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  1. Poll: Uncircumcision v.s circumcision
  2. Home vids
  3. Bottoming out
  4. Music During Foreplay and Sex
  5. Do women prefer submissive or dominate
  6. Condom vs No condom
  7. Changing pussy
  8. Cum
  9. Women
  10. Guys: Continue after learning you really brought back a guy?
  11. Plus Size Women & Cocks
  12. Anal Hairs
  13. Ladies: Do you sexually objectify men?
  14. was your first sexual encounter with another person good or bad?
  15. girls- what does your orgasm feel like?
  16. Poll: Did you have sex with your spouse on your first date? Did it help or hinder?
  17. anyone know how to post pics?
  18. Home vid
  19. Women: Do you like to watch a guy cum on your panties or stockings?
  20. Let's talk about circumcision.
  21. Ladies : Your Opinion On Guys With Hairy Bodies
  22. Can't last long in favourite postion
  23. Sex : How Many Times Per Year
  24. How long
  25. Females: Where Do You Prefer His Cock?
  26. Poll for girls
  27. Here's a question for my fellow guys
  28. After finishing inside her
  29. For the ladies
  30. 69
  31. Do You Stimulate Your Male Partners Nipples
  32. Guys:What's really going through your head the first time you see her naked?
  33. Ladies- what's the biggest load?
  34. smoking fetish
  35. My boyfriend is bad in bed
  36. simultaneous orgasm
  37. Would you happy with a sexless relationship?
  38. Creativity against promiscuity
  39. How many of you women have had an orgasm ?
  40. Would You Suck My Dick?
  41. Smells
  42. Guys: Which Of Your Testes Hangs The Lowest ?
  43. pubic hair question
  44. Ladies: Do You Have Saggy Or Perky Breasts ?
  45. I would let my spouse do this:
  46. Need help !
  47. Wife's Past
  48. Your Online Sexual Behavior Poll
  49. How much do you enjoy sex?
  50. Anonymous oral sex: how often?
  51. Hard or Soft to Start Sex
  52. Poll!! penis girth (circunference).
  53. Sex with a 16year old
  54. Girls: Do You Deep Throat?
  55. Women: Do you like your guy to shave down there?
  56. a poll for men:
  57. Age of catholic or regular schoolgirl role play in fantasy
  58. First time oral
  59. Would guys enjoy "cat calls" ?
  60. How many woman/men have experienced an MMF
  61. What women like/ dislike about sex
  62. only for Females ..
  63. Which girl is more attractive???
  64. who initiates first...you or your partner??
  65. Women Turned On By Two Men Having Sex?
  66. whats the best present to give a gal on here birthday
  67. What turns you on?
  68. Quirky Moves
  69. Oops...Boob contact
  70. Wife Passed Out = Fair game?
  71. Lgbt..a?
  72. Sex question
  73. Role PlAy???
  74. Question for the women (men can answer too I guess)
  75. bad dreams
  76. Which one of these girls is the hottest?
  77. how many are uncomfortable wearign clothes?
  78. SEX, LIES, and CUM! (No condom fucking)
  79. Do women find the male body as attractive as men find the female body?
  80. Should Prostitution be Legal?
  81. How Do You Rate Intercourse 1 - 10
  82. Your Partners Sexual Score
  83. Favourite Sex Act Options & Opinions
  84. About time ladies had a chance
  85. What is your favourite MMF/FFM positions?
  86. Married Masturbation
  87. Have you ever delivered a mercy fuck?
  88. best porn movie
  89. [Woman]What physical traits turns you on instantly and intensively?
  90. Facesitting/analingus
  91. How About A Relationship With Beautiful Escort
  92. How many would?
  93. Have You Ever Had an STD?
  94. Type of circumcision
  95. Still a Virgin tips?
  96. Femle Sexual Fantasy Survey for Book
  97. So, who has fucked other races....
  98. do you believe in astrology? which ones?
  99. Is it cool to use baby oil?
  100. favorite sexually themed song
  101. Age of consent?
  102. Women, what is your optimal amount of time for sexual intercourse
  103. Who else thinks of breasts as simple udders?
  104. Ladies, what best describes your sexual history and attitudes?
  105. Poll: Guys, what best describes your wife?
  106. fucking best friends sister
  107. *adult only* do hot looking people have hotter sex than people who aren't as hot?
  108. Women: Which position do you find the easiest to orgasm?
  109. watch girlfriend suck another man
  110. Have you ever wanted to see?
  111. Best sex you ever had?
  112. Ur3 dildo
  113. how much can you remember when you lost....
  114. Big breasts or Small breasts?
  115. Men that like to sit on a woman's face?
  116. What percent of guys are great in bed?
  117. Oralsex feels wetter than pussysex?
  118. What should I do to her?
  119. Do you love Asian girls?
  120. Recently discovered Cuckquean
  121. Wilds sex every had?
  122. Women that prefer blowjobs over intercourse
  123. anal play?
  124. Bondage
  125. What's your prefrence ?
  126. Swallowing
  127. Bra & panties
  128. Ladies would you for millions?
  129. Women's porn
  130. Panties
  131. Does lubricant change the feeling of sex?
  132. pireced women?
  133. When is your favorite time for Sex?
  134. Best drink before sex
  135. Guys: how do you like a girls ass?
  136. clit on sex
  137. Have your sexual desires/preferences morphed over the years?
  138. Ladies - kiss on first date?
  139. sex survey
  140. Men: Pubic hair preference towards women?
  141. sex preference for men
  142. Would you prefer your partner to be submissive or dominant?
  143. Guys shaving pubes? One for the women to answer
  144. Girls with big or small hands?
  145. Do girls like Facial Cumshots?
  146. Sexts
  147. flaccid length poll
  148. girls: cock size girl height
  149. Women: What is your favourite position?
  150. Men: What is your favourite position?
  151. I have some questions
  152. To All The Webcam Girls
  153. Music or Quiet During Sex
  154. cum swallow
  155. Tonguing a Girl's Ass
  156. Girlfriend and Black dildo
  157. Any favorite pornstars?
  158. Do you lust for grannies?
  159. co-ed: is this statue hot or not?
  160. girls: first attraction to an OLDER, older man
  161. question for cousin.?
  162. 'you have no idea what I'd do to you '
  163. first face slap
  164. first time 69
  165. Watching your man masturbate. Turn on or Turn off?
  166. Guys: Would you have sex with a mother and daughter at the same time?
  167. how do guys feel about taking virginity?
  168. Question for the ladies
  169. Shave or unshaved down there?
  170. Girls getting strange dick on the side
  171. breasts or butt
  172. so I didn't really know where to put this...?
  173. Lights on? Or Lights Off?
  174. Have U Ever Had Sex So Good You Couldn't Take It?
  175. during oral do you like? women poll
  176. Do you enjoy guys cumming on you?
  177. Girls: Shoes on during sex?
  178. Kinsey Scale
  179. Survey for HAIRY GIRLS only
  180. Have you ever been completely surprised by the outcome of your home made porno?
  181. Girls: Do you watch porn with your BF/Husband?
  182. Guys cumming on girls
  183. sex in movies and travels
  184. New toy?
  185. Do penises look better flaccid or erect?
  186. Who's turned on by pregnant women?
  187. Interesting Opinion
  188. Anal survey
  189. Men: What makes a perfect sex partner?
  190. Question for the ladies from a 22 yr old virgin male
  191. Poll: describe a perfect female body type you like the best
  192. Is There A Certain Age You Would Like To Be Again For Sexual Or Other Reasons?
  193. Last sexual thing you did and with whom? :)
  194. Guys - Have You Ever Used A Penis / Cock Ring?
  195. Have You Ever Been Offered The Chance To Watch Another Couple Having Sex ?
  196. Who Buys The Sextoys You & Your Partner Use?
  197. How Often Do You or You & Your Partner Use Sextoys?
  198. Guys - What Type Of Porn Do You Prefer To Look At?
  199. Who Initiates Sex The Most - You or Your Partner?
  200. Size or Body??
  201. Nipple Preferences?
  202. Girls:-How do you like to masturbate?
  203. GUYS!..What's the oldest a woman would be that you'd have/had sex with?
  204. The Worst Sex
  205. Opinion pleazzze - Wand Vibrator vs Bullet Vibrator
  206. Ever Tasted Your Own Cum?
  207. For Women: Girls Turned on WHEN Pleasuring Men and Want Nothing More for them to Cum
  208. Orgasm denial
  209. Sexiest youtube videos (or other non-porn internet videos)
  210. Kegels, Men and Women Polled Here
  211. Boob job? desirable or not..guys?
  212. if you ever ate a cream pie?
  213. Women & Bi Sexual males
  214. Do you like OUTERCOURSE?
  215. Tit man, or an ass man?
  216. Guys sex toys
  217. Ladies: The things that light you up.
  218. Women: What's your Shoe Size?
  219. office masturbation
  220. Cut vs. Uncut: The Great Debate
  221. How many girls would....
  222. Will it do just fine? (Girls only please)
  223. Age,how many partners,male or female
  224. What race are you attracted to?
  225. Circumcision Survey!
  226. Breast Size
  227. Girls - Can You Feel the Ejaculation
  228. Nipples!
  229. Do You Watch Yourself Cum
  230. Masturbation and Porn
  231. Hetero Female Only: Is Anal Sex a part of a "typical" sex life.
  232. Submission in a Blowjob
  233. Phone Sex? Do you do it?
  234. Guys: what do you prefer giving, Vaginal or Anal Sex
  235. Lube Poll for Men
  236. Psychology Survey - CHOOSING A MATE BY MAKING A LIST
  237. for females: the summer between your jr & sr year in high school
  238. girls, do you like it when a guy throbs his dick during sex
  239. Sex positions
  240. Last thing you bought!
  241. Astrological sex survey pt.3
  242. Astrological sex survey pt.2
  243. Astrological sex survey
  244. Quality or Quantity
  245. walking round house in underwear
  246. Wife's Past
  247. Favorite Knickers + Comando
  248. The MOST taboo sex act?
  249. Top, Bottom, or Switch
  250. Have you ever visited prosistutes?