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  1. XTC Heads
  2. When I grow up I wanna be a dj!
  3. MDMA + THC Visuals
  4. precursor for mdma
  5. What are molly comedowns to you?
  6. advice
  7. MDA, MDMA, or both?
  8. Mdma identification
  9. First time trying mdma/molly
  10. Hiding dilated pupils
  11. Mdma + mda
  12. Taking MDMA in a rock festival?
  13. Help me find out what drug I took
  14. MDMA habits
  15. ibiza lovers
  16. am I alergic to MDMA
  17. How to avoid discomfort on a roll.
  18. mdma comedown
  19. Molly and Water
  20. The Perfect Drug
  21. MoonRock Molly
  22. MTV True Life: I'm Hooked on Molly
  23. The best way to dose?
  24. Measuring MDMA Crystals
  25. Pure MDMA Scent
  26. Online Molly--100% scam
  27. MDMA rush, non chemically induced?
  28. Had a large amount of mdma arrive in the mail... need advice
  29. Molly = Pandora's Box
  30. What to expect first time MDMA?
  31. Need help identifying
  32. pma passed off as mdma
  33. First MDMA Experience??
  34. What exactly are moonrocks?
  35. Just picked up, what do you guys think? (pic inside)
  36. Does rolling with someone for their first time get you higher?
  37. I miss my dear old friend, Molly...
  38. Don't be Mark, have some fun
  39. Females on MDMA
  40. Does age make a difference?
  41. New to MDMA. Had a few questions about dosages?
  42. Sleep aid night before roll?
  43. Mainstream article on MDMA and EDM
  44. Mainstream article on MDMA and EDM
  45. Am I good to go on MDMA tonight?
  46. First time doing mdma need experienced advice
  47. Mdma?
  48. Good chance to roll again
  49. Acetone wash
  50. 3 Day Binge at TOMORROWWORLD - Need Opinions!
  51. 3 Day Binge at TOMORROWWORLD - Need Opinions!
  52. taking mdma two weekends in a row?
  53. Doing X in the Hood - Funny Video!
  54. taking MDMA
  55. Bad MDMA/LSD? Which one? What could it be?
  56. Mdma or Bk-Mdma (M1, Methylone)?
  57. Major MDMA bust in Europe
  58. Gave my cat some mdma(yeah im serious)
  59. MDMA dosing?
  60. Cheaper MDMA is better?
  61. MDMA For Therapeutic Purposes
  62. As easy as Ibiza?
  63. How to get out the most of MDMA?
  64. Looking for a rolling partner (girl) in Vegas
  65. sass vs molly
  66. Bunk pills in Denmark!
  67. Mdma serotonin depletion!?
  68. Rolling on MDMA while having braces?
  69. Solo rollin'
  70. The right amount to roll hard?
  71. bunk molly killed my friend this weekend.
  72. anyone in northen il notice its harder to find x MDMA
  73. Dafuq am I getting.
  74. Planing on taking molly for the 1st time
  75. Has e/m been much more rare to find these days?
  76. Question about Crystal MDMA...
  77. Feeling hot still two days after dropping.. should I be concerned?
  78. MDMA duration and redosing
  79. strange comedown feeling
  80. Drug to reduce panic on molly?
  81. Hello Kitty X
  82. An MDMA Story - how it opened gates and changed my life.
  83. Should I roll a week later?
  84. Concerns about a friend...
  85. Cross tolerance of MDMA and MDA?
  86. Should I take more MDMA?
  87. Walking around in public?
  88. Roll report
  89. MDMA problem !
  90. How to perform an acetone wash
  91. 1 gram of molly I picked up yesterday.
  92. Can anyone tell how many milligrams this looks like? My guess is 200mg. what's yours?
  93. rolling w a friend
  94. I got bunked.
  95. Ready for ASOT 600 at msg next week!
  96. Does vitamin c actually enhance the roll?
  97. when should i take the molly?
  98. Destroyed my health with MDMA is there a way back???
  99. Amusement park on drugs?
  100. MDA dosage associated with MDMA dosage?
  101. MDMA for 3 day rave??
  102. Any of you ever tried MDMA with your parent(s)?
  103. MDMA + Amps Tolerance
  104. MDMA and SSRIs
  105. Molly tolerance and dosage confusion?
  106. Molly Dosage question(s) - Low to high
  107. When to redose and how much??
  108. MDMA jaw pains after more than a month
  109. Do Piperazines weaken a roll?
  110. Your preferred set/setting when rolling?
  111. I have some questions about how to take mdma?
  112. Advice 1st on Molly
  113. Tested My Molly (Naphyrone?)
  114. Naked E Parties
  115. Meet My New Friend Molly :)
  116. MDMA powder and Citalopram break.
  117. blue dolphin XTC pills??
  118. I Found Some Beans!!!
  119. Chronic Pain + MDMA
  120. Friend took to much X, for sure!
  121. Gonna have some fun on Tues........
  122. Please help (mdma)
  123. What´s in those pills?
  124. Craziest/most unusual thing you´ve done on MDMA?
  125. I love you guys
  126. Glitter Molly
  127. First time MDMA questions..please help!
  128. Low dose of E?
  129. about damn time moooon rocks.
  130. Help please! I don't know what just happened
  131. Perfect bean ratio?
  132. between molly & E
  133. MDMA damage
  134. Molly shrinks you dick
  135. mdma moon rocks(how to take)
  136. Dont like MDMA
  137. How much and for what amount?
  138. Weird sex on MDMA
  139. Different MDMA highs
  140. Suboxone
  141. Finally!
  142. Can you IV pure molly?
  143. First time rolling, not satisfied
  144. Scammed
  145. 1 gram/10 pills of MDMA
  146. What is the proper dose? MDMA
  147. SSRI discontinuation & MDMA
  148. Is I.v.ing molly damaging my veins?
  149. mollymollymolly... no real rolls anymore
  150. what time will the mollie kick in?
  151. Best Molly
  152. Rave
  153. "cleanliness" correlated to purity?
  154. MDMA and Psychotherapy
  155. First Time!
  156. hangover
  157. ecstasy addiction?
  158. Is it safe for me to roll?
  159. ecstasy and heart problems
  160. Maybe Saturday
  161. Moon Rock Molly & Red Molly?
  162. anyone up?
  163. why isnt there Mdma in area?
  164. such thing as a homemade test
  165. ezoo on molly good idea?
  166. molly dose for different tolerance levels?
  167. Another First Timer!
  168. How much is needed to test with kit
  169. My first time - just another trip report
  170. break time
  171. New guy looking for advice - headed to LA
  172. What about doin it alone ?
  173. Bogus MDMA what is this?
  174. good idea or bad idea??? answear fast please
  175. Rolling solo. Whats fun to do?
  176. Good idea for a trip?
  177. Just parachuted 200mg, how should i take remaining 200?
  178. How much molly should 2 first timers take?
  179. Stomach problems
  180. Mini TR's with recent MDMA.
  181. What's the deal?
  182. Shards or Moonrock!?
  183. my experience
  184. exos help!
  185. Just when we thought we were getting pure molly...
  186. Cautious about taking MDMA when I'm so sensitive to other drugs?
  187. Finally got my hands on some "Molly"
  188. Can you help identify my experience?
  189. Please look at these test results :)
  190. Alternatives
  191. Tolerancy
  192. first time!
  193. MDMA + Weed?
  194. Question about extasy purity.
  195. finger dose
  196. Red Double Stack Louis Vitton rolls
  197. Has MDMA changed your life in any way?
  198. What would you pay for an oz of Mahl?
  199. Vitamin C and MDMA
  200. How to tell the difference between MDMA and MDA?
  201. I want to try MDMA
  202. Did MDMA for the first time with boyfriend?
  203. First experience with MDMA
  204. anyone else experience this?
  205. vegas ectasy
  206. Any way to tell if a molly is methy?
  207. undercover? seeking advice
  208. Brown Molly?
  209. Advise for Molly dosage
  210. Beautiful
  211. First time exctasy
  212. Enhanced Memory from MDMA
  213. I do mdma just about every weeeknd, is this a problem??
  214. Unpleasant comeups
  215. red defqons
  216. i need some help hahah
  217. Tolerance question!
  218. Inputs on my situation??
  219. First time E complications
  220. alone bored rollin
  221. MDA vs. MDMA..and, is this it??
  222. Anyone know what happened to me?
  223. How MDMA has helped me
  224. Blue BMWs
  225. testing kits in canada
  226. how to make a roll come on slower/less hard
  227. quick question: Adderall days prior to MDMA
  228. My theory when it comes to MDMA producers
  229. First time advice
  230. immune system and rolls?
  231. Pure Molly?
  232. Worrying experience.
  233. Watch this video the next time you are rolling
  234. experienced rollers only:
  235. MDMA creates no lasting impairment on Cognition
  236. If you're in Alberta or BC right now, watch the fuck out!
  237. comedown / next day question
  238. molly found me
  239. First time with Molly :D
  240. More n00b questions
  241. Weird MDMA Experience
  242. Upcoming concerts/events/raves...
  243. would you roll at a concert like this?
  244. Alcohol with/before taking Molly?
  245. Xtc help
  246. Mda?
  247. First MDMA experience(ROLLING HARD)
  248. Any suggestions on Buzz wholesale or any ideas
  249. Bk-MDMA being sold as molly, now friend has bad side effects.
  250. hey i need help!