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Black Tar Heroin: how to snort it

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Posted July 17 2011 - 08:41 PM

So ive noticed over the past few days people have been asking alot of questions about Black Tar Heroin. Prices, comparison to powder dope, ROAs, etc... Anyway someone was asking how else they could do it besides IV, Someone else asked about plugging, Then someone asked how to snort it. Now snorting tar is what i do, so i went about answering the question. But coincidentally i had just snorted some tar, so my answer dragged on and on. I soon realized that everything i had just written was in the wrong thread. So i decided to make the right thread for my answer.

Ive been pretty fucked the entire time i was writing this so i apologize ahead of time for any rants, typos, or any other nonsense. If you see mistakes or bad info please tell me and i will do my best to edit it.

So i will ask again for the peoples. Can you snort tar heroin? and if you can, how do you do it?:confused:
Yes, you can snort tar, and here are the two main ways in which to go about it.:scholar:

*Method #1: This first one is called "monkey water". This is my preferred method. Here's what you do. Put a bit of tar into a spoon as you would if you were prepping for IV.
*Next step add some hot water to the spoon, but not boiling hot. Hot water from the tap is more than adequate.(Using hot water helps the tar dissolve much more easily).
*Next mix it around in the spoon until all the tar is dissolved. I like to use a little piece of a straw to do the mixing but it doesn't really matter what you use. Now you should end up with a spoonful of water ranging from dark brown to light orange. How dark it is will depend on how much tar and water you used.
*Now careful not to spill, bring the spoon up to your nose and snort a bit of the water. Do not try to snort the entire spoonful in one big sniff. If you do this, some of it will probably go down the back of your throat and/or just fall right back out of your nose and make a big mess. Snorting a liquid is a bit different than snorting powder, mainly because liquid doesn't stick to itself and every piece of moist tissue it comes in contact with. Also the liquid has much less resistance going up so you don't have to snort hard at all.
*The point being, what you want is it to cover your mucous membranes in your nose and sinuses. So do a little at a time until you get the hang of it. Sometimes what i will do immediately after snorting the "monkey water", is tilt my head forward so gravity will help move the solution towards my sinuses rather than just dripping out of my nose or down the back of my throat.
*If done correctly you will feel a mild burn and the onset of effects will be rapid. This method is extremely effective and not really very difficult to learn/execute. i just wanted to be detailed because i remember the first couple times i remember just railing it hard and having most of it go down the back of my throat and not getting me high lol.
*But anyway, this is the only way i do tar anymore. IMHO the advantages of doing monkey water are: easy and fast prep, preciseness of dosing, no needles/tracks, and compared to snorting powder it is WAY easier on the nose. I give monkey water :2thumbsup:.

Method #2: "Cheese". This is how you actually turn your heroin from tar into powder which can then be snorted. It's a bit more complicated than monkey water, so lets get started.
*The first thing you need is a surface to work on. It can be a plate, a mirror, a marble counter top, or a very smooth piece of plastic or glass. Really any flat,smooth, and non-porous surface will do. Wood is a no-no. I usually use a plate because its easy to move around and clean up afterword. So for this explanation I'm going to say plate but feel free to use whatever you feel will work well for you.
*First thing you want to do is make sure your plate(or surface of choice) is very clean and has no dents, chips, or cracks in it. If it does the tar is gonna get stuck in them and its a bitch to get it out. Also any residue on the plate is going to end up in your nose, and that's gross. If it all looks good then we can get started making our "cheese".
*Now take your tar and place it on your 'plate'. if the surface your working on isn't very big try to place the tar close to the center so you have more room to work with.
*This next step VERY IMPORTANT as it is where most people make a mistake. For this example I'm going to assume that we are working with a relatively small amount of tar, say half a gram or less(you can scale this up later but for the sake of these instructions we are gonna start on the small end) OK here's the important part: add just a few drops of water, I'm talking 2-4 drops depending on how much tar your using. You want just enough water to turn the tar from solid to liquid solution, but not to the point where its runny.(Again warmer water will help the process along) And i promise it doesn't take as much water as you might think. When i first started making cheese i almost always put in too much water at the beginning. Remember, you can always add another drop or two if need be, but if you start off with too much water, your either going to have a really weak batch or your going to have to wait for some of the water to evaporate(and even then it rarely comes out as good).
*Next take a spoon and with the bottom of it work the tar into the water until there is no solid tar matter left. Make sure to check the bottom of the spoon as well as pieces of tar often stick to the spoon. At this point it should look like a dark brown/black little puddle with no solid tar left. All the tar is in solution in water, albeit a thick solution. Thick is good, if its runny you used too much water.
*Next step: This is where it gets fun. Take a powder of your choice, and sprinkle it over the heroin solution. The powder will soak up the solution, heroin and all. Work the powder around so it soaks up evenly. Add more powder as necessary and continue to use the spoon to mix everything up evenly. Consistency of the "Cheese" will vary depending on what kind type of powder you decide to use in your recipe. But the general idea is to use as little non-heroin ingredient as possible in order to end up with a powder that has a high percent heroin content. To achieve this add powder slowly and continue to mix until the mixture has just a small amount of moisture left and it is clumping a little bit. From this point you may have to add a little more powder, but the best way to finalize the mix is to continue working it over with the spoon or a plastic card(card works well at this point by reducing clump size and aerating the mix). As the last of the moisture evaporates from the mix the clumps will continue to get smaller until you are left with a truly 'powdery' powder. Viola! What was hard sticky tar is now a nice snortable powder.
*The choice of powders used as the substrate for holding the heroin is the last thing that i am going to discuss(although it is the first thing you should think about before attempting to convert tar into powder). Your imagination is the only limit here, but it is important to keep in mind a few things as you think about what your cut is going to be:

  • Heroin is,(should be, kind of the whole point lol) going to be the main intoxicant in my new batch of feel good powder.
  • Do i want to use an inert cut, or do i want to use another drug that will compliment/supplement the Heroin. And if i am going to use a psychoactive drug as my cut, what effect do i want from it, and what kind of interaction between the cut and the Heroin can i expect.
  • This is going up my nose. Some things are far more painfull to snort than others.
*As for the mix, many people like to use OTC products such as diphenhydramine, caffeine, and vitamins. Less commonly, people will use other ground up pills like amphetamines, benzodiazepines, and even other opioids. Ill go down the list of the ones i am familiar with, but if i screwed something up or you know about something else just let me know and ill add it to the list.
*Diphenhydramine(DPH) is a popular choice because of the synergy between anti-histamines and opiates. Other anti-histamines like dimenhydrinate or promethazine can also be used, though diphenhydramine is the most popular and widely used. One of the downsides of using DPH to make cheese is that it burns pretty bad compared to most other fills. Another problem with using DPH is when your opiate tolerance starts to climb(and it most certainly will at some point). What ends up happening is that in order to get high of the Heroin, you have to take enough of the cheese that the amount of DPH you consume will either put you straight to sleep, or in extreme cases cause you to become delirious. Not fun. All in all a good cut, but only useful up to a point.
*Caffeine is another common cut. The logic with making "cheese" with caffeine is that you will be able to stay awake to enjoy the Heroin high without nodding off. Also if your very busy during the day with work, school, errands, you can stay high while having that extra kick to keep you going. Again my complaint here is that if your Heroin tolerance continues to increase(as it usually does). Here is what ends up happening: The heroin in the cheese wears off rather quickly so you do some more. Repeat the process all day and you end up with a minor caffeine OD. This happened to me once before and it was miserable. The heroin/caffeine ratio of the cheese that day was really poor, so its my own fault really. But ill say again, if you are new to heroin and don't have a big tolerance, caffeine is a good one. Side note: the drip is very bitter.
*Vitamin B-12 is one that i have tried with some success. After my tolerance reaching a point where DPH and caffeine were no longer viable options, a friend recommended that i try making cheese with B-12. Not being an active drug itself, it allows the heroin high to come through unadulterated, which can be very nice. It is virtually tasteless and has no significant burn. Another thing i heard is that the B-12 actually helps the heroin absorb better(this is just something i heard i have no scientific evidence to back up that claim). I enjoyed the B-12. it was the best inert cut that i have tried.
*Next is Amphetamines. I have only had cheese made with amphetamine one time. Now I'm going to go ahead and tell you that i do not enjoy stimulants at all, hence the only trying it once. It felt like what i would imagine a really weak speedball to be like. It was kind of fun at first very talkative and racing around cleaning, but after the initial amphetamine rush wore off i just felt kind of crappy. Good thing i was on heroin :p lol. I give Speed Cheese two thumbs down.
*Benzodiazepines. USE EXTREME CAUTION if your going to make a batch of cheese with some kind of crushed benzo pills. Benzos and heroin are already notorious for causing fatal ODs. This risk is made worse once everything is made into cheese because there is no good way to measure out a dose. Ive made cheese with benzos before, but it was a combination DPH/xanax cut and a B-12/xanax cut. Why did i mix my cut before making cheese? Two reasons. first off, i go back to my first rule of choosing a cut(Heroin should be the main intoxicant). If i were to use straight Xanax powder, it would overpower the heroin and defeat the purpose. Taking this into account, all i did was add a little xanax in when making my DPH and B-12 batches. This combo is very relaxing, but extra care must be taken when dosing. The best way to do this is to just take smaller lines and wait longer between lines. Sometimes it will take longer for the benzo to hit you than the heroin. For example: lets say i just did my fourth line and ive finally hit that sweet spot with the heroin, i lay back and suddenly realize that my breathing is no longer automatic i spend the next couple hours focused so i don't stop breathing completely. It may seem like an extreme example but it can easily happen to even those of us that are experienced with both benzos and opiates. It is for this reason that I don't recommend this combo. It is simply not safe. Especially when your snorting the two together because its hard to gauge the dose that your taking. If your still dead set on trying it, just take it real slow and be safe with it.
*Other Opiates. Im not sure this ever really counts lol. i guess technically you would be "cutting" your heroin, but the way i see it its just stacking opiates. I have heard of people crushing up vicodin to make cheese with. This is completely baffling to me. Its seems we opiate users spend so much time trying to rid ourself of acetaminophen. Acetaminophen that stands at the gates to bliss holding our livers hostage. So someone out there has the bright idea that to enhance HEROIN they will add 5mg of hydrocodone, and 500mg of APAP. madness. but alas i have one cool story for this section. a long time ago when i was still able to get the old OC 80s, i had just started to dabble with heroin. long story short i made cheese with oxycontin powder. it was awesome.
"These are responses to a heartfelt need for some vocabulary to allow the establishment of a dialogue that might defuse the accelerating mad moves toward extinction....I must create a system or be slayed by another man's. I may be wrong, but I must do what I am doing. And, I will do what I can as fast as I can."
-Alexander Shulgin

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Posted July 17 2011 - 09:39 PM

That was really helpful blitz. I assume you were answering all my questions lol. I appreciate it.

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Posted July 20 2011 - 02:00 PM

aww i almost got finished editing it and it cut me off. oh well i got most of what i wanted in there. All i really have left to say is that cheese is great for people new to heroin or for someone who is just going to do it on occasion, rather than every day. For someone who does heroin every day i definitely recommend monkey water. it takes way less prep both in time and material. Also your doing the 'pure' drug so its more efficient for people with higher tolerances. Aother HUGE benefit for the long term user is that it is WAY easier on your nose than all that powder. Seriously ive snorted alot of stuff in my life and nothing screwed up my nose more than a couple months of doing cheese. On the other hand monkey water can be done indefinitely without hurting your nose any noticable amount. The one advantage of cheese that i absolutely love though is the fact that its a powder and you can take it anywhere. just keep it in your wallet and do little bumps all day, keeping a buzz on all the time. At one point i was doing cheese and going to school. it would be like wake up-bump, eat and shower-bump, get to school-bump, between classes-bump, between classes again-bump(i would keep my cheese in a little baggie and carry and inch or two long straw that i would just stick in the bag and sniff. i never even had to cut out lines), gonna drive home-bump, eat lunch-bump. You get the idea. A friend of mine gave the idea of filling a bottle of nasal spray with monkey water and doing the same thing. Now thats genius, really inconspicuous too. I wish i had thought of that back when i was using alot, oh well.

That concludes my tar snorting rant, for now.....
"These are responses to a heartfelt need for some vocabulary to allow the establishment of a dialogue that might defuse the accelerating mad moves toward extinction....I must create a system or be slayed by another man's. I may be wrong, but I must do what I am doing. And, I will do what I can as fast as I can."
-Alexander Shulgin

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Posted April 08 2013 - 12:24 AM

Thank you i started to do method 2 for the 1st time and a few min into it i wanted nothing other then to kill you but I jus kept at it and it turned out fine I think I may try one more time tomorrow but if it's not easier then ill stick to my visine bottle much easier and straight heroin that way anyway thanks for the info and I wanted to ask you if your still a user ? Cause I've tried to stop but it's to much pain so if you stopped how did you do it
Thank you

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Posted April 08 2013 - 05:05 AM

i ended up going on suboxone maintenance for about 17 months and am now trying to get off of that. I would really like to try Kratom to help with the withdrawals but finding a legit vendor is harder than finding a reliable source for RCs. (im looking for both right now if anyone is feeling generous :))
"These are responses to a heartfelt need for some vocabulary to allow the establishment of a dialogue that might defuse the accelerating mad moves toward extinction....I must create a system or be slayed by another man's. I may be wrong, but I must do what I am doing. And, I will do what I can as fast as I can."
-Alexander Shulgin

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Posted April 08 2013 - 01:46 PM

I just got some BTH and it is too low of quality to smoke. So my question was, instead of adding water, Have you ever just froze it. crushed it with a spoon until its powder, and snorting it while its still frozen?

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Posted April 08 2013 - 01:51 PM

I'm trying to send you a private message blitz but can't find the link. shoot me a pm.

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Posted November 14 2014 - 11:29 PM

That was extremely helpful blitz7341. Although u posted this 3 years ago, it helped me tonight after being given black tar and having no idea about the stuff. I've done plenty of different white and tan H but never even heard of tar. Luckily there's the World Wide Web available at my fingertips haha. So I tried, the first technique monkey water and it went much smoother than I was anticipating for my first attempt. I did lose two small drops because I didn't lean my head forward enough but even with that I am feeling great, it's a completely different high that what I'm used to. Next I decided to try free basing, I had the tools available to figured what the hell, not as good. Didn't feel much of anything. Besides Ive always been a snorter. So I now plan on trying to the cheese method and seeing how that goes. Thanks for your detailed wisdom, if you are even still on hip forum