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I Want To Stay Long Term In Nepal, How?

Asia Today, 11:56 AM
Hi folks, I have always had that dream to go to Nepal, and just leave everything behind. And now, when I have job and some money, at least enough for ticket and visa or whatever, I want to know can I stay there for a long term and what do I need to do that, do I need to get some visa or what, is...
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Help! Nose Piercing!

Body Modification Today, 11:00 AM
Had my nose pierced since 16th August, it was absolutely perfectly healing, so on 17th November my piercer put a ring in for me. Was fine for a few weeks and then I got a little bump, just above the hole, to start with. It keeps getting HUGE and then shrinking and then coming back again, it never...
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Torn Between Two Opposing Thoughts

Philosophy and Religion Today, 07:35 AM
Hello friends, As of late, more and more, I have found myself greatly torn between two views of people, and the world at large, and this also plays into my personal views on myself, and my emotions. Ideally, I want us all to get along, to love each other, be peaceful, work towards a strong futur...
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Help. Slightly Worried

Birth Control Today, 06:02 AM
Had sex feb 17 and 25 both with condoms on (all passed water test after and he did not ejaculate inside me). He ejaculated thru hand job first before penetration and his cum went to his pubic area, etc. Sounds ridiculous but is there a chance his semen got inside me during penetration? Can it cl...
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The Beautiful Imperfection Of Nature.

Random Thoughts Today, 05:34 AM
Our faces aren't symmetrical. But we don't register this as something wrong. It seems the logic of imperfection is built into both our minds and evolution. If we take a small hand-mirror and place it in the middle of a photograph of the human face,we will have perfect symmetry. The left side of t...
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Too Much Thc

Stoners Lounge Today, 04:49 AM
Hey there,   First, I'd appreciate everyone who will read this thread to the end. thanks.   Okay, so one day I vaped some weed as I used to enjoy it more, it was stronger. So, that day (about 11:00PM) I just did way too much and started being paranoid. I was shaking and my heart was bum...
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Ideas Needed For Mobile Sexual Communication

Love and Sex Today, 12:53 AM
We are planning a mobile application for couples sexual communication. We really want to help improve every couples sex life by making the sexual communication easier. But we need your help to figure out what kind of application it should be? Please share your ideas and needs and/or participate a...
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Why Mature Chinese Women Are Looking For Dates With Forei...

China Yesterday, 11:07 PM
Chinese women who are 40 to 50 years old were raised with traditional Chinese values. It means family and marriage is very important to them. 20 to 30 years ago it would be regarded as a loss of face if a women got divorced. Today close to 50% of marriages in the Chinese tier 1 cities like Beijin...
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People Yesterday, 11:01 PM
Anyone hear the news on Pewdiepie? The most famous youtuber with more than fifty million subscribers is the latest victim of a smear campaign by the SJW- um... I mean WSJ to portray him as a fascist neonazi. The reality is, they took one of his jokes way way way out of context and transformed it...
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Any Other Late Bloomers Here?

Gay Yesterday, 07:56 PM
I am definitely homosexual and gay now. It is not a choice, it is just the way I am. But I apparently wasn't always that way.   As a young child, I assumed I was heterosexual. I had no reason to suspect otherwise, though there were some odd things, in hindsight (more on that below).   T...
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