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What do you think of this meth recipe?

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Posted March 09 2011 - 08:21 AM

List of materials
• Anhydrous ammonia - see instructions on how to obtain and store
• 14 boxes of Sudafed
• Rooto drain cleaner (commonly know as sulfuric acid)
• Free running salt non-iodine kind
• 4 energizer e2 lithium batteries
• Fish hose (not used)
• Coleman's camping fuel or Ozark trail fuel 2 cans
• 20 0z pop bottle (must be washed very well)
• 2 quart pitcher (plastic)
• Wooden spoon (no exceptions unless u want a fire)
• Zip lock bags (don't go cheap use zip lock)
• Unbleached coffee filters, the brown ones (regular will work but tend to
• change dope colors)
• Wire cutters
• Cooking screen or other fine screen
1. Start by crushing all the 14 boxes of pills to a fine powder... a mag light works good. This will take time!
2. Rinse the 20 oz pop bottle for about 15 minutes under tap water and let it dry completely. It is essential to rinse it very very well or it will fuck things up
3. The pills will have a coating on them strain them through a fine screen. Make sure to crush clumps back up restrain them.
4. Take the wire cutters and carefully peel the 4 batteries apart. They should unravel like a roll of film. Start at the positive end. The insides should look like film do not unroll them for now set them to the side. If your battery does not fit this description it is alkaline. The correct batteries will have lithium on the package.
5. Pour pills into the pitcher.
6. This step must be done outside no exceptions!!!!! Pour Anhydrous ammonia into the pitcher tell the mixture is almost half of the pitcher.. Read about the substance below first.. Their must be two people for safety reasons!
7. Have one person stir the mixture at a medium speed with the wooden spoon not to slow not to fast, the other person is Quickly unraveling the 4 batteries, one by one discarding the silver strip, do not drop the strip into the mixture, tear the film looking stuff up, (lithium) and throw it into the mixture, this should produce a rotten egg smell.
8. When the mixture stops fogging there should be a mush left.
9. Fill the pitcher up with either fuel described above. Pour the mixture into a zip lock bag be careful not to spill it 10 refill the pitcher make sure to get all the white gunk out of it. Also pour this into the bag. You can start another bag it does not matter. Strain the large bag with coffee filters the first time saving both the liquid and the mush leaving the mush in the original bag. You should have mush in one bag and a semi-clear fuel in another. Separate the semi clear fuel into two different bags filtering them through coffee filters again. You should now have three bags. 2 with clear liquid one with mush. Fill the mush bag back up with fuel and repeat the previous steps. Discard the mush bag .... For those who want everything the can get repeat this step once more to make 6 bags. Fill each bag up to half the bag with fuel and re-filter them 5 times using a new bag each time. Now you should have completely clear looking fuel. It is essential that none of the gunk remains. If gunk remains and you proceed with the next step it will cause the bags to engulf in flames wrecking everything, burning you and your surroundings! For those who want to be extra safe and have bags to waste continue to filter it. Also note when filtering use 2 or 3 filters and change them every time more=better!
10. Pour the pop bottle 1/3 of the way full with salt. Cut a hole in the top of the pop bottle cap to fit the fish hose. Insert a hose approximately six inches long into the cap let it hang about a ? inch into the pop bottle. Do not put the cap on yet. Pour 1 teaspoon of rooto (sulfuric acid) into the bottle. Screw on the top making sure the hose does not come into contact with the mixture. A smoke be produced and come out the hose when you squeeze the bottle.
11. Hang the bags from 2 nails a piece and place a small hole to fit the fish hose.
12. Insert the hosing making sure not to touch the liquid. Squeeze the bottle to fill the bags with smoke. Move from bag to bag filling each bag densely. Wait 1 minute then open the bag to release the smoke so it does not become stale. Repeat the process for apoxmently 2 to 3 hours. After a half hour dope should begin to appear in the bottom of the bag. The liquid may be ran through a coffee filters at any time to catch the dope that seams to magically appear in the bag. Continue this process tell no more dope appears.
13. Set the dope to dry. It may be smoked as soon as it's filter but has an awkward fuel taste until it's dry. If done correctly this should yield around 14 grams.
14. Burn all evidence!
15. After the filters dry throw them in a pop they get you really fucked up cause their caked in dope.
16. Make sure not to leave them around that how my friends step dad is in prison, filters and fuel cans!
Safety precautions. Make sure to use to much Anhydrous ammonia when stirring rather then to little if not a explosion could occur. Anhydrous ammonia is an extreme inhalation hazard and takes your breath right away. Make sure to drag partners out of the fog if they pass out. Run ten to twenty feet away to get a fresh glup of air, if it cokes you out which it will! Do no smoke around it and it will cause burns if it gets on your skin.
Also note lithium will burn your hands slightly when throwing the rolls but do not wear gloves it will contaminate the product. Be careful don't do this inside, by things that are flammable, or anywhere close to neighbors because it will produce a very strong smell.
Also note: buy things in small quantities to avoid getting caught, do not buy to materials that go with this process at the same time. It is a criminal offense just to process materials that are intended to make meth! Trust very few people and claim it came from the guy down the road. Do not brag your making it!
Trouble shooting.. If dope burns black when smoking to much sulfuric acid has been used. Play with the measurements after you have experience, the ones listed aren't exact science
Finally.. How to obtain Anhydrous ammonia
Option 1. Find a crooked farmer.. I haven't been successful in doing this yet
Option 2. Steal it... It is used as fertilizer and can be found at many corn field farms. Farmers often hide the tanks from sight of passing cars on the road. Keep your eyes open for sprayers they have a big plastic looking tank and attach to a tractor. Where there are sprayers there are tanks usually. Tanks resemble propane tanks but have wheels and a red farm triangle on them. They will say the chemical name right on the side. Research them online if you don't know what they look like.
To the hard part... how to steal it. Spray out a fire extinguisher and wash it very good. Remove the top to do this. If your lucky it will still have a seal of pressure. Run up to the tank a non-conspicuous one is the best and look for the to valves. Make sure the hose is far away from you and turn one very slowly. If you hear a gush of air these is the pressure valve if not it is the liquid value. Make sure to let the pressure out with the air valve then slowly turn the liquid valve. You must balance them so liquid and gas comes out grab the hose and insert it into your container. Fill it up a little bit then pour it out so that you clean the container completely. Then fill it up ? of the way full and put the cap on and run like hell. Do not fill it all the way full because it is under pressure and will explode if you do. If you container is not sealed it will all evaporate quickly so make sure to use it with in a couple of hours. If you container is sealed you will not smell it leaking and should be able to make a couple of ounces off a large fire extinguisher full!
Good look and maybe we will be cell mates someday!

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Posted March 11 2011 - 02:59 PM

i think that recipe will def get you fucked up man hahaha

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Posted March 11 2011 - 04:16 PM

1. Start by crushing all the 14 boxes of pills to a fine powder... a mag light works good. This will take time!

numrouno Not..

This should be interesting, when you try and sell your Reddish?Orange meth to the Hells Angles...

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Posted March 13 2011 - 11:17 AM


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Posted March 13 2011 - 11:44 AM

And this is the shit people actually smoke or shoot up??? Fuckin' amazing what humans will do.

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Posted March 17 2011 - 12:27 AM

Sounds like it would knock out my teeth, shut down my kidneys and make my lungs bleed.

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Posted March 17 2011 - 12:31 AM

If I'm still alive at the age of 75 I would like a dose.

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