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  1. NY Times Calls for Cannabis Legalization!
  2. Crisis in Iraq
  3. Mass Stabbing at PA High School
  4. Camper killed by Police for camping
  5. 239 Feared Dead on Malaysia Airlines
  6. Ukraine & Russia
  7. 28 killed, dozens injured in Chinese train station
  8. The "Gunshine State"
  9. US CDC urges vaccinations amid dangerous flu season
  10. Keystone XL pipeline...
  11. New law allows citizens to shoot police...
  12. Man Rubs Body with 2 lbs of Pot Daily
  13. It's A Sad Day For Hippies
  14. Obama Reigns in the NSA - Slightly
  15. Homeless In The U.S.A.
  16. Police cars burn fracking protest turn voilent
  17. FBI busts the Silk Road
  18. Slashing SNAP (food assistance) in the US
  19. United States Federal Government Shut-Down
  20. Kenya Mall Attack
  21. 24 People Shot in Chicago in Two Days
  22. Multiple Deaths Navy Yard Shooting in DC
  23. Feds will not sue states over Marijuna laws
  24. Syria Declares Cyber-War on NY Times and Twitter
  25. Austic child hatemail
  26. Toronto cop charged with Sammy Yatim murder
  27. Watch What You Google!
  28. UN Narcotics Body Warns Uruguay over Marijuana Bill
  29. Greece Reinstates Forced HIV Testing
  30. Reports say Edward Snowden given pass to leave Moscow airport
  31. Insecticide in school lunch kills 22 children
  32. Russia Says It Will Arrest Openly Gay Tourists
  33. NSA's access to Microsoft's services detailed
  34. 19 Firefighters Died in Arizona Wildfire This Morning
  35. Julia Gillard is finally sent packing
  36. Supreme Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional
  37. Obama to arm Syrian rebels
  38. The Missing Link Between GMOs and and Chronic Disease
  39. 31 Charts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity
  40. Revealed: NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily
  41. 24 Dead in Oklahoma Tornado
  42. Doors' Ray Manzarek Dies in Germany
  43. wtf? 19 Shot in NOLO @ Mother's Day Parade..
  44. Indian Supreme Court considering online porn ban
  45. Government halts HIV vaccine trial after shot fails to prevent infections
  46. EPA takes on State Department over Keystone pipeline
  47. water should be privatized says Nestlé
  48. Fertilizer Plant Explodes in Texas - 15 Dead
  49. Senate Blocked Gun Control Measures
  50. Attack on Boston Marathon
  51. Henry Kissinger in new WikiLeaks document release
  52. Ding Dong, The Wicked Witch Is Dead
  53. British personnel reveal horrors of secret US base in Baghdad
  54. Obama calls for brain mapping project
  55. Monsanto Protection Act Sneaks Through Senate
  56. North Korea Threatens War
  57. Bee Venom Kills HIV!
  58. Japanese Clone 26 Generations of Mice!
  59. Hugo Chavez is dead
  60. Drinking Raw Milk Is A Crime
  61. Natural Gas Flowing Underground For 12 Days, Gulf Of Mexico
  62. The Pope Resigns. The Fall of Rome.
  63. LAPD shoot two innocent people during hunt for Christopher Dorner
  64. 4.5 Billion Earth Like Planets Nearby!
  65. Drones To Be Used Against American Citizens
  66. Anonymous Launches Operation Last Resort
  67. Deaf Man Stabbed For Using Sign Language
  68. NRA planning Gun Appreciation Day
  69. Senate OKs warrantless wiretapping
  70. 33 Michigan Schools Close Because of Rumors of Mayan Doomsday.
  71. Mass Hypnosis in CT
  72. Westboro Baptist Church planning protest Newtown CT
  73. 22 kids slashed in knife attack at Chinese elementary school
  74. 27 Dead in Mass Shooting at Elementary School in Newton, CT
  75. Obama Being Investigated
  76. Palestine Recognition
  77. Oil Platform Explosion-Gulf Of Mexico
  78. Support the troops... here's the other side.
  79. Colorado likely to legalize personal use MJ
  80. Bank Of America Sued by Feds
  81. And in other Zombie news....
  82. Fertilizer plant fire sends toxic smoke over the Ruhr Area
  83. US and British Naval Power Massing In Persian Gulf
  84. Anonymous Own3r takes down (redirects) millions of GoDaddy websites.
  85. Man with a gun ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store
  86. AntiSec Steals 12 Million Apple Mobile IDs from FBI agent's Laptop
  87. Bibi's Secret War Plan
  88. Russia Sentences Pussy Riot to Two Years
  89. Huge Oil Refinery Fire San Francisco Bay
  90. At Least 6 Dead in Shooting at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin
  91. Women's Olympic Boxing Debuts in London on Sunday
  92. Handcuffed Man Shot and Killed In Police Car in Jonesboro Arkansas
  93. Chinese Environmental Activists Riot, Pipeline Cancelled!
  94. Skype Allows Police to Monitor Chats
  95. LA City Council votes unanimously to ban MMJ dispensaries
  96. Protesting Police In Anaheim
  97. Iran's Nuke Computers Hacked Again -AC/DC Song Played!
  98. Colorado 'batman' shooting?
  99. Aussie Naked Rambler Set Free
  100. Facebook Monitors Chats, Reports to Police
  101. EU Just Says NO to ACTA!
  102. Canadian Class Action Lawsuit Names Vatican, Crown Of England, Others Co-Defendants
  103. U.S. Banks Face Criminal Probe Into Global Interest Rate-Fixing Scheme
  104. Supreme Court OK's Obama's Health Care Law!
  105. German Court Rules Circumcision Illegal
  106. Battle for Damascus! Blast Kills For Top Security Officials. Assad Hurt?
  107. Turkish War Plane Shot Down Over Syrian Waters
  108. Pic of the Day! Times Square Yoga Class
  109. China, Russia, Iran Announce Joint War Game with Syria
  110. Credit Agency Mines Facebook and Social Networks
  111. You Host 10,000 Species of Bacteria!
  112. Japanese Dock Reaches Oregon; Tsunami Debris Arriving Sooner Than Expected
  113. Navy Unmanned Drone Crashes on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, $186 Million Burns
  114. 2012: Hottest Year On Record
  115. U. N. Environment Report Brings Some Very Bad News
  116. Multiple Body Parts Being Found In Canada
  117. Unprecedented Wave of Railway Suicides Hits France
  118. Green Lantern is Gay!
  119. Student Charged With Killing, Eating Man's Brain, Heart
  120. Radioactive Tuna Caught Off California Coast
  121. Man Stabbed Himself, Threw His Skin And Intestines At Officers
  122. Cyber War's New Virus: Flame - Most Powerful Ever!
  123. Police Kill Naked Man Eating Another Naked Man's Face
  124. Man Cooked and Served His Own Genitalia
  125. Electricity Generated From Water Using New Process
  126. Eclipse Pictures!
  127. Congress May Repeal Ban on Government Propaganda
  128. Facebook Sued for $15 Billion for Illegally Tracking Users
  129. Beware the Talking Lamp Posts!
  130. FBI Agent on the Lam?
  131. Police Cars Now Equipped with Radiation Detectors
  132. Japan Shuts Down Last Nuclear Reactor!
  133. Student Forgotten in DEA Holding Cell for 5 Days, Drinks Own Urine to Survive.
  134. Woman Squeezes Man's Balls, Kills Him
  135. Terahertz Sensor Sees Thru Walls, Clothes, & More
  136. China Tests Internet Kill Switch?
  137. Navy Jet Crashes In Virginia Beach
  138. Google Shows Off Augmented Reality Glasses
  139. Half a Million Macs Infected with Trojan
  140. Oaksterdam, "marijuana college" raided
  141. A woman seeking treatment in emergency room arrested & died in police custody
  142. Ontario Appeal court ruling Two sex-trade laws ruled unconstitutional
  143. Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords
  144. Pirate Bay to Use Server Drones
  145. SXSW Homeless Makes You Feel At Home
  146. Sponsors Flee Rush Limbaugh Show - 140 So Far!
  147. Declaration of Food Independence signed into common law
  148. Anonymous Declares War (Cancelled) on the United States Government!
  149. Anonymous Takes Down Corporate Prison Website
  150. Homeland Security Monitoring Keywords on Social Networks
  151. Prop 8 Struck Down as Unconstitutional
  152. Anonymous Hacks FBI to Scotland Yard Phone Call
  153. Tourists deported over a Twitter joke.
  154. United States Government Shuts Down Megaupload
  155. SOPA Bill Dead! White House Nixes
  156. Facebook Hit By Malicious Worm, 45,000 Accounts locked!
  157. US Sends 9,000 Troops, Aircraft Carrier to Israel
  158. Iraq War Vet Shoots Five, Kills Ranger, on the Lam in Nat'l Park
  159. Anonymous Begins Project Mayhem: Sony and Nintendo Drop support for SOPA bill!
  160. More American soldiers commit suicide than die in combat
  161. US Troops in Jordan Prepare for War with Syria, Syria Prepares Chemical Weapons
  162. Drone Wars!
  163. BPA levels skyrocket after eating canned soup
  164. All Smart Phones are Bugged and Tracking Everything!
  165. Senate Rules in Favor of Unconstitutional Detainment Bill
  166. UK to Start Banning People from the Internet!
  167. Syracuse: Basketball Coach Fired For Molesting Boys - Wife Knew!
  168. American Censorship Day: November 16, 2011
  169. Penn State Child Sex Scandal: Sandusky Guilty!
  170. Italy: Berlusconi Forced to Resign
  171. Unusual Radiation Reported Over Europe
  172. London Student Tuition Protests Draw Thousands
  173. San Francisco to Vote on Nudity in Restaurants.
  174. Anonymous Threatens Zetas Drug Gang!
  175. Argentina Re-elects Woman President!
  176. Anonymous Strikes Again! Releases Personal Info on Police Chiefs
  177. US to Withdraw from Iraq by December
  178. US Drone Program Infected by Virus
  179. Steve Jobs is Dead!
  180. Raw Milk Battle in Canada Continues
  181. Facebook Tracking EVERY Site You Visit!
  182. Pharma-backed legislation to allow secret vaccinations of children without consent
  183. Greek Man Sets Himself on Fire for Third Time!
  184. Grab our Hip News Feed!
  185. Hottest Summer in USA in 75 Years!
  186. Harper Bringing Back "Anti-Terror" Powers for Canadian Police
  187. Americans experimented with STDs on Latinos and Blacks
  188. Modern shaman Peter Aziz, burned @ the stake
  189. Microsoft Phone Tracking You - No Matter What You Do!
  190. Russian Space Hotel Planned
  191. You Are Part Neanderthal!
  192. NYPD Spying on Americans!
  193. Tripoli Libya Bloodbath - Where is Gaddafi?
  194. Girl Phones Mom: The Bear is Eating Me!
  195. Anonymous Attacks San Francisco and Fullerton, California!
  196. NASA discovers DNA building blocks in meteroites
  197. Anonymous Plans Attack on Facebook - Facebook Down Today!
  198. Anonymous Hacks 70 US Law Enforcement Websites
  199. London Burns - Riots all around England
  200. Roseanne Barr Announces She Will Run for President!
  201. Navy Seal Team that Killed Bin-Laden, Killed in Afghanistan
  202. Feds Allowed Mexican Cartel to Ship Cocaine into U.S.
  203. Debt Crisis: US Military Warned They Might Not Get Paid
  204. UK:The Chilcot Inquiry Into Run-Up to Iraq War - Focus on Blair
  205. Amy Winehouse Found Dead
  206. Huge Explosion in Oslo + Massacre, 92 Dead! Killer Conservative, Right-Wing Christian
  207. Man Who Threatened Obama Found Innocent!
  208. 14 Anonymous Arrested in US
  209. AntiSec Hacks Security Company Posts Up 90,000 Emails and Passwords
  210. Mining in the Arctic by melting the ice caps!
  211. Berlusconi company sentenced to pay $ 800.000.000
  212. Australia becomes 10th nation to introduce tax on greenhouse gas emissions
  213. New "Uncontacted" Tribe Found in Amazon
  214. The Fall of Rupert Murdoch's Empire? News of the World Stops Publication!
  215. Google Guilty of Wiretapping, Invasion of Privacy
  216. Cops Taser and Beat Handicapped Boy
  217. President Barack Obama to invest more than $500 million in advanced technologies.
  218. US to increase drugs war spending
  219. Ethanol Suffers Rare Loss in Senate
  220. Apple wants to control the camera on your phone
  221. ATF Corruption: Operation "Fast & Furious"
  222. 40th Anniversary of War On Drugs - A HUGE FAILURE!
  223. Italy says no to nuclear power. again
  224. Two New Elements Discovered
  225. Weiner to Resign!
  226. Peru approves 10 year ban GM crops
  227. FDA finally admits chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic
  228. Facebook and Twitter Banned from French TV and Radio News
  229. Bank of America gets pad locked after homeowner forecloses on it
  230. Sony Hacked Again!
  231. Deadly E-Coli Outbreak in Germany Spreads
  232. Global Commission: Drug War Has Failed, Legalize!
  233. Tornado Hits Springfield Massachusetts Heading Towards Boston?
  234. Germany to Shutdown All Nuclear Power Plants
  235. Obama in Buckingham Palace for State Banquet
  236. Supreme Court Orders the Release of 40,000 California Inmates
  237. Tucson police murder Iraq war veteran in his own home
  238. Sweden: 23 Women Charged with Possessing Child Pornography
  239. Nato Decimates Libyan Navy
  240. Brazil: Woman Legally Allowed to Masturbate at Work
  241. Is the cellphone killing the honeybee?
  242. Ashton Kutcher to Replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men
  243. Warrantless Online Surveillance State (for Canadians)
  244. U.S. Gov‘t Creates ’Fake People’ to Spread Propaganda via Social Networks
  245. Sony Blames Anonymous for Playstation Hack
  246. Osama Bin Laden Dead
  247. Obama calls on Congress, Oil Subsidies near an end.
  248. Gaddafi's son killed
  249. Al-Qaeda Blast in Marrakech Kills 15, Mostly Tourists
  250. US shuttle blasts off on final trip