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Swingers Clubs

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#1 Xyzobomb



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Posted February 08 2017 - 02:06 PM

What do you think is the best swingers clubs in uk.
How many have you been to and dI'd you have any good or bad experiences.
I have been to one (Kestrel hydro London ). Really enjoyed both visits and watched wife play both times. Hoping to try others soon and try evening visits.
I enjoyed going during the day and that they had a good sized swimming pool. Are there many other day time clubs and clubs with swimming pools not just hot tubs.

#2 JoeyM51



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Posted February 22 2017 - 10:37 PM

You did not play too. I never would be happy if only my wife had sex. To me that feels like I am being submissive to her sex partners because I am not getting access to their wives in return. Just my way of thinking and am aware of men who like to just watch them wives with others. I cuckolded a husband for 25 years up to 6 years ago plus a few others for much shorter terms. So I know about hot wives and cuckolds. In fact, I spent a year as a cuckold until I found out what my friends and others who had sex with my girlfriend viewed it and it was not that I was a good guy and an alpha male so I switched to having the sex with the wives instead of licking them clean afterwards and never looked back.


Of course my wife and I have watched each other having sex with others but we always has sex too afterwards with the other husbands and wives.  My wife is bi so I have seen her having sex with women a few thousand times over the last 45 years.  She likes to watch me and does not mind if she does not join in. I could never do that with my wife. I did not love the girlfriend who cuckolded me and she wanted sex at all hours of the night and it was never enough for her.


We were lucky because in the two neighborhoods we lived in there were local key and swinger clubs. Very informal and limited to the people who lived in our development only. Always was surprised to see which of our neighbors were into group sex. Mothers of 3, conservatively dress men and women. Girls who looked innocent and never spoke about sex, etc.. Heck we found out that our best friends were into group sex after knowing them for 3 years and seeing them at least once a week. On night they asked us to wife swap and told us about the others into that in our development. 


Sometimes we just soft swung which is having our wives do foreplay with whoever they wanted to but saved the main event for their spouses. My wife liked that the best because she was more into girls than other men and hated intercourse. 


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