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Old 02-13-2012, 11:06 PM   getting jiggy with it
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getting jiggy with it

So my father calls me up on the phone and I tell him I got a new job. He tells me to thank the lord that I got a new job. I asked him to spare me the whole bit. He gets reactionary and says some petty shit.

That was about 4 months ago. Things haven't been quite the same since. What I said was divisive, but the way I look at it now is that at least it got something started. I wasn't skilled enough to handle the situation better.

I guess what I am going to start doing is, as much as he talks about church and sunday school, I will just talk in relation about the Buddhist, Hindu, and spirituality books I'm reading, and the Buddhist group I meet up with.. I guess the objective here is just familiarization more so than some sort of fancy in-depth discussion about what/who I am.


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