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Posted: 07:54 PM
July 29, 2001
Boy scouts destroy pre-historical treasure

Now this is grounds for revoking that federal charter!

Salt Lake Tribune
SALT LAKE CITY — Three Boy Scouts who damaged rare dinosaur tracks estimated to be nearly 200 million years old at a state park have been charged in juvenile court.
The teens were charged with misdemeanor destruction of national resources in a state park said Curt Sinclear, manager of Red Fleet State Park, in northeastern Utah. The boys could face further state or federal charges, he said Saturday.
Sinclear, a former Scout himself, said he was angry that the Scouts would rip up priceless relics. The incident occurred July 19.
“How can you put a price tag on 190-million-year-old dinosaur tracks?” Sinclear asked. “You can never get these back, these Scouts should have been better supervised.”
Still, Sinclear said the boys should be punished with community service and fines. He does not believe jail time is appropriate.
Park rangers say there are only a handful of Dilophosaurus “track ways” of that age in the entire world. Track ways are sets of three or more tracks made by the same dinosaur. The park’s three track ways, one of which was damaged by the Scouts, are considered “extraordinary” and were not discovered until 1987.
Ranger Mike Murray said one Scout probably placed his fingers into cracks in the tracks and pried up a couple 3-foot-by-2-foot slabs. The slabs contained multiple dinosaur prints.
Two fellow Scouts helped toss the slabs into the reservoir, while a fourth stood and watched. The three boys told rangers they did not know about the rare dinosaur prints, but the fourth boy said he knew there were tracks in the park.
State paleontologist Jim Kirkland said a sign describing the tracks had been vandalized and was not visible.
Rangers have declined to name the Scouts or identify the troop to which they belonged.

Posted: 11:03 PM
July 29, 2001
I read that, HC, and that makes me feel low as I was once a boy scout. And I thought that they were a hope of ours to salvage the land...Oh well...
For those about to rock...We salute you!

Posted: 08:39 AM
August 01, 2001
The BSA is a huge part of my family and I have never heard of any of them doing something so horrible! I realize they have a policy or two I don't agree with, but it is a great organization which teaches respect for others and for the land. It's a shame these boys didn't pay attention to that.

Posted: 05:23 PM
August 07, 2001
I don't think it was the groups fault. A few brats decided to go tear something up. But still, someone knew those tracks were there, no one should have been allowed to even go near without some supervision.

Posted: 05:58 PM
August 07, 2001
Well at least the scoutmasters who were standing around and letting this happen weren't homosexual....

And since the BSA seems to want to promote biblical values, I guess that the planet is only around 5,000 years old, and those "dinosaurs" never existed anyway!

For those scouts (or parents) out there who might be looking for an alternative, check out:


Ellis D. Tripp

"Society is like stew--If you don't keep it stirred up, you end up with a lot of scum on the top!"--Edward Abbey

Posted: 06:14 PM
August 08, 2001
terrible! those are definately priceless.i think that they shouldhave been better supervised and that they need to have more respect .i'm sure they knew what they were doing.some kids these days.

Posted: 06:16 PM
August 08, 2001
wow i really like that! spiral scouts i will have to see about tht stuff for my neece and my baby in the future!
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