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Phalaris + Wheatgrass Juicer?

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#1 PogPiglet



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Posted January 18 2012 - 06:19 AM

Alkaloids of Phalaris Grasses can be extracted simply using a wheat grass juicer. The juice is simply left out to dry and the hard solid that forms is potent enough to smoke. It is recommended that you take MAOis (Harmala Alkaloids - Syrian Rue / Banisteriopsis Caapi) before smoking to potentify and elongate the trip. Of course, the juice can also be simply taken orally if used with MAOis. It is better to take the MAOi before you drink the DMT mixture.

I've come across this technique in most websites when it comes to DMT extraction and it does seem to be much easier. It would save going out and getting all the chemicals and spending weeks getting a small yield. From some feedback in forums it appears that you don't get the high you would normally get from DMT crystals. Most people seemed to only get a slight buzz. But I have a feeling that's because they didn't grow and stress the phalaris grass in the first place. If you do grow and stress it properly, the alkaloids could quadruple. I cannot stress this enough, because there seems to be a lack of knowledge in growing the goddamn thing. The people that used the wheatgrass juicer, must have used bad commercial phalaris grass or grown in incorrectly or simply picked it up in a field. Another common criticism seems to be the toxic chemicals present in the extract (gramine for instance), but these would exist in such a small amount that it wouldn't seem to do any noticeable harm.
I think this method could be much more convenient than the normal chemical extraction if it's done properly. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences with using a wheatgrass juicer and smoking/ingesting the tar?

Of course this is all speculation.
My apologies if someone else has already posted a thread of this nature.

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Posted April 28 2013 - 04:49 AM

To make fit health and rise up stamina, it strongly suggested using wheatgrass juicers. The procedure of using of this juicer is quite easy for all.

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