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Today, 09:50 AM

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Machines Teaching Machines How To Learn

Science and Technology Today, 04:38 PM
https://www.technolo...ke-ai-software/   Its all rather new and unexplored territory but, as the article hints at, there's just way too much money and interest in this and the preliminary results are already impressive. Its more of the same analog self-assembling logic that I keep harping on...
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What Do Men Really Think

Love and Sex Today, 03:55 PM
How's about the men tell us what they think about women acting like a porn star in bed. Details please. 
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How To Get My Cat Super Fat & Lazy?

Pets and Animals Today, 01:48 PM
whats the best fattening tips?
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Questions About Bare Feet

Barefoot Today, 12:16 PM
So I am starting to go barefoot more, and I have a few questions: 1.) When you build up calluses, do they make the soles stay white in color? 2.) Which surfaces will aid me in restoring my arches? 3.) How does one prepare to go on a barefoot adventure, or any preparation at all? 4.) Is it a good...
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Music Appreciation Class

Music Today, 11:37 AM
When I was a young lad, we had Music Appreciation class in school, which gave us an overview of music.   But lately, when I speak with college students about music, I get responses like "Who's Lead Belly" "Who's Woody Guthrie"     So, what musicians from the past should everyone kn...
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Female, 17, Charged With Knife-Point Rape Of 19-Year-Old Man

Latest News Today, 11:37 AM
I don't recall ever reading a story like this. I wonder how often this kind of forced sex is done by a female?     SAGINAW, MI -- A 17-year-old Saginaw woman could face life in prison on charges she raped a 19-year-old man at knife point. Lestina Marie Smith was arraigned Tuesday...
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You Probably Should Not Breed Your Reptiles

Pets and Animals Today, 11:17 AM
The lizard or snake you are breeding is probably common as dirt and no one wants it and if they did there are massive farms that take care of that. This is why you can go into most any pet store and usualy find the same few reptiles. You are probably not prepared for the cost to ethically house a...
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Best (Old Time) Rock & Roll Concert

Rock 'n' Roll Today, 09:25 AM
I came across a brilliant video on YouTube titled "Old Time Rock 'n' Roll - Legends In Concert".  Do yourselves a favour and check it out!   https://youtu.be/upaAsYM0948   Also! Has anyone got one they would recommend?    Cheers, The old rockandroller
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Fashion, Style, Trends And Their Influences

Random Thoughts Today, 09:02 AM
I was thinking as I walked down the street and I saw Young Black Woman with her hair bleached out blonde...  I was reminded of the dinka tribe in the sudan,  their tradition of having a cow urinate on their heads in order to turn their hair blonde.   It dawned on me that this is wh...
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Threesome In Hotel

Personals Today, 01:41 AM
Hello everybody, My girlfriend and i wanted to have a threesome and we found someone out of my circle who was in to that. But we would like to do it in a hotel. But when you book a room it says max. 2 pers. But should just book it for 2 or call them or something? Anyone has some expierience?
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