoughts? 1st date
  243. just curious and need some feedback
  244. Angry About Girlfriend's Rape. Please Help.
  245. Sexual men, romantic women
  246. Watch and comment.
  247. I just want her to be happy,, am I bad?
  248. GIRL on BUS loves ..girl on bus seeks advice
  249. Ain't it weird it's guys who get rejected
  250. Every Woman is a Threat!!!