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  1. The Four Horsemen:Film about what's going down.
  2. Trying to save $$$ with a hybrid? Well tough luck!
  3. CIA mind control. *Graphic Content*
  4. Backward Oklahoma
  5. Walmart workers cost taxpayers 6.2 billion in public assistance
  6. Why do some people Russia is the bad guy in this?
  7. "Not a Democracy: Americans have little influence on policy"
  8. The New Babylon Project
  9. [NWS] Senator speaks his mind!
  10. FBI to investigate Wall Street's high frequency trading
  11. Is the World culturally adult enough to handle this object?
  12. What is Swissindo?
  13. The United States is a 3rd World Country
  14. Cold War Starts Up Again! Nuclear War Looms!
  15. Do Governments promote an attitude?
  16. Guns, A health Care Issue?
  17. Brit's get sharia law
  18. Privatizing Public Schools
  19. Want war. Let the men negotiate. Want peace, let the women at it.
  20. NY'rs Mass Civil Disobedience - gun forms burned
  21. Let's talk economy and less politics
  22. Fairbanks Alaska Fukyshima radiation resolution
  23. Politics, spirituality, physics, and psychology
  24. Post news reports that show wisdom of citizens carrying guns
  25. Who said it?
  26. news or propaganda
  27. Politics?
  28. Russia throws an Ultimatum to Ukrainian Forces
  29. I don't want to support the banks
  30. Russians warned US about Boston jihadis, Obama ignored same
  31. Obama ignored repeated warnings from Russia about Boston Marathon Bombers
  32. Don't like OBAMA???
  33. Conquer the world
  34. do you feel bad about the bad possition of other countires?>
  35. If you voted for Obama, do you regret it?
  36. Do Any Republicans Join Unions?
  37. WhatsApp in the Ukraine–When Masculine Paradigms Collide
  38. Vote democrat for now on
  39. Obama meets Dalai Lama
  40. Thatcher’s Fatal Legacy
  41. The cowardly right
  42. UK enforces law which bans public from criticising the govt
  43. Did you watch the state of the union?
  44. State Casinos
  45. Should the whole planet become secularist by the decree of the U.N.?
  46. Ok Here's The Deal On U.S Income Inequality
  47. Most expensive cities
  48. Europe under the threat of ecological accident
  49. Ariel Sharon dies
  50. Please support ukrainians to fight against corruption.
  51. Libertarianism started as a PR campaign for big business
  52. Ethics
  53. More NDAA/Obama woes.
  54. Aristotle. Old, but obvious.
  55. Liberalism and why I despise it
  56. Nelson Mandela; economic pragmatist and realist.
  57. Will Fast Food Workers Be Replaced By Computers?
  58. High noon in relations between IMF and Ukraine has matured
  59. ALEC on NPR
  60. What happens when you scrap the welfare state
  61. If you like your Rx ; you can keep your Rx
  62. What do you think of the U.N.?
  63. Taxes... what do you think about them?
  64. Protests in Ukraine
  65. Pope Francis slams Republican economics
  66. College Fraud...What to do?
  67. Iran agrees to curb nuclear activity at Geneva talks
  68. Harry Reid finally grows a pair
  69. Israel or Iran? Who would u want to win in a war?
  70. "People Get the Government They Deserve"
  71. Stop Blaming America
  72. Did You Know: Obama Admin.provided 2,000+militry grade weapons to Mex.Drug gangs ?
  73. Stop blaming ‘government’
  74. Idaho elects a Rapist and he also gets a gun
  75. This whole thing about drug testing at work is insanity isn't it?
  76. UK Royal Marine charged with murder for killing Taliban insurgent
  77. Does the military belong in schools?
  78. Diversity contributes to mission success?
  79. Russian Court Strips News site of its licence for Pussy Riot video
  80. Obamacare Dental
  81. the new godwins law
  82. TED talk: How economic inequality harms societies
  83. Koch brothers back away from tea party
  84. TheLipTV NDAA,Police State
  85. Who was the Conservative Republican Senator who gave this speech?
  86. Suffering in the World Caused by the USA.
  87. Hitting the ceiling
  88. Other issues not mentioned because of the shutdown.
  89. A big shout out to Justice Roberts !!!
  90. Oby!!!! Take down this health care site!!!
  91. Moderate republicans? BWAH HA HA!
  92. The blame game...What does your crystal ball say?
  93. Jesse Ventura / Howard Stern 2016
  94. Election 2016
  95. Greek police arrest Golden Dawn Party leader and a party lawmaker
  96. Liberals posing as freedom fighters.
  97. Russia Bans the Quran
  98. The Free Market Existed...
  99. libertarians posing as fredom fighters, progressives,leftists...
  100. How we got to where we are.
  101. If Obamacare was really as bad as cons say...
  102. Will the successful stick around to be soaked?
  103. GOP pac runs ads to oust Boehner
  104. CIA removed a democratically elected Iranian prime minister in 1953 cuz:
  105. WikiLeaks released documents that conforms mass survelance
  106. Opponent To Food Stamp Cuts
  107. The House votes to defund Obamacare
  108. Planned censorship of esoteric websites and web forums
  109. right wing cons threaten to default on national debt
  110. Guy Debord's "Society of The Spectacle" pt. 1
  111. Another NRA republican mass shooting
  112. The End of Barack Obama
  113. What really happening in Syria?
  114. how much will Chris Christie aske the feds for now?
  115. Who is and who isn't a journalist....
  116. Saudis sent death-row inmates to fight Syria
  117. Fukushima plume heading across Pacific to U.S. and Canada
  118. political views test
  119. Twilight of America
  120. President Obama supporting islamic terrorists
  121. I told you so
  122. Notice how quiet Israel is about Syria?
  123. dems should make cons agree not to cut healthcare funding...
  124. You are here
  125. Graduated Minimum Wage?
  126. Syria , an alternative to retaliation ?
  127. A Benevolent Arrogance
  128. Social Attitude Test
  129. U.S. Depleted Uranium as Malicious as Syrian Chemical Weapons
  130. So, when is the U.S. gonna start the air strikes in Syria?
  131. Social Attitude Test
  132. When Shrub chumped U.S. allies into the Iraq war.....
  133. Obama gives Colorado green light to legalize pot!
  134. Hackers deface Google
  135. Teabaggers say Lindsey Graham isn't right wing enough
  136. The Politics and Solutions for saving Earth
  137. Use of chemical weapons in Syria?
  138. America Spies On Us All
  139. See we do prosecute our soldiers who do war crimes.
  140. Senator wants to call a Constitutional Convention
  141. The arab spring revolution has failed.
  142. Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years in Wikileaks case
  143. American terrorist says "rj... have you ever had an independent thought?"
  144. Youtube attacks PressTV
  145. World War III
  146. Woah! Myspace is controlled by Big Brother.
  147. 2nd Coming of the 60s
  148. No Taxation Without Representation
  149. New Egyptian constitution may seek to ban all religious parties from politics
  150. States that are violating the 26th Amendment
  151. Again I'm not surprised
  152. Beware the Fascist-Liberal Hardline
  153. Democracy just doesn't work anymore (A tale of two political systems)
  154. FDA says dont worry about Fukushima because the ocean is BIG!
  155. Reforming Campaign Financing
  156. Texas Republican says House of reps has enough votes to impeach Obama
  157. White Sheep or House Negro... is there a difference?
  158. right wing activist judges
  159. Police/Thugs raid/beat/harass family at 2am... YUP -- This is Amerika!!
  160. What is a properly functioning democracy?
  161. Moscow rejects Saudi offer to drop Assad for arms deal
  162. Asylum Seeker Protests
  163. Finally !
  164. When does a hate crime get "reduced" to "workplace violence"?
  165. Banning the term "brown bagging it"
  166. The new CIA - Google
  167. "I'm Tired"
  168. Presidential Speech on Race
  169. Closing of U.S. embassies
  170. Free Tibet
  171. Hundreds poisoned
  172. Obamaphone
  173. US out of the UN
  174. 31 states give parential rights to rapists
  175. Russian lawmaker says gay athletes will be arrested at the Olympics in 2014
  176. The minimum wage
  177. The UK and Panama agreed to end double taxation, boosting the potential for trade
  178. US Healthcare debate discussion
  179. US Economy Policy Thread
  180. US Education Policy Thread
  181. US Energy Policy Thread
  182. congress is the mirror image of the American people
  183. SCOTUS's ruling on the Voting Rights Act
  184. So it's a gamble?
  185. Getting Involved With Green Party
  186. 2nd amendment supporters
  187. Single market report: review of the balance of competences
  188. Speaker of the House wants anarchy
  189. Rand Paul aid resigns for his confederate views
  190. Banksters Slowly Being Arrested Around the World
  191. Orwellian Doublespeak and Being Barack Obama
  192. Social Housing in the UK (in particular - London)
  193. Washington State Voter Information
  194. republicans have wasted $55 million voting 38 times to repeal healthcare
  195. Florida's Stand Your Ground laws benefit blacks....
  196. So now the govt can hack into your car and crash it
  197. Magic Mushroom Seizure ALBERTA 67 KG of Shrooms.
  198. Russia embraces religious intolerance with draconian blasphemy.
  199. That's what government is for....
  200. Adam Kokesh say's we cannot allow crimes of our government continue
  201. Countries allowing asylum to Snowden
  202. A Message from Egypt
  203. Liberals oust conservatives in Egypt
  204. Wouldn't it be great if Obama/Bush were prosecuted for their war crimes?
  205. Corporate tax dodgers
  206. Good News/Discussion Source?
  207. Man facing 13 years in prison for writing "anti Bank" messages in chalk
  208. Has the 3rd amendment of the US constitution ever been violated?
  209. SCOTUS brings back racism in southern states voting rights
  210. U.S. military is destroying $7 billion worth of war machine
  211. A discussion on freedom
  212. 13 year old boy kills 5 year old sister with WWE wrestling moves
  213. Syrian rebel pulls out soldiers heart and eats it *VERY graphic!*
  214. Please read every word of this
  215. Who's lying, Putin or Kraft?
  216. I'm really scared
  217. Gun control and genocide
  218. Pentagon building super soldiers with steroids
  219. Senator McCain does photo Op with Al Qaida terrorists in Syria
  220. 52,000 millionaires caught hiding trillions from IRS in Swiss bank accounts
  221. Media ignores MAJOR protest in Turkey
  222. Sadly quite true!
  223. right wing gun nut jobs try to kill NYC mayor
  224. Happy Memorial Day
  225. If the U.S Government attacks Iran..
  226. What to do...?
  227. Worldwide march against monsanto
  228. how do We really feel about citizens united?
  229. Bay area environmentalists please spread the word.
  230. was wondering what animal rights people thought of this
  231. Dzhokhar Tsarnaey's boat note
  232. The I.R.S. scandal
  233. How the free market pwned Dr. Gosnell
  234. you need to read this
  235. South Carolina may become the dumbest state in the country
  236. "human rights violations" would be the last reason the US would intervene in Syria
  237. War on Terror (2) What could WE do to'win'?
  238. Would someone please bound & gag Ann Coulter?!
  239. Patriocracy (Documentary)
  240. Warmonger republicans call for new war in Syria
  241. Why Obama has purchased 150,000,000 plastic coffins?
  242. Senator Greg Balls
  243. so deregulation = death and destruction?
  244. Muslims and Christians
  245. Isn’t gun crime terrorism?
  246. Since when did being anti-government = being anti-American
  247. CISPA Has Passed U.S. House
  248. dont understand politics..wanna know whats going on in our world
  249. My Thoughts During Chaotic and Scary Events
  250. War on Terror-why arn't we winning ?