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a boy and his mom got shot in my dream

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#1 novarys


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Posted December 24 2004 - 01:51 PM

i had this dream that i was a ghost psychic or whatever and i saw this murder happen that happened 15 years go or something. and i was supposed to make contact with the little boy that was shot. but the man who shot the little boy and the wife buth the husband was an evil ghost and i had to protect myself with this ghost tazer thing. I remember walking into this church building and then all of asudden i had this vision of how the man killed his wife and son. the man tied his wife up on a chair and blind folded her as the son sat there and then he shot the wife once, and then looked at the son and shot him and then as he shot the bullet, he stopped the bullet from hitting his head and started laughing, and then he shot his wife 3 more times and then shot his son 2 more tims and i never saw him die in my vision......so i went in the building and called upon the boy and i said"we're looking for the spirit of (i forget the name i used)" and then the boy spoke and said "im with lord jesus now, all is well"
and then i said something and then the boy started to cuss at me, so then i started singing.....then i woke up

#2 Revenant Phantasm

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Posted December 25 2004 - 03:19 AM

freakishly... weird