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From Funguy to Fungirl

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Posted April 13 2011 - 01:38 PM

From Funguy to Fungirl

Why is the FunGuy in love with the Reign?

Is he of Earth, or Heaven's domain?

Why does he frolic so wild in the field?

Is it the rush of a flush of bountiful yield?

Why do little mushrooms call out his name?

Is there something about them that just feels the same?

In the greenest of pasture

The finest of pleasure

A saucer filled with elixir

A pileus ripe with its mixture

Rich beyond measure

A Son-Showery-Rainbow

leads to such treasure.

Divine challis, royal palace

Purple Spored, shining blue phallus

Reaching up from the dew

Oh Holy Grail of royal Hugh.

By 7he4uthor

7he7ruth4uthor-1974 :sunny:
6overnment is two words [govern & ment] govern=control, ment/mente/mental=mind = "Mind Control"
7he government of 6od is control of the mind [psyche=soul in 6reek] in the cause of love