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Dexedrine is MUCH easier to get than Ritalin in Canada? Wonder Why?

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Posted July 09 2012 - 12:43 PM

Methylphenidate or Ritalin requires a triplicate prescription to get in Canada which are the type of prescriptions that only give out narcotics like oxy, morphine etc but the wierd thing is Dexedrine(amphetamine) doesn't need a triplicate and is so much more easier to get.

Is it different in the US or other parts of Canada? I'm in Alberta today and just went to the doctor like an hour ago and waited an hour, pulled my usually scheme but it was a temp doctor and he didn't have a triplicate so i just went well sometimes i take Dexedrine and he cut me 120 5 mgs in like 20 seconds.

Also people who are used to both of these drugs what is the different to you? Which one you like more?

I was loving ritalin for so long but every now and then Id get prescribed the 20mg SR tablets, and snorting those gives you the same high but those fuckers clog up your nose so bad that when you go to bed you litereally cant breathe out your nose. It is a terrifying feeling and you almost choke to death, and if your lucky enough to cough up all the shit that got stuck in your nose its actually disgusting. Looks like a huge ball of silicon jelly and you puke whiule trying to get it up by snorting water.

Ritalin snorted gives an instant OK boom ur high but i find that Dexedrine snorted doesn't give an instant high it takes about 30 minutes and i usually pop 4-5 and snort 2-3 and then wait but the high is smoother and you can actually sleep.

You can never sleep on ritalin unless you got some Opiate or alot of alcohol. Benzos will help, i mean i can take 10 clonazepams after a night of ritalin and i will feel completely comfortable and not sketchy but there still aint no way im sleeping. Dexedrine is way better, i just dont undderstand why dexedrine is not a triplicate! Wierd its amphetamine for christ sakes! haha

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Posted July 21 2012 - 06:04 AM

man all of this adhd med talk on here lately makes me want to pick up one of my scripts again :coolgleamA: when i was still in grade school i got diagnosed (i think its bullshit because i can sit still fine and the the drugs get me high as fuck. opposite of calm) but my pdoc gave me concerta to start and we also tried vyvanese, adderall, and desoxyn, and we ended up with adderall. if you want a good stim high i would go for adderall its reeeaaaallllllyyy fine when you crush the little fuckers inside and you woldnt be getting your pig slop all over the place when your nose starts running from the gel in that ritalin/concerta.

never tried the other one, ill have to look it up!

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Posted April 04 2013 - 10:38 AM

Also people who are used to both of these drugs what is the different to you? Which one you like more?

I respond equally well to both and I'm alternating twice a year between Methylphenidate Novartis Ritalin IR brand (summer) and Dexedrine IR script (winter), mainly because for their different side-effects and my lifestyle, and to help combat the tolerance built up in the use of these stimulants.

I'm currently on my last month on a Dexedrine IR script. Next month I'll be starting back on Ritalin IR for 6 months.

Although Dexedrine is twice the potency (per mg) of Ritalin, Ritalin is subjectively more stimulating, energy, motivating (stops procrastination and gets me up on my feet to do things), awakeness-promoting, cognitive-enhancing, edgy (I become easily irritable) and anxiogenic. Fast onset (felt as short euphoria), steady stimulation followed by an abrupt comedown felt as a headache (as long as the comedown finds me on the bed, Ritalin is perfect for my active summer lifestyle).

Dexedrine is mellow, relaxing and "clean" focus. I can sit on the desk and read a book without feeling it. Smooth & slow onset and smooth comedown. (ideal for school in the winter). BUT, it curbs my appetite and I must force myself to eat.

In comparison, Ritalin help me combat procrastination, get up and do things... Ritalin is not "clean" and I can feel the stages... And the terrible comedown.

ADDers respond differently on these psycho-stimulants. What works for one person, may not work for the other. So nobody, not even the psy can tell at first. That's why at the beginning many go though a roller-coaster ride experimenting different medication and dosages. Adults are able to manage side-effects and effects better than kids.

For kids... I would think go easy and low on Ritalin and expect some irritability. I don't like the idea of dosing a kid with potent stimulants such as Adderall or Dexedrine, till a later age. These are "Adult drugs". But again, if a kid responds better to one type, then that's the best.

Ritalin snorted gives an instant OK boom ur high but i find that Dexedrine snorted doesn't give an instant high it takes about 30 minutes and i usually pop 4-5 and snort 2-3 and then wait but the high is smoother and you can actually sleep.

As for recreational value...

Railing a Ritalin line gives quite a rush. But I prefer plugging it. That will fuel me with enough euphoria, excess energy and motivation to get me on in-line skates and go out on the trails for hours, or clubbing the night like there's no tomorrow. (summer time) :)

On the other hand, Despite Dexedrine being twice the potency of Ritalin per mg, I find that Dexies have little recreational value. They are too "soft" with a calming effect. At best, they are "ok" to hang happy with friends at a club, or sit in front of the computer motionless and hyper-focus/write on forums for hours in a silent room. :rolleyes: I'm also sensitive to noise, so if the phone or door bell rings, I might jump from my chair.

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Posted April 04 2013 - 12:34 PM

You could always get a Benzedrex inhaler from the store. It's kinda like a Vick's inhaler, except Benzedrex contains propylhexedrine, which is a very euphoric and worthwhile stimulant. I actually prefer the high of propylhexedrine over that of dex.

250mg of propylhexedrine is concentrated in a piece of cotton inside each inhaler. All you have to do is break open the inhaler(I used a hammer) to get the cotton out, then cut the cotton into pieces that are small enough to stuff into some gelcaps. You could just let the cotton soak in an acidic liquid overnight, such as some juice or something, and then drink it. Or you could just eat the cotton(blegh). It is better to put it in caps though, because the taste is horrible(menthol and camphor oil).

Be warned though............the comedown sucks. Of course, when I was coming down from it, I was also withdrawing from xanax, so maybe it won't be quite as bad for you.



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Posted April 05 2013 - 04:23 PM

I've tried to avoid amphetamines for quite a while now, after my extensive Adderall habit. They just don't do it for me anymore. I feel like I'm coming down as soon as it kicks in. I don't feel euphoric or social or motivated like I used to. I've never tried Dexedrine though. Never knew where to get it besides a doctor, and I don't know how they are with that.