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Mount Rushmore Coincidences...

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Posted November 19 2013 - 03:14 AM

As I must've made clear by now, I am truly fascinated by coincidences. And while there certainly are many famous ones, I have discovered one of my own. I have shared this story with people, sites, etc. But I don't believe I have ever shared it on the Hip Forums.

Please read:

When You count the number of letters in our four famous Presidents appearing on Mt. Rushmore in the following order, you find this astounding coincidence:

Abraham Lincoln has 14 letters in it...
Thomas Jefferson has 15 letters in it...
George Washington has 16 letters in it...
Theodore Roosevelt has 17 letters in it...

This almost seems to "build" on the number 13--THE NUMBER OF OUR ORIGINAL COLONIES. Also interesting, "Mount Rushmore" and "Gutzon Borglum" (the sculptor of Mt. Rushmore) have 13 letters each.

Yeah, I discovered this amazing coincidence in 1988. And I have been sharing it with others for, oh, about 10 years now.

What causes these (and other) amazing coincidences? I don't know. But the Swiss psychologist and paranormal investigator termed the phenomenon "synchronicity".

Also, what does this name order mean: Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington and T. Roosevelt? It is not based on their order on Mt. Rushmore, chronology or even alphabetical order.

What do the rest of you think?


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