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Old 02-17-2012, 11:36 PM   i had a mentos moment today.
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i had a mentos moment today.

you know, one of these


i was so pissed off.

but first, let me tell you bout yesterday.

yesterday i found a nice blackberry phone on the ground, all wet. cause it rained earlier that day. so i picked it up, still works fine. the backspace button is a bit hard to press. but other than that its okay.

i saw that someone had been trying to call it like 9 times. so i tried to call that number back later on after i decided i didnt want to keep the phone. lol.
but by the time i tried to call them back, the phone was no longer in service.

anyway so what pissed me off today was that after work i got my tips and put it in my pocket. a $10 bill.

on my way home, i was bringing a thing of soup back and i fell asleep on the subway with the soup held in between my legs inside a paper bag.

when it was my stop, i picked up the soup, and i guess the paper bag was all wet, and it ripped, and the soup slipped, and fell all over my crotch area making it look like i pissed myself.

that was pretty embarassing. i went to the washroom in the subway station
and this is when i had my mentos moment. well, except without the mentos, and without the mentos music.

so yeah. i had an idea. i took off my pants and used one of my shirts as a skirt. and i was like o yeah!! i could pull this off.

but i couldn't. it was pretty cold today. so i stayed in the washroom drying my pants with the hand dryer till it didnt look wet anymore. while wearing my shirt as a skirt.

i went to go check out how ridiculous i looked in the mirror, when i turned around, i saw this old lady pick something up from where i was standing and drying my pants.

i couldn't think of what i had lost at the moment. but when i went to that little convenience store in the subway to buy a mentos to celebrate my mentos moment. it hit me. i was like o shit. my money.

it fell out of my pants while i was drying it. and didnt see it cause i was too busy being pissed off. and that made me even more pissed off. stupid old bitch. hope her wallet gets stolen.
i swear to fuckin Buddha. karma is a bitch.



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08-09-2012, 03:08 AM Old
Marebare Marebare is offline
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It be's that way sometimes.....I hate it for ya

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