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Old 11-29-2006, 08:17 AM   The beginning..
old tiger
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The beginning..


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05-14-2007, 08:20 AM Old
old tiger old tiger is offline
Senior Member
Location: Belgium(Europe)
Posts: 3641
for the city of Jaipur=see link on page 25 of this journal..
as said before..Jaipur looks pink..because of the buildings
in the old part of the city..behind the old entrance gates..
a whole world opened for me..this city with wide avenues..
was planned and built by Maharaja Jai Singh 2..between
1699 to 1744..he used to reside in Amber fort these days..
from the Railway Station Mirza Ismail road goes down to
Ajmeri gate-which is the entrance to the old part of town..
so..i decided first to walk around a bit through Jaipur..
Ruby had class every day..mostly for 4 or 5 hours..
I decide to take a scooter ricksjah..time enough to bicycle..
the ricksjah dropped me at the entrance of Sanganer gate..
Bapu bazaar and Johari bazaar...well..well..what a crowd..
Ruby told me to go to LMB restaurant...an institute for Jaipur..
concerning sweets like *kulfi*and other vegetarian food..
I always enjoyed these Indian sweets like rasagulla..ladu etc..
will tell later about sweets..Niro's on M.I Road=Mirza Ismail Rd..
is another famous eating place...went there once with Ruby..
to tell you the truth..food was excellent..but inside..it looks..
like a dimmed disco bar...one can bareley see the menu..ahaha..
airconditionning restaurants in India..are excellent ways..
of cathing a cold..you come from extreme heat..into cooling..
then again extreme heat..I sniffed my nose sometimes..
I liked M.I.Road a lot..handicrafts..G.P.O..oh..about sending..
postcards..letters etc..go to any post office..put stamps...
and ask them..to stamp them..otherwise..your postcard might stay
in a post officer's hands...stamps taken off again...
and used for own profit...oh..these scams in India..
one learns of them..well..
so LMB's...nice kulfi I had there..it's pistache flavoured icecream..
loved it...good to release the heat of Jaipur..that day..
i got my share of walking..from G.P.O to Johari bazar..
then to Ram Niwas Garden...and ricksjah back to teachers hostel...
Ruby made a good biryani rice dish..mmmmhh..
oh yes...before I forget..in some roadstall..
I talked to some young Rajasthani hotheaded youths...
hating Pakistan..silly..the old cat/dog argument..
If I see HATE..I attack it..with sarcasm..I told them..
hippies..the true ones..CANNOT hate..they spread love..
well..I think they understood the message I gave them..
hotheaded folks..are big in group..big mouths...
alone..they often are very small..and I don't like politics..
this topic Jaipur will go on for a while..
I stayed more then 1 month??can't recall everything..
I'll try to tell you peeps..what happened..
05-15-2007, 08:31 AM Old
old tiger old tiger is offline
Senior Member
Location: Belgium(Europe)
Posts: 3641
Finally I got fit to make a bicycle trip through Jaipur city..
a test for the nerves...and for my concentration..
it was a Hero cycle..which could be locked on the back wheel..
I decided to cycle down towards the old city..
the teachers hostel road towards the city is a few kms..
good road...not too much traffic..once I came near Ram Niwas..
it became hectic traffic..ricksjah scooters...Ambassador cars..
Vespa and Honda Kinetic mopeds...and guess what..
even camel driven carts...with these typical Rajasthani dudes..
turban clad and loincloth..oh...entering old city via Chaura Rasta..
leads to Tripolia bazar..always hectic..I had to use my cycle bell
a lot..and got some rather surprising looks from local folks..
like..what's this crazy dude doing on a bicycle in Jaipur??
I cycled down towards the Hawa Mahal..took a tea in front..
I spoke some Hindi..and I managed to get a free deal with the
teastall owner...to keep an eye at my cycle..
while I went up Hawa Mahal..of course I locked it..
Hawa Mahal is a landmark monument for Jaipur..
it's in pink sandstone..they call it *Palace of the Winds*
it's quite high..I believe 4 or 5 floors high??it consists as well
of little balconys..typical Rajput architecture..it's old..
dates from around 1800..it was in fact build in such a way..
that these Rajputi woman could view what was going on..
in the streets without being seen themselves..
*purdah rules*..by the maharaja??I went up for a small fee..
to the roof of this building..very much a panoramic view..
I felt like a maharaja myself...ahah..it was hot..like always..
went down again..and met some local Jaipuri boys..
the kind who will ask you..where are you from??
they payed me a tea in that shop..O.K..agreed..first I thought..
these were touts again...no..they were just curious...
bit of the local playboys..asking???are French girls nice??
or British??teenagers,you know??we all went through that process..
I told them this..Indian girls will always be the best..because..
you can play the macho boss with them..if you marry a French..
it's cross culture...you will have to give in into macho..
they just smiled....and agreed..that's all..so..I cycled on..
to visit the city palace of Jaipur..Maharaja territory..
impressiv entrance..nice courtyards..rooms etc..
and I always think these Japanese or south Korean tourists..
are very funny in their short trousers..camera ready..always..
City Palace is ALWAYS busy..you can enter via Atish gate..
in fact..it's just a museum..clothes..weapons..some silver jars..
funny story about these jars..they were taken to London..
on a trip from Maharaja Madho Singh 2..he took these jars in 1902..
to a London trip..filled with Ganga water(holy river)because this
crazy dude..wanted to take bath every day in Ganga water...
these folks had money enough anyway..just go to Jaipur..
and see the luxury..and splendour of this palace..
the royal family still lives in the palace..Gayatri Devi=Maharani..
is still alive..she was from Cooch Behar(Bengal)a real beauty..
she wrote a book..Ruby met her in person once..
book is called *a princess remembers*
I bought that book in Rambagh Pace hotel in 1995..
it's her life story..good book..which gives an insight..
of the earlier princely lifes of maharaja's in India..
they don't have much power now..but..in earlier days..
well..they had lots of power..damn..that book is good..
I'll come back to that book..in a later posting..
I should read it completely..but..I start a book..read few pages..
then I finish...will you peeps tap this tiger on his head??
and tell him...to read this very interesting book..well..
I went back a few times to city palace..after this visit..
I cycled back to Ruby's place...needed a shower..
I sweated like a horse..will tell more later on Jaipur..
05-16-2007, 07:50 AM Old
old tiger old tiger is offline
Senior Member
Location: Belgium(Europe)
Posts: 3641
Discovering the many bazars of Jaipur...would have taken days..
better to do them one by one..according to my own viewpoint..
for me Bapu and Johari Bazar were the best in Jaipur..
both in the old city of course..in Bapu one gets to see lots..
going from textiles(sarees,pyjama kurta,salwar kameez)
usually it's just a shed like stall..with the owner sitting amongst
a pile of materials..unrolling them...measuring them..
lots of people who gonna get married..come to order sarees..
a saree is different for every woman..usually more then 5 m in lenght..
and so damn colourful..I'll come back to Indian clothes in later postings..
the parfum section of Bapu bazar..now..that's something special..
India got a wide range of flowers,herbs etc..I always dug these nice
smells in Indian bazaars..simply herbs and parfume in the air..
Ruby used herbal ayurvedic hair oil like Amla..it was green stuff..
it has a special typical smell..made by a company called Dabur..
it was cooling in the heat..Indian woman got very good hair..
they use lots of oils..coconut,jasmine,amla,bhanpool oil..
in Bapu bazar one could buy these very cheap *mojris*
sandals(chappals)made of camel skin..with the tip pointed up..
usually the villagers and tribals wear this kind of chappals..
I usually was wearing some good walking shoes..
sometimes chappals..but never mojris..ahah..
Johari bazaar is known for silverware..the Rajasthani craftmen..
made very elaborate work on silver trays..called *minakari*
I couldn't believe how they did it..Bapu and Johari bazaar..
are worthwhile a days visit if you ever go to Jaipur..
ask for New gate..or Sanganer gate..to get into these bazaars..
I believe Bapu bazaar was closed on mondays..
could be changed by now??Bapu is mainly a textile bazaar..
after the bazar I went to Jantar Mantar..to tell you all honestly..
I did not like it at all..it's good for scientists..Jantar Mantar lies
just very near to the City Palace...it's an observatorium built by
Jai Singh 2..looked bit abstract to me..it's mainly astronomy..
sun dial etc..to measure the movement of the sun etc..
I did not understand a bit of it..and damned hot there..
went back to some entrance gate of City Palace..always a stand
there for cool drinks..refreshing..saw a snake charmer there who
played that flute to make the king cobra moving..well..snakes??
the bazaars of Jaipur should be done walking..so..I took transport
that day..funny bus ride with some locals..dirt cheap as well..
will tell more about Jaipur in a later posting..
05-17-2007, 09:38 AM Old
old tiger old tiger is offline
Senior Member
Location: Belgium(Europe)
Posts: 3641
I went by bicycle to Ram Niwas gardens..
just in front there is a big maidan=parc..
lots of Jaipuri locals..just stretch in the sun..
to relax..the sun..really does good sometimes..
sometimes..I also lay down there...fell asleep once..
that nice day..I locked my bike at the entrance..
of Central museum also known as Albert hall..
this museum was free on mondays...nice exhibitions..
it's a bit dusty..but it's like any other museum..
it needs time..to see everything..I did enjoy..
these tribal clothes,customs,miniature paintings..
I always had to smile at these local villagers..
giggling in front of these costumes..of their own tribe..
I bet some of them could not even read..
these tribal woman..mostly Bhil,Bhisnoi,Minas,Garasias etc..
well..their clothes..are a feast for the eyes..very colourful..
they wear nose rings..large earrings..foot and arm bangles..
they usually are bit shy towards foreigners..
and hide their faces..under a scarf then..funny..
sometimes they carry their kids with them..
these little kids are covered with *khol*or*khajol*
=their parents..put black marks on foreheads..even eyelashes etc..
it's to drive away the evil eyes..or bad spirits..
it took me 2 hours..to go trough this museum..
it's O.K..but usually..I did not like too much of museum visits..
close by Ram Niwas parc is Jaipur Zoo..well..a zoo..
I went to see that..smelly situation..tigers,lions..
are kept in to small cages..maintenance was not good..
in the evening..Ruby took me to a movie hall..
now...an Indian Hindi movie...waww..you should experience..
at least once..the feeling of being into a movie hall..
always full packed..the movie itself...was in Hindi..
i understood..it was a love story..with a heroin...a villain..
some hopping around dance scenes shot in Kasjmir perhaps..
and loveley music..the actresses/actors..are all very beautiful..
it was the highlight of Amitabh Bacchan,Zeenat Aman,Dev Anand..
and so many others..got fame..thanks to Bollywood..
today..in Jaipur..the biggest movie hall of Asia is there..
it's called Raj Mandir..can seat up to 1500 folks..
I went back to Jaipur in 1999..but did not see a movie there..
so far..for that lovely day..I enjoyed my days in Jaipur..
hope you peeps enjoy travelling along..
05-18-2007, 08:24 AM Old
old tiger old tiger is offline
Senior Member
Location: Belgium(Europe)
Posts: 3641
I cycled down to the railwaystation from Jaipur..
I was asking information about train directions
Ajmer and Udaipur..soo..I was gonna travell again..
the time I spent in Jaipur is forever grifted in my memories..
oh..let me tell you this..Ruby took me one evening..
for a dinner at some friends place..very posh/rich folks..
so..to tell you all..I felt not at ease there..
they had lots of servants..they served the food in uniform..
annoying for me was the fact..they don't leave the dining room..
they wait..until the master or lady of the house tells..
to fetch this/that..the food was well prepared in style..
some etiquette about visiting an Indian Hindu or Muslim home..
it's best you leave your shoes outside..in a Muslim place..
never take anything with your left hand..it's for wiping your ass..
in some Indian weddings..or other places..Indians don't use spoons..
or forks..they eat with their hands..before food is served..
they will present a bowl of water..in which you wash your hands...
i felt awkward sometimes eating with my hands..boohh..
usually a guest will never be allowed inside the kitchen..
after food..washing hands again mostly..the food served goes from
dhal(lentil stew)to meat preparations..curry's,soups,sweet dishes..
Indian food can be spicy..if your stomach cannot digest it..forget it!!
in richer families..the best silver cutlery and setting will be on the table..
Indians like to talk..afterwards.sometimes drinks are served..
even alcohol..a good Kingfisher beer..Indian rhum/wiskey...
anything goes..depends of the religious background of the people..
Muslim familys will never serve alcohol..I've eaten in many families..
Indians are funny when they are drunk..bit of a taboo in these days??
point is..to be polite...and to adapt yourself..I loved Indian sweets..
firni,shrikand,lassi,gulab jamoon,ladoo etc..mhh..Indian sweets..
a good biryani or pullao rice dish..or a thali in a railway station..
thali=a plate with small cuplike things..filled with rice..bread..
vegetables(sabzi)raita=vegetarian curd with herbs,chutney(sauce)
or pickles(achar)..and a papadam(some crunchy chips like stuff)
thali's are very cheap..I always took them..
never got the shits from them..beware of roadstall food sometimes..
to come back at that dinner at Ruby's friends..food was excellent..
i felt bit awkward in the beginning..but after food..some drinks were
served...and tongues came loose..the master of the house was a
high ranked Indian army general..his wife was a teacher at University..
she also ran a factory where Indian printed clothes were manufactured
and exported towards Europe/U.S.A..they were very rich people..oh yes..
around Jaipur there's a village called Sanganer...their printing on textile
is called *sanganeri print*it fabulous..very vivid colours..
I got myself a kurta in the bazaar..kind of white shirt like stuff..
light..easy washable..and I felt bit like an Indian in it as well..bwaaaha..
will tell you about my train trips in Rajasthan..i went all the way up
to Bikaner-Jaisalmer..then into Gujarat-Maharasthra'Bombay)then Goa
Karnataka+Mysore states..Tamil Nadu...back up towards Jaipur again..
a whole trip..will tell you crazy peeps what happened on this trip.
mostly by train or bus..lots of heat..dust..beggars..misery..anything..
05-21-2007, 08:34 AM Old
old tiger old tiger is offline
Senior Member
Location: Belgium(Europe)
Posts: 3641
So..I decided to cycle down to Amber fort..
no need to tell you all..it's very tiresome..
about 24kms up/down..in the heat..
one needs concentration in the traffic as well..
but once in the outskirts of Jaipur town..
I cycled alone..crossed Jal Mahal..nice place..
it's a palace surrounded by water...and hyacinth flowers..
I believe on page 26 I related of an earlier visit to Amber fort..
a fort in Hindi is called *qila*I visited lots of them on this trip..
Amber palace..stands on a rocky hillside..it's very impressiv..

it's a very touristical place..too touristical in fact..
I locked my bicycle close to a tea stand..
I felt so damn thirsty..took one drink..
which I never should have taken in fact..
the drink was pure sugar cane liquid...which they make fresh..
squeezing the cane..trough some pressing machine like stuff..
a dark green liquid is served into a glass...
what I did not notice..where the flies..
I got dysentery after this trip...and was sick for 4 days..
you really get the shits when having dysentery..
symptoms can include heavy diarrea,general weakness..
point is..keep drinking liquids..otherwise you dehydrate totally..
coming back to my Amber fort visit..the villagers here..
are used to hords of tourists..which arrive by busloads.
they know how to trick or tackle them into their scams..
Amber was full of touts..trying to sell this..offer that..
I knew how to talk my way around..a bit of hindi..and a joke..
I always told these dudes..I was poor myself..
bit of insight and philosofy of Indian live was needed here..
Indians are curious folks..they will ask you 100 questions..
in these days..I had a big mouth..I could talk very well..
I still can do that today..but we are on a forum here..
too much sarcasm..too much false pretentions..
makes one silent..often..keeping our mouth shut..is a good option..
so..Amber village..I first went to see a small temple..
I talked to a villager..in broken Hindi..he invited me..
for a cup of tea..in his home..his wife+2 small kids..
sitting shy in the background..this dude..was maybe poor..
but not stupid at all..he said..he learned a lot from tourists..
but..as any Indian..the contrast beween rich/poor struck him..
American tourists..payed maybe the amount..
of his whole month income..just to get up to Amber.
by elephant ride..it's just a thrill for these tourists..
clicking the camera..giggling old ladies..with pots of money..
they had a good time..and a good pic to show..
they had been in Jaipur..funny contrasts..funny world..
the house of this dude's family..was just one room..
a kitchen...and a*palang*=bed..that's all he owned..
in fact..i wanted to be polite..and offered him..
some roupies for the tea..and guess what??
he refused it..he said..I had been his guest of honour..
and they don't pay for tea..my mistake..
I walked up the steep hill to the castle..it's a good climb..
I sweated like a horse..but a Coca Cola on top was in sight..
that crazy villager with his *rawanahatta*=kind of string instrument.
was still walking alongside the rich tourists on elephant backs..
monotone sound he made...on top..he would ask for *baksheesh*
amazing amount of *langur bandars*as well=wild monkeys..
Amber *qila*is amazing..the Rajput architecture..is overwhelming..
it has lots of Moghul influences..again Indian history..
India is such a network of history..it's amazing to stand in front
of these temples,forts,and ask yourself..
how could they ever build this??it's a mystery to me..
after a visit to Amber..walked down to the village..
took my bicycle...and cycled back to Ruby's place..
as told before..I got the shits..
and stayed 4 days in bed...feeling like hell..
05-21-2007, 06:04 PM Old
hippychickmommy hippychickmommy is offline
Sugar and Spice
Posts: 17235
the adventures you have! Amazing!
05-23-2007, 10:08 AM Old
old tiger old tiger is offline
Senior Member
Location: Belgium(Europe)
Posts: 3641
So..4 days in bed..with temperatures outside of over 30 degrees..
not very pleasant..now..medicines in India..are good and effective..
I took some of my own stuff against diaree..called Reasec..
brought it from Belgium..very good stuff..dysentery weakens..
your whole system...but..I got cured after 4 days...
back to my old self...started to eat again...I needed a challenge..
I've seen folks getting sick in India..good advice..
go as soon as possible..to a doctor..ayurvedic medicines are just
great..I still look out for them today..difficult to get here nowadays..
luckily Belgium and Holland get Indian shops..I love it...
in Ruby's place..lots of mosquito's in the evening..
every evening we used to flit the whole place..it smelled bad..
but effective against mosquito's..malaria is lurking in India..
I took my pills regularly..never got any sign of malaria..
so...again..i cycled back up to Jaipur town..every time..
I did that...was different..it was such a blast..a real experience..
so..railway station...always good for a cup of cheap tea..
I got lured by 2 Jaipuri youngsters to visit a shop..
it was near Hawa Mahal..the usual talk..come in my shop??
where are you from??do you like India??are you interested in??
well..well..I knew these scams..just watch out..
it was about stones this time..ruby's,emeralds etc..
I told these dudes..I was poor..finally..because..
I knew HOW to talk..the whole discussion ended up..
on Hindi movies..girls..movie stars..boobies..the whole shit..
they even payed me a cool beer..free..a Golden eagle beer..
so..I came out as a winner..
Indian touts are clever..very clever..they know..
how to trick tourists into buying things..
I knew these tricks...and..I tackled my way around it..
one warning..Jaipur is known for precious stones..
watch out in Johari bazar..Surana's is the real stuff.
but lots of cheating is done by other small fish jewelry touts..
never buy stones..because they are usually worthless..
or at least..not good value for what you payed for it...
watch out as well..to show..or pay by Visa card etc..
I always travelled with cash..risky...I know..
but..I almost never got ripped off..exept in Delhi..
probably by an Italian desperate drug hippie addict..
he stole about 100 dollars..my fault...
should have hidden it better..anyway..
the embassy...will not be much of a help..
better to let transmit some dollars to a bank..
from your home place..but..it takes time..
so..that day...I just cycled around..
and booked a train ticket to Ajmer..
I was gonna go on the road again..
saying goodbye to Jaipur..and to Ruby..
well..thanks,Ruby..you're here with me...
for more then 30 years...through thick and thin in life..
I love you..and I always will..
will tell you about my travell adventures to South India...
first trip=Rajasthan..Ajmer-Pushkar lake-Jodhpur etc..
05-23-2007, 02:47 PM Old
Re: Jaipur(India)
hippychickmommy hippychickmommy is offline
Sugar and Spice
Posts: 17235
Glad to hear that you are feeling better...
05-24-2007, 10:12 AM Old
old tiger old tiger is offline
Senior Member
Location: Belgium(Europe)
Posts: 3641
Got my train ticket to Ajmer reserved..
trip of a few hours only..it's about 125kms away..
from Jaipur..train trip went O.K..felt bit strange..
did not travell on a train for a while..stayed more
then a month in Jaipur...so..it was a challenge again..
Indian trains..are quite something..you will meet..
the rich..the poor..the middle class..mostly..I met..
the middle class Indians..hard working..and proud..
of being Indian..they give their kids..education..
it's a word often spoken in India..first question..
an Indian will ask you??what's your job??
where are you from??are you married??
I could only answer question 2..bwaahah..
now..this city..Ajmer..lies on lake Ana Sagar..
I went to Ajmer..because I heard about Pushkar lake..
I'll tell you all in a later posting about this place..
it was about 11kms.distance from Ajmer city..
Ajmer was religion..Muslim..Islam..very much so..
I visited the shrine of a *pir*=holy Muslim saint..
it's called the *Dargah*which holds the tomb..
of Muin-ud-in Chisti..a Sufi..mystical Islam..
first one has to leave shoes outside the entrance..
and your head has to be covered..
a scarf..a handkerchief..a Muslim cap(fez)
there is a bazar area around this whole complex..
this *dargah*somehow made quite an impression on me..
it's like a whole complete village in there..
school..mosque etc..even their own hospital..
I'm not religious at all..never have been..
I believe in the goodness of the mutual heart..
the tomb itself..completely in marble..Sufi chants etc..
it gives you an atmosphere of religion..the Sufi's..well..
I'll get into that later on perhaps..qawalli music etc..
this place..is a pilgrimage spot for Muslims..
means..donations..roses..a very religious spot..
I felt bit awkward in my cap..I got a Muslim cap..
from Kabul(Afghanistan)from my first India trip..
I talked to some pilgrims..they were all..
in a state of fervour and excitement..I can understand..
but...I was not a Muslim like them..
as usual..touts are around..even in this place..
asking for money..donation for this..donation for that..
I did not give anything..polite form of begging..I call this..
in India..every day..when one travells..you get confronted..
with religion..poverty..beggars..don't give to beggars..
they are often professionals..who earn more a day..
then a factory worker..who works his ass off..
to support his poor family...India=country of contrasts..
if you can't take that..just stay away..stay home..
after the Dargah visit...strolled a bit around through the Bazar..
had a look at the lake..nothing special to me...
Ajmer is also well known for Mayo college=English based univ..
for the jet set..the sons of maharadja's..very strict rules..
I believe once every 3 months these dudes may go home...
education,you know..I found out about the bus timings towards
Pushkar..about 11kms.away..I stayed in the Railway retiring rooms..
Ajmer..was in my eyes...quite a dirty place..
Pushkar lake..was more relaxed..I even had a swim in the lake..
will tell you peeps later on..if you're interested...boooohh..

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